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I thought about this when I was wondering how many times I've seen Vash and Knives when they're babies inside a womb anyways here's the story:

After the battle with Knives, Vash took him in. Knives now hated the humans more then ever, so he tried to escape and then went to go see this which docter so he could revive all his lackies like: Legato, the Gun-Ho-Guns, and Wolfwood. Now Vash has to track him down and stop his evil plans! :flaming:

So what you need is:


Age: (optional)


This RPG is ganna need: All the Gun-Ho-Guns, Vash, and Legato.

Name: Million Knives

Age: 130

Weapon: a black .45 long colt revolver and Angel Arms

Wolfwood is reserved for Double_B_Diago!
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