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RPG Hogwarts in 10 Years


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All right, this Hogwarts RPG is finally getting into gear. :D

[u][b]Character List[/u][/b] ([url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29176]recruitment thread[/url] has more details)

[i]otaku - character name - year - house[/i]

tursi - Tursi Monou (F) - 7th year - Ravenclaw
MystiqueZeppel - Mystery Leonhart (F) - 6th year - Ravenclaw
Emme888 - Aioni Lee (F) - 7th year - Hufflepuff
oekakiotaku - Daphne Malfoy (F) - 5th year - Hufflepuff
Scorpio - Matthew Dumbledore (M) - 5th year - Gryffindor
Unborn Lord Xion - Zi Zhou (F) - 1st year - Gryffindor
Shippo - Joey Aclan (M) - 1st year - Gryffindor
dbzanimegrl17 - Kitty Nazumi (F) - 5th year - Slytherin
terra - Alan Nitamorin (M) - 4th year - Slytherin

Sorry to those of you whose house preference I couldn't accomodate, I wanted it somewhat even ...

[i]otaku - character name - position[/i]

Tix - Oliver DeMastin (M) - Magical Creatures teacher / Gryffindor Head
terra - Ginny Weasley (F) - Charms teacher
Unborn Lord Xion - Professor Zhou (M) - Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher
Unborn Lord Xion - Professor Kamarin Konoran (M) - Potions teacher / Slytherin Head
Dmitri_Dragoon - Professor Dragomir Narcissus (M) - Transfiguration teacher / Ravenclaw Head

[b][color=red]EDIT: Rules[/b][/color]
Not many, don't worry.
1. Please don't post in here unless you are one of the above members. If you'd still like to join, post in the Recruitment thread or send me a PM.
2. Posts [color=red]must be at least 10 lines long / 2 paragraphs[/color]. (I like paragraphs better than lines, but it's up to you.)


Ginny Weasley winced slightly as she snuck into the Great Hall through one of its hidden side doors. It was weird, really, to be doing this as a professor. She'd often snuck in and out while she was a student, perhaps to avoid the unwanted attention of some boy or to get away from the hectic antics of her older brothers, but now that she was a professor she felt she should be a little more responsible.

It seemed, however, that punctuality didn't just bloom with professorship, and she'd been late as usual. She sighed. [i]Must ... set ... example for students ...[/i] she thought to herself.

Ginny realized she didn't need to worry about being noticed, as the opening feast was well underway and students seemed much more interested in their food than a skinny new professor finding her seat at her table. She was, of course, the last one there, and she discovered with a smile that the last remaining empty seat was next to Oliver DeMastin. Ginny had never taken classes with him herself, but felt a little akin to him, Head of Gryffindor, as she'd once been in Gryffindor herself.

"Hey, Oliver," she whispered to him, blinking at the empty plate in front of her. It filled with her favorites, desserts first, as Dumbledore noticed her appearance and nodded his recognition of her. "What did I miss?"

"Everything, of course," he said jovially. "The Sorting and the opening speech -- but it's no big deal."

Ginny smiled and dove in to her food. Oliver had a talent for making other people feel better, when he wanted to at least. Looking up, though, she unfortunately caught the eye of Kamarin, and suppressed a shudder. He was definitely giving her an evil glare for coming in late. She could almost imagine him standing up and pointing at her so that everybody in the Great Hall would notice -- "Your new Charms teacher, Professor Weasley, was [i]late[/i]. Perhaps you will show her the same courtesy on your first day of classes?"

Ginny tried to ignore him and return to her meal. [i]At least I don't have to take classes from him,[/i] she reminded herself. [i]Poor kids.[/i]
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Joey sat on his chair and looked at the food before him. His face lightned up with joy.
[b]Joey[/b] Yummy! Is this all for us?
He asked someone nearby.
The person nodded.
Joey blushed and suddenly picked up some food and dug in.
[b]Joey[/b] How come my borthers never told me about this, Hogwarts rules already!
He ate for a while then looked up. He saw the Proffesors and Teachers. He suddenly spotted Ginny Weasly.
Joey looked in shock.
[b]Joey:[/b] Ron's...that's Ron's Weasly's Little sister...Ginny WEasley!
He suddenly covered his mouth.
[b]Joey[/b] Apologies, I meant PROFFESSER Weasley...
[size=1]How rude of me...[/size]
He thought to himself
OOC: Sorry for the short post x.x
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Oliver: Oh...Hello Professor Weasley! Glad you join us, but you just missed the Sorting, that's what I love the most. So you're the new teacher of...of...oh Charms, sorry it must be the age that is taking over me. I'm sure I already heard the name of Weasley somewhere in my youth....oh Your brother....Ron, yes he was Harry Potter best freinds. Wow! I'm sure the kids will love you knowing that you knew the famous Harry Potter. I wish I could seen him....Oh suit yourself and take some of that delicious Pumpkin Pie....

