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T man

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This is the third rp i'm trying. It's mostly a combination of zoids chaotic century, zoids gaurdian force and zoids new century zeroI don't realy think any one will join but i'm still going to try.

A man by the name loyd hetaro has found the lost city of the zoidians, and is trying to recreat the death suarer and death stinger. They plan to recreat them to take over planet Z. Those who know about about it have started making teams, because the battle comission has put out a reward to the team who distroy's the death saurer and death stinger before they are recreated. This news was not realsed to the public for fear that it would creat a panick. It was only realsed to those teams who are strong enough to deafet the zoids before they are recreated and used..

[b]Sign up:[/b]




Team: (you can have a team or be apart of one. If you want to be apart of one or start one pm me. Other people can join teams but you need to pm the creator of the team. You can be a mercanary if you want)

Bio: (You can be loyd or some one who works for him if you want)

Zoid: (you can have any zoid you like except for the death saurer, death stinger, or geno breaker unless you play as loyd. I'm still thinking about haveing ligers schneider, jager, panzer)

Ultimate X: (I'll allow five people to have ultimet X zoids and three people to have organoids. It's first come first serve. If more than five people want one i'll think about who gets one)

[b]Here's mine[/b]
[b]Name:[/b] Evean miro
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Appearence:[/b] brown hair, green eyes, red head band, goggles, gloves, blue pants, red shirt, brown boots
[b]Team:[/b] The demlotion runners
[b]Bio:[/b] Evean likes to play games and have zoid battles. He likes to go on adventures and have fun. He is willing to protect others no matter what the cost.
[b]Zoid:[/b] geno saurer
[b]Ultimate X:[/b] does not have one
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I hope you'll let me be a mercanary...........But here........

Name: Suzuki Malizumy

Age: 19

Appearence: Long blue hear, blue eyes, blue T-shirt, blue pants, blue high heel shoses, and blue lipstick and eyeshadow.

Team: Mercanary

Bio.: Loves blue of course, is one of the toughest girls around, loves zoids, she sometimes she makes her own, but they never work well.

Zoid: Rev Raptor

Ultimate X: Yes
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Im an old time Zoids fan, i'll join up. Oh, and your zoid would be called a Rev Raptor

Name: Nitsu Kamari

Age: 13

Appearence: Blue eyes, short gold hair that is spiked a bit in the front. She wears a black vest with short sleeves and a long sleeved orange shirt under it. Brown Jeans, boots and dark purple sash. She also wears black gloves that cut off at the knuckles. Also she has Dark green round sunglasses that she wears on her forehead.

Team: Loner

Bio: Shes an Orphan who travels around the world looking for a good team, but no one will take her in beacuse of her young age and they think her organoid does most of her piloting. She piloted Zoids all her life, so shes actually a pretty good Pilot. Shes care free and usually doesnt care what others think of her. For some odd reason a man called "Jay" is out to kill her. (Isnt she lucky?)

Zoid: Konig Wolf with energy drills

Ultimate X: T man said I could have an Organoid. Info Below.

Oraganoid: Its a gold one named Flash. It fuses with angel looking wings.
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[color=blue][size=1]Name: Kitty Nogard

Age: 17

Appearance: Long blue hair in a ponytail, green eyes, slightly tanned skin, and is 5'6". She wears a light blue t-shirt that says "Beware of attack cat. You're lookin' at her", blue jeans with dragons crawlin' up the sides, and boots.

Team: Ohkami's

Bio: She's always liked cats (:p). Her family is a broken one since her parents split up. Ever since, she's been very quiet. She is still very vicious in battles, and can be very rude to people who bug her. If you aren't careful, she'll kick your ***** in no time. Very few see her soft side.

Zoid: Hellcat... I think that's how you spell it.

Other Zoid info: It's BLUE and SILVER!!!! Not pink and black... It has the team logo on the left hind leg. Oh, and it's got very good weapons that I'll reveal in the RPG.

Ultimate X: Sure!!

