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On Chikyuu, there are legends of the energy crystals; which are the elemental crystals that control what happens on the planet Chikyuu, Earth controls earthquakes and land growth, Water controls the oceans, lakes, ponds, and rivers, Wind controls direction of winds flow, Fire controls the volcanos, Spirit controls all living things, and Weather controls what weather conditions are.

These crystals were used to control what happened on everyday basis. Guardians at every crystal. Earth Guardian Eipido the Earth snake, Water Guardian Kappa the Water Demon, Wind Guardian Jito the Air Serpent, Fire Guardian Gorou the Fire Dragon, Spirit Guardian Ferya the Spirit Fairy, and Weather Guardian Neiko the Weather Angel.

All these crystal were very well protected, but an evil was lurking waiting for its awakening from the forbidden crystal...the cursed Blood Ruby; forged by dark elves, covered in demons blood, was the forbidden crystal because of it chaotic powers. It made men go hunger for power whoever possesed it. It was buried and sealed by High elves and buried beneath the ground. One day the elves fortress was attacked by an army of demons and creatures of the dead, a emperor of Chilak, one of the 7 continents in the land of Chikyuu, Malak his name was and he tristed for the power of the blood ruby. After his assualt and win he found the cursed blood ruby and wish to gain the powers of the other crystals.

Once the guardians found about his actions they summoned warriors of every race from the 7 continents, who were brave enough to take on the challenge of Malaks armys and protect the world.

Race: (demon, elf, dwarf, human, orc, fairy)

[b]Name:[/b]Kimana Toki(Ki)
[b]Race:[/b]Angel[Sent down to help others on Quest]
[b]Appearance:[/b]Chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes usually covered by silver,reflective sunglasses.She wears a light but durable blue jacket open to reveal a white t-shirt inside that conceals her wings.Blue pants and white socks with blue and white joggers.
[b]Skills:[/b]Teleport,Telekenisis,Psychic Abilities,Magic,Summoning
[b]Magic-[/b]Casts a Spell
[b]Phoenix-[/b]Heals party members,revives and casts Regen
[b]Manipulate-[/b]Uses her psychic abilities to make the enemy do things.
[b]Teleport-[/b]Disappears and re-appears behind the enemy with a deadly attack.
[b]Summon-[/b]Summons a Creature

Enjoy and Join my other RP Revival of Magic!!!:D
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[COLOR=darkred][B][size=1]Name:Kai Kanshimo




Weapon:Great Sword,Bow and arrows


Skills:Good sword and archery skills,fast


Hey Ohkami,this sounds aloty like The Lord of the Rings,but with a ruby ^_~,have you been reading alot.Also my character does not know magic because he is just a really good bladesmen.Ohkami said that would be ok.[/COLOR][/B][/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Karne

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Weapon:[/B] An one edged Broadsword, a jewel is set into the hilt.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://www.speedgraphics.net/images/designs/slamwrap/anime-warrior-sm.jpg[/IMG]

[B]Skills:[/B] Magics


[B]Burning Rush[/B]- A fiery Blaze hits the enemy when this chant is spoken.
[B]Healing Wind[/B]- A gust of wind that engulfs the one casted upon, healing them.
[B]Dance of Death:[/B]- When Karne chants those words, he throws his sword into the enemy. Rendering them paralyzed. Though a very powerful magic, it leaves him defensless.
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[b]Name:[/b] kyp kiro (a.k.a blade master)
[b]Gender:[/b] male
[b]Race:[/b] human
[b]Weapon:[/b] sword, glaive, bows and arrows
[b]Appearance:[/b] brown hair, blue eyes, red head band, purple shirt, gloves, black pants, brown boots, sand colored cloak
[b]Skills:[/b] magic, sword skills
[b]Army strike[/b]-copys of kyp appear and then strike
[b]Athousand arrows[/b]-one arrow is fired that splites into groups to strike multiple enemys. The arrows will follow the target untill they're told to stop, hit the target or are distroyed.
[b]Element strike[/b]-one of the elements strikes the opponent or can be used to increase defense
[b]Healing light[/b]-a wave of light heals alies
[b]Stat remover[/b]-removes things like poison or paralys
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Heh, not bad.