Ginny: Oh thank you Professor Oliver, it's okay if I call you like this...oh ok Well, as I remember Harry was a great person, maybe you'll meet him someday...Can you pass me the pie...

Oliver: Sure...here it's delicious, I already took 5 parts...*smiles* If you'll excuse me now I'll go to the bathroom...

Oliver got up from the table and went over to the Great Hall in the bathroom direction, which was besides the dungeon. When he arrived in front of the bathroom door, he heard voices coming from the dungeons, he stepped on the stairs leading there, the voices where near him, they came from that old abandonned classroom. He walked up to that classroom and opened the door....

Professor Kamarin Konoran: Oh....euhhh...Hello Professor DeMastin. How may I help you?

Oliver: Oh...it's just that I heard some voices.

Professor Kamarin Konoran: You mustve'been heard voices in your head, all I was doing is take some books from this old Potions classroom, that's all. Now, if you'll excuse me I'll go back to the festivities because they're gonna finish soon. So, Professor, I'll see you soon. *smirk*

Oliver: Oh...ok, I must be tired, I'll go to the bathroom and join you to the festivities soon...
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Daphne yawned happily. She was glad to be in Hufflepuff, unlike all the rest of her family, who had ended up in Syltherin. Yawning again, she sat patiently and waited for the feast to end. She was a perfect now, and had to show the first years to their dormitories. She drifted into a light sleep and was awakened what seemed like only seconds later by another prefect yelling for first years to follow him. She yawned again and followed suit, leading the newest Hufflepuffs to to the common room and showing them where there dorms were. Yawning again, she sat by the fire, waiting for someone to talk to. She had been so bored over the summer. Her father wouldn't let her write to anyone and he refused to let her practice on her broom. The entire summer had dragged by this way, only puntuated with joy by Dobby's visits. She often counted the days until the house elf would come. But now that she was back at school, all of that was behind her. Yawning again, she decided not to wait any longer and headed to bed.
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Zi, stuffed and happy, trudged up the stairs, following the prefect and other students. She was quite happy she had gotten into Gryffindor. It was wear Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Professor Weasly, and so many others had started up. She was quite ready to get to be so that she could go to classes.
She settled into an armchair, hoping to digest a bit before heading off. She saw another one of the first years, Joey Aclan, sitting in another chair.
She got up and tapped him on the shoulder. He had appearantly been dozing off when she had tapped.
Zi giggled silently at the spectacle.
"Oh, yeah, very funny," said Joey, looking cross. He hunched down so that his bushy bangs hid his eyes.
Zi frowned. She brought out her wand and tablet and tapped the wand to the tablet. Instantly, spindley writing appeared. Zi, again, tapped Joey on the shoulder.
He looked up, and she put the tablet under his face and pointed to it. It said-
[i]I'm sorry if I angered you. I appologize deeply.[/i]
"Why aren't you talking? Laryngitis?" asked Joey. Appearantly, he had forgiven her at least a little.
Zi shook her head, swept the tablet clean with her wand, and tapped the wand tip to the tablet again. More writing appeared.
It said this-
[i]I am mute. I have been to St. Mungo's on several occasions, but they have not been able to help me. They did, however, give me this tablet. It is quite helpful.[/i]
"Ohhh..." Joey said, trying to look like he understood. "Well, I'm sure the teachers will be happy to help you out if you need it. And, of course, I will too."
And so a friendship is born.
OOC: Please, no one do the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson, yet please. Well, not for either 1st or 5th year, anyway. Though feel free to do Potions. I just have something special in mind for both of those lessons.:devil:
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[color=blue]Kitty quietly got up to leave. She had only eaten 2 plates, but that was enough for her. She hated being bothered, even by her housemates when she ate. She was so quiet, that no one noticed her exit of the Great hall. She reached her common room and sat down. She hated everyone. The only reason she was in this school was so she could use magic and her broom.