Organoid: Light blue with dark blue and silver streaks on it named Tiger (Guess why :p)

I'm givin' my self, well, I GAVE myself, an organiod. Deal with it. :p

~Meow... o_O;~[/color][/size]
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Name:Kimana Toki(Ki)


Appearance:Chocolate brown hair,emerald eyes that are always covered by her silver,custom-made,reflective sunglasses,blue jacket open with a white t-shirt,navy blue pants and blue and white joggers.

Team:I'm thinking of a name for one....

Bio:Can I get back to you on this?

Zoid:Blade Liger(If allowed.tell me if I can't and I'll change it.)

Ultimate X:You bet!
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Name: Heimdall (real name: Kai)

Age: Between 18-20, exact age unknown

Appearence: Black jumpsuit, boots and gloves. White, hooded cloak. Small computer on left wrist. Lightly tanned skin, brown hair brown/green eyes. Approx. 6' tall.

Team: Highest bidder

Bio: After having lost his family to a rouge Zoid unit durning the war, Kai (pronounced Kay) spent years hunting the pilot that killed his family. Along the way he learned assassin tactics and Zoid piloting, and gained many connections. After finally killing the pilot he was caught by a royal guard and hired as a spy instead of being executed, and named Heimdall after the one that watched the Bifrost bridge in Norse mythology. In mid-assignment he disappeared and now works for whoever pays him enough.

Zoid: Modified [i]Gunsniper[/i]

Ultimate X: No thanks.
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[COLOR=darkred][B][size=1]Yah!I on Ohkami team.Could we have Bloxs?

[u]Sign up-[/u]

Name:Kai Hemota


Appearence:See Attachment,that but taller,about 6 foot


Bio:I'll do this after Ohkami does her's

Zoid:Lighting Saix

Zoid Weapons:Dual Sniper Rifle(back unit),machine guns on both shoulders(like the Unenlagia Blox)

Zoids Systems:Cooling systems,boosters

Paint Job:Same as most Saixs,but the red is darker,and has the team logo on the right hind leg.[/COLOR][/B][/size]
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Name:Jay Sumako


Appearence:Missing, so no one knows what i look like(T Man,i look like what ever you want

Bio:After my parents were robbed and shot, I left to
find treasure and battle for money to pay for my parents
surgery.My mission of life is to kill Nitsu Kamari.
The Kamari family shot my parents.


Zoid:Lightning Saix

Organoid: A dark blue one with silver wings named xap(pronounced zap)
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Name: Daigo Vaster


Sex: male

Appearence: Has Emerald eyes and black, slicked hair, a dark tan, and wears alot of Blue and Whites.

Bio: Just a happy Zoid pilot. Grew up around zoids ccuz his dad was a pilot for an old team. Specializes in Commander Wolf.

Team: I'll be on Ohkami's team, i guess.

Zoid: Command Wolf 01 (crimson and black paint job with crimson cockpit and a cage over the cockpit.)


Fenrir: Boosts the Zoids Jumping ablilty, speed, agility, and accuracy, but has less fire power and is reduced to two head mounted gatiling guns and a back mounted Plasma Round Gatling Gun.
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Name: Tical
Appearence: looks like Sasuke from Naruto but with let down hair.
Bio: Never seen another human bieng until he was 7. was with a pteramander his whole life. He loves Zoid battles.
Team: none yet
Zoid: Pteramander
Organoid/ Ultimate X: none
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Siriko Daren
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Apearance: Short cearulean hair w/ looooooong bangs. Blue eyes w/ gold fleks. Knee boots, shorts, long sleeve loose shirt, all black.
Team: Merc.(demolition runners) you need some people.
Bio: Cute, funny, spunky, and stubborn, she gets what she wants, when she wants it... usually. When her friends are involved, noone better get in her way. She makes friends easily, but doesnt lose them as easily. She kicks butt, but will stick by you to the end.
Zoid: Lightning Saix
Organoid: Yup, Dash, cuase he is reallly fast. Black and silver w/ blue eyes.
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