Name: Tai Hikigane
Age: 19
Race: Human
Weapon: Twin handguns called "Ryu No Katsugan" (sound familliar?)
Appearance: brown hair held up by white bandanna, strange blue shirt which looks like only half a shirt over the left side, many scars over hands, and one massive scar on the right arm which stretches across the arm all the way to the shoulder blades, blue cargo pants and dark sneakers.
Skills: slow down time for effective gunfighting, run on walls and celings (tres Matrix)
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Name: Kain

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weapon: Tai Chi sword(pic)

Appearance: Black hair,brown eyes,baggy blue pants,white T-shirt,sunglasses,a silver chain,and boots.

Skills: Sword Magic


Flaming Fury- Kain's sword catches on fire and gives his attacks more strength.Lasts a limited amount of time.

Cyclone- Kain twirls his sword to create a powerful wind attack that can rip an enemy to pieces.

Renzokuen- A special technique that uses all the elements.A single slash from the use of this technique can destroy everythingit comes in contact with.

Hey what's up with your other rp Ohkami??
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Sounds cool^_^
Name: Francisco Jeramiah

Age: 229


Race: Dwarf

Weapon: Handed Axe/Hammer


Skills: Defense


Flame Toss- Sprouts roaring flames out of Hammer/axe.

Flame Sheild- Emmits a sheild over him(and friends) that is covered in fire.


Hope thats okay.:sweat:
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Name: Kitty

Age: 117, but looks 19

Gender: Female

Race: Demon

Weapon(s): Katana, throwing stars, her claws, her tail

Appearance: Long blue hair in a ponytail, outfit like Kikyo's (sp?) 'cept all blue, green cat eyes, cat ears, claws and tail. No shoes.

Skills: Sword magic, speed, strength boosts


Ice Fury- Lots and lots and lots and lots of ice in the shape of throwing stars/daggers that are very sharp.

Wind Slash- Her hands/claws are surrounded by fierce wind, then she slices whatever with her talons. (Close enough)

Fire Tail- No, her tail does NOT catch on fire. Well.. okay it does, but it acts like a match. Whatever her tail touches while using this attack burns like a candle. (Very nice description, no?)

Sneak- She crawls on the walls and attacks from behind. She only does this if the person doesn't know she's there. (Obvious...-___-)

Tell me if anything's wrong with it and I'll fix it up. I can't wait for this to start!! Laterzez!!

~Meow... o_O;;~
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You can't wait for all of my RPs to start.:D
All you guys are in.
I'm still accepting Sign Ups for my other RP but not many people signed up for it....Probably because it was too long...
I'm starting this after I get about 2 more people.
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Name: Ticris
Age: 12
Gender: male
race: demon
weapon: kodachi, shuriken
appearence: Take the guy in the blue in this [url]http://www.interlog.com/~sasami/cl208.jpg[/url] picture, then turn his shirt light blue, let down his hair, turn his pants dark blue and give him fully black eyes
Shadow Blast- a large black energy blast
Black Kodachi- Gives his kodachi the power to cut through virtually anything
Darkness Falls- The area in a blocks radius becomes impossibly dark
Dark Missles- A barrage uf lightning fast shuriken
Nights Terror- Turns the user invisible for 4 minutes

Attacks: slash, star throw, speed up
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Name: Benten Eshou
Age: looks 14. is 150
Gender: Female
Race: faerie
Weapon: twin katanas strapped to back, two daggers, wooden staff
Appearance: see attachment. around 3'5
Skills: flight, stealth, natural magics
Dive Bomb-Flys high , then dive bombs at enemy
Dancing Swords-what does it sound like? Twirls katanas in a deadly fashion, following her enemy wherever they go
Final Sacrifice-drains her to the brink of death to heal a comrade
Knowledge of Ancients-can cast ancient spells she never knew
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Name:Meteo Dragoon
Race: Dragoon
Weapon: 2 Broadswords
Appearance: Think Dart in Dragoon form just with rose's armour syle
Skills: Flight, control over a dragon, and strength
Dark Wave- A wave of dark energy engulfs enemies.
Onyx Dragon Beam-The Onyx Dragon of Meteo comes and attacks the opponent.(Rarely done)
Shungokusatsu-Pummels opponent that's closest senseless.
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