Slytherin boy: Done already?

Kitty: No. Duh, idiot. What about you?

Slytherin boy: I wouldn't be talking to you now if I was not, would I? Well, I'd like to know why you're so uncomfertable talking to the other Slytherins. They seem nice enough.

Kitty: Not now. I'm going to bed you pile of filth.

With a motion of her wand and a little spell that the boy didn't hear, a pile of mud suddenly covered the boy. Even through the mud, Kitty could see that he was red in the face. She ignored him and went up to her dorm. She still hated everyone, but he was exceptionally annoying. She reached her bed and layed down. She stared out the window and wished that Quidicth(sp?) season would hurry up. The only thing she liked about the school so far was being able to fly as a chaser for Slytherin.

Kitty: I should sneak out right now. I could go flying, be free from all these... people. I can't wait for practice to start...

With that, she drifted off to sleep within a couple of minutes. She began to dream about her classes and flying the next day.

OOC: Terra, that isn't your character, just so you know. He's just a non-player character I wanted to humiliate for no reason. I hope I cleared that up.[/color]
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tursi walked into the common room and looked around at the people.

Tursi: i don't remeber it being so blue.

SHe then shrugged walking up into the dorms. Tursi sat on her bed and didn't even bother to change. Her pet, scrumpy the crup, jumped up with her, she laid down and looked at the ceiling. Scurmpy came and licked her face.

Tursi: come on scurmpy time for bed.

Scumpy then curled up on the pillow next to tursi and they fell alseep, waiting for the next day.
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Aioni quietly walked up the Ravenclaw staircase into the dorms. She just had to tell someone the news. She wondered if Tursi was up this late at nite, but Aioni didn't care. Aioni accidently dropped the candle she was holding, burning herself in the process. She saw the small white candle extinguish and fall down the stone steps.

Aioni held her breath, and knocked on the door of the room where Tursi was sleeping in.

"Tursi? Are you there? Tursi?"
"it's me Aioni, come to the door, I have to tell you something. Hello are you awake in there?"
"Tursi?" Aioni knocked again.....and waited outside the door for Tursi.
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Professor Konoran moved swiftly through the halls as he headed towards his quarters in the staff corrador. He had been eagerly awaiting the end of the feast so that he could inspect the book he had recieved that very night.
"Damn that bird!" he swore, softly. "Why did they send a [i]talking[/i] bird? Why not a simple owl or..."
"Talking to yourself is a sign of an unhealthy mind, Professor Konoran."
"Who's there!" yelled Kamarin.
Professor Zhou emerged from the shadows near the shorter professor.
"Ah...Professor Zhou," said Kamarin, sounding falsely cheery. He put on a smile that looked more like a grimace. "So good to see you. However, a perfectly sane person doesn't usually hide in the shadows waiting to accuse innocent people, do they?"
"Have I ever said I was perfectly sane? And am I accusing you of anything? Or is that a cry for a release of guilt?" said Professor Zhou, cocking an eyebrow.
"It means nothing!" Kamarin snapped. He quickly regained his composure. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go work on my lesson plan. [i]Some[/i] of us, have come here to work, not spy on our former teachers."
"I believe it was I, that came here first, [i]sensei[/i]," Professor Zhou breathed out the last word with a vehement tone. "Good day." Professor Zhou bowed stiffly.
"Good day." Kamarin bowed as well.
Kamarin swiftly turned and opened the door to his room. He shut the door behind himself.
"Even if I'm under that fools watchful eye, my plan shall still go along as planned. And now that I have the book, it shall be that much easier."
Kamarin ran his fingers down the cover of the book.
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[color=blue]Kitty woke up at around 5 in the morning. Everyone else in her dorm was asleep. She looked around for a little, then sat back on her bed and stared into the sky outside her window.

Kitty: The sky... It looks just like him. Come here Skipper.

Suddenly a cat jumped out from under her bed. It was grey with small black and brown stripes, and the paws and a bit of the tail and face were white. Kitty had once said that his markings were like the sky, unpredictable and beautiful. At this time, the sky reflected on his fur, making it appear like silver water, rippling under her hand as she slowly petted him. His eyes were gleaming when he turned his head towards her.

Kitty: You look stunning. Hmm....

Skipper: Meeeww. Meowww...

For the first time in a long while, a smile spread across Kitty's face. She was thinking about how she had found him, in the middle of an alley all alone. Just like she had felt back then. After about 10 minutes, Kitty slowly got off of her bed and got dressed. She then walked down to the common room, Skipper by her side. She thought about what she'd do in her spare time, and when practice was going to start. She sat down where she had the evening before and stroked Skipper as he curled up in her lap.

Kitty: You remember Alan, don't you?

Skipper: Mow. Mew meoowww.

Kitty: Would you like to see him again? He might be coming down any second, you know. He always was an early riser...

Kitty began to drift off into her own memories of previous encounters with Alan in the mornings. She knew that he dated older girls, but he had never asked her. She didn't mind at all though. When she snapped back to reality, she noticed that Skipper had left her lap and was sniffing around the common room, searching for a trace of another cat. Kitty smiled again as she thought of Alan's cat, too. Just then, Alan appeared in the common room and sat down across from Kitty.[/color]
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Mystery glanced at her watch.. damn.. 3 in the mourning. And she was no where near done with her homework. Even though she started at 5. She always had to do her homework precisly. Everything had to be perfect. She reread, an essay for the 5th time. And decided it needed to be re-done.

She yawned, as her cat meowed. She patted her cats head as she kept writing.

A 1st year girl walked downstairs and looked at Mystery. "Mystie? When you coming to bed?" Mystery signed as she put all her homework away. She figured why not she had a whole weekend.
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Aioni sat down on the bed.

"I couldn't sleep I had to tell someone,I think that guy from Gryffindor likes me! I know it's stupid, but I couldn't wait to tell someone!"

Tursi said" go to bed, talk to me 2mmrw"

Pushes Aioni out of the room and and she stands alone in the hall.
She hears footsteps......

(sorry about short post)
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A small note ... I think classes start "today," since the opening feast was "last night." So, I'm not sure how you got homework already, MystiqueZeppel. Maybe it's left over from the summer?

Another thing for everyone to remember, there is a rule that states your posts should be at least ten lines or two paragraphs ... :D


Alan studied himself in the mirror as he silently put on his running clothes, unwilling to disturb his roommates. They'd never gotten up as early as he did, nor did they understand why he rose just after dawn every day. He didn't really understand why either. It was just how it was.

He headed up the stairs from his basement room to the Slytherin common room. He was surprised to see someone else awake among the green and black decorations of the room. Alan had never really noticed Kitty that much, but he decided he could put off his run for another few minutes. He sat down across from her. "Hello, Kitty," he said.

"Hi, Alan," she said. "How was your summer?"

Alan shrugged and thought about just what he'd done that summer ... "Fine," he said. "Yours?"

"All right," she said. "I can't stand being back here, though. I hate to have to start classes again."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Alan said.

Kitty shrugged and looked out the window, holding her hand out absently. Her cat -- Alan remembered his name dimly, Skipper -- appeared as if out of nowhere and jumped onto her lap, licking her hand. Alan couldn't help but smile a little bit. It was nice to see another cat person around.

He noticed her glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, though she quickly looked away when she saw him staring back unconcernedly. [i]Perhaps she's interested in me,[/i] Alan thought to himself, somewhat unsurprised. He knew his own assets, and they'd always served him well. [i]Perhaps I should ask her ... No, not yet. When I'm sure she's trustworthy ... It's only the first day of school. I should have patience.[/i]

Alan stood. It had been a decently long conversation, at least for him. "I should get going on my run if I'm going to be in time for class," he said. "I'll see you later." On his way out, he reached out a hand and rubbed Skipper's head. The cat meowed and rubbed happily back against his hand until he moved away.

"Bye, Alan," Kitty said.

He paused just before he left, and turned to meet her eyes. "Have a good first day of class," he said as sincerely as he could, and mustered up a smile.

She smiled back and said, "You too."
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[i]joey dashed around as the dragon ahead of him blew dangerous flames out of his mouth. The dragon suddenly swooped down and was about to take a bit into Joey...All Joey could od was stand there...[/i]
[b]Joey[/b] Woah! it was a dream...
Joey was in his bed sleeping.
He looked over at his watch. He then looked around the room and sat up. He rubbed his eyes and straightned up his long hair.
[b]Joey[/b] Its a new day! And today's the day we start our classes!
He suddenly covered his mouth and looked around.
[b]Joey[/b] oops...id didnt want to wake anyone up...
joey then dug into his pocket.
[b]Joey[/b] There you are!
He took out a small frog.
[b]Joey[/b] I was looking for you mushy!
His frog looked glad to see him too.
Joey jumped out of bed and walked over to the door.
He sighed, then smiled, and opened the door...
Joey went over to the Gryfindor common room, and looked around. He saw a few people awake. He then spotted a familliar face in the corner.
[b]Joey[/b] Zi!
He called.
He ran over to Zi, the girl he had met earlier.
Zi took out her wand.
[i]Glad to see you Joey[/i]
Joey smiled.
[b]Joey[/b] Same to you, hows it been?
They began to chat, and continued talking for quite some time.
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Zi and Joey, along with a girl Zi shared a bunk with named Samantha (we can't have just 9 students, can we?), headed down to the dining room. They each found a schedule on their plate.
"Let's see what classes we got!" said Joey. As soon as he picked up the piece of parchment, some food appeared.
Suddenly, hundreds upon hundreds of owls started to fly through the window up high. A raven fluttered down in front of Zi.
"What's with the raven?" asked Samantha.
[i]It's my raven. Her name is Yami.[/i]
She then scratched the raven's neck.
"Huh, a raven? I didn't know they were good for carrying mail," said Joey, nibbling on a piece of bacon.
The three had identical schedules.
[i]Defense Against the Dark Arts-9:00
Care of Magical Creatures-5:00
"Hey, we have Defense Against the Dark Arts first," said Samantha, eating some scrambled egg.
[i]My Dad teaches that. It should be fun.[/i]
At nine, Zi, Joey, and Samantha had shuffled into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Zi set her tablet and wand on the table, as well as her DADA book.
Professor Zhou strode into the classroom, his robe billowing around his feet.
"I am Professor Zhou. I am here to teach you Defense Against the Dark Arts. Here you will learn to protect yourself against most spells. Today, we will be learning two basic spells, if you don't know them already. You are to learn the Flippendo Charm and the Shield Charm. You are to pair up and practice both at the same time. I expect a few of you shall be seing Madame Pomfrey by the end of class, unless you try hard to learn the Shield Charm. Begin!"
Zi paired up with Joey. He decided that he would try the Flippendo first.
"Flippendo!" he yelled. A small blue bolt shot out from the tip of his wand.
Zi mouthed a word and pointed her wand straight out. The bolt stopped short of hitting Zi.
"You see! Zi has already mastered it. Of course, she has been practicing dilligently throughout the summer ever since recieving her notice of admisson.
"You're probably just saying that to make it sound like she's smarter than us! I think your just favoring her!" yelled a boy with glasses and dirty blonde hair.
"Boy, what is your name?" asked Professor Zhou, with a strange twinkle in his eye.
"I'm Gregory Blake."
"Mister Blake, you've recieved your first detention. You will see me after class to discuss your punishment.
Gregory stared at Professor Zhou. Red slashed across his cheeks.
"Now, return to your spellcasting!"
For the rest of class, the students continued to knock eachother down and try to block the blue bolts.
At 10:50, Professor Zhou told them to pack up.
"Your homework for tonight is a 2ft essay on the usage of the Shield Charm. I expect it by the end of the week."
The students were happy to rush out of class. Most staggered off to their next classes, the rest stumbled off to Madame Pomfrey.
"Your dad's really strict, Zi," said Samantha, nursing a bruise on her left arm.
"Yeah. I hope he teaches us some healing spells next time," said Joey, rubbing a bump that one of Zi's Flippendos had given him.
Zi giggled silently.
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Tursi opened her eyes and slowly rolled over and looked at her muggle clock. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the time. Tursi's eyes widened as she noticed she over slept. she quickly got out of her bed, made it, and ran into the shower to freshen up. When she came back out in her towel she noticed something moving under her covers, she had accidently buried her crup under her bed.

Tursi: oh, sorry baby.

She got scumpy out from under the covers and quickly made her bed again. Walking to her trunk she pulled out her clothes for today and slipped them on. After she straightened her tie she grabed a banana from the bowl of fruit down in the common room and walked into the hallways. She looked at her schedual and smiled.

tursi: care of magical creatures, funfun, i don't even know why i'm still takeing this class.

As she was walking toward Professor olivers class she ran into someone and fell down.

Tursi: oh sorry sorry, i'm running a bit late.

looking up she noticed it was her friend from last night. Tursi smiled.

Aioni: oh hi tursi.

Tursi: hey aioni, sorry about last night, i wasn't in a very good mood and all, but we have to get to class, we'll talk then.

SHe said grabbing Aionis hand and dragging her to her class.
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Oliver: Come here! Over here! Now please sit down and I will introduce myself. My name is Oliver DeMastin but please call me Professor Oliver and as you may know I'm the Care of Magical Creatures teacher. You'll see lots of magical creatures so let's begin. Today I'm gonna present Knarls. The Ministry of Magic classifies them as XXX. The Knarl (found in Northern Europe and America) is usually mistaken for a hedgehog by Muggles. The two species are indistinguishable except for one important behavioural difference: if food is left out in the garden for a hedgehog, it will accept and enjoy the gift; if food is offered to a Knarl, on the other hand, it will assume that the householder is attempting to lure it into a trap and will savage that householder's garden plants or decorations. Many Muggle children have been accused of vandalism when an offended Knarl was the real culprit.

Oliver: Next class we'll study Leprechauns. And here is the questions you'll need to answer as homework, don't worry they are easy ones!:

1) What is the Ministry of Magic(M.O.M.) classification for Knarls?
2) Where are Knarls found?
3) What animal is the Knarl commonly mistaken for?
4) Describe the one difference between Knarls and hedgehogs.
5) What will a Knarl do if it believes it is being lured into a trap?
6) Who has often been blamed for a Knarl's destructive work?
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[color=blue]Kitty left the Care of Magical Creatures class very quickly and quietly, just like everything else. She went through several halls finally reaching the DADA class. She looked around and noticed that she was the first one there.

Kitty: Idiots. Very slow idiots. I'm always the first one to my classes. Why are they so slow?

Professor Zhou: Or maybe you're too fast, possibly.

Kitty: I don't like it when people spy on me even if it's one of my 'superiors'.

Zhou: Ah... Okay, well will you come in?

The professor smiled as she walked by. She glared back, but Zhou continued to smile. She found a seat towards the back and somewhat leaned towards the right. She continued to watch Zhou as the other students arrived. She started talking about him under her breath.

Kitty: *whispers* That guy's completely insane. But then again, so are a lot of people here. I can't stand it...

Just as she said that, Zhou looked at her then turned away again. Kitty found Zhou a very puzzling professor.[/color]
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Daphne ran to DADA as fast as she could. She had woken up late because of that darn Muggle alarm clock and been late to Care of Magical Creatures, but she was determined to be on of the first to the rest of her classes. She skidded to a halt outside the door straightened her robes and walked calmly in to classroom. There was only one other person there, a Slytherin girl who's name she didn't know. She walked up to her and smiled.
"Hello, I'm Daphne Ma... just Daphne." She waited for a response, but all the girl did was look at her and turn away. Undaunted, Daphne took a seat near the middle of the classroom and waited for everyone else. She had the odd feeling Professor Zhou was watching her, but she ignored it and started sketching on a piece of parchment.
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Ginny Weasley sighed as she sat back at her desk, waiting for her next bunch of students to enter. Her first class of the morning had gone quite well. Of course, they'd all been amiable first-year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaw, it hadn't exactly been a difficult class to teach. She'd simply had them practice Wingardium Leviosa for pretty much the entire time. Most of them had gotten the hang of it by the end.

Next, though, she had fourth-years, Slytherins and Gryffindors. Why Dumbledore still insisted on putting those enemy houses together, Ginny couldn't guess, unless perhaps it was to put more stress on the teachers ...

The students banged into the room loudly, chattering and dropping books on desks with abandon. Ginny waited until it was time for class to start, then stood at her desk. Most of the class got quiet pretty quickly, and the others stopped talking when she cleared her throat.

Ginny fleetingly wondered just [i]what[/i] she was doing standing in front of these children. She was less than ten years older than most of them ...

"All right," she said briskly. "I'm Professor Weasley, the new Charms professor, as you all know. Today we'll start with Summoning charms, which shouldn't be too difficult for fourth-years such as yourselves. I'll demonstrate -- [i]Accio[/i] globe!"

The globe in the back of her classroom sailed towards Ginny over the heads of the students. She caught it rather ungently and placed it on her desk, smiling.

"This spell can be extremely useful if you're ever in a situation where someone else has stolen your wand, for example, or if you're just too lazy to get up and get something ..." Ginny caught herself before she got too sarcastic. "Well, let's practice! Just try to summon something in the classroom that won't bother anybody else."

A few minutes later Ginny realized she probably should've given them all M&M's or something to practice with, as backpacks, chalk, and papers went flying haphazardly through the air. Ginny was about to yell for them to stop when somebody summoned the globe off her desk, and she had to step quickly to move out of its way. It flew low along the classroom, hitting one Gryffindor student named Charlie Muppet hard in the face before floating idly to land next to a calm Slytherin, Alan Nitamorin.

"Alan!" Ginny said sharply, marching down the aisle towards him. The others in the classroom stopped their hectic summoning and turned to watch. "You hit Charlie in the face with your spell!"

"I'm terribly sorry," Alan said, not sounding particularly sorry at all. "I guess I don't have a good handle on the charm yet."

Ginny narrowed her eyes and remembered her powers as a professor. "Ten points from Slytherin," she said, and turned back to return to her desk. "Let's try again, class, but this time, everybody pull out an eraser and put it on my desk. We'll just be summoning those from now on ..."
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Tursi looked at her nexted class. she blinked noticing she didn't have one. [i] this must be like a seinor privlage at a muggle school, or a misprint.[/i] she thought to herself. she shruged and wandered around, talking to random painting of one of the older headmasters who had found himself in the stair cases. Tursi paused for a second and looked up the stairs.

Tursi: i wonder whats up there?

Tursi started to walked up the stairs, watching her step as they moved, the paintings watched her move with weariness. SHe then got to the top to find more stairs. She sighed.

Tursi: what is this.

Tursi then saw a plaque. SHe walked towards it and dusted it off. it read astronomy tower. SHe grinned with delight and ran up the stairs tofind a huge empty room with lots of windows.

Tursi: wow, this is great.
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Dragomir set his things in his office. He hated being late for anything, ecspecially the first day of school. He had been teaching here for five years now, and he had never been late before. He flicked his wand around, getting everything organized quickly. He was glad the Headmaster worked with him some. After all he was on a assignment for the Ministry..

Though he wouldn't get students until the next day, he started to prepare. He wondered if he should try for his personal transfiguration. Like he heard McGonnagal had done in previous years.

OOC: I admit I could have done better, but I was late, and didn't get to get into the 'groove.'
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[color=blue]Kitty walked out of DADA class as Professor Zhou finished talking. Kitty had done exceptionally well with her partener, Daphne. She hated parteners, though... She walked towards the Great Hall to eat a quick lunch. She sat down and reread her schedule for after lunch.
[i]Care of Magical Creatures 9:00
Defense Against the Dark Arts 11:00
Lunch 1:00
Charms 3:00
Potions 5:00
Dinner 7:00[/i]

Kitty: So I have Charms after lunch, huh. I'm gonna be taught by that newbie teacher? Great.

She looked up at the teacher's table and saw Professor Weasley eating lunch. Kitty noticed that she wasn't too much older than herself. She wondered why she was teaching at Hogwarts. After she had finished, she left the Great Hall. She went out onto the grounds and sat near the lake. She leaned against a tree and saw Skipper. She was pleased that he had managed to get out. He trotted over towards her and curled up in her lap. She stroked him and and looked at her reflection. [i]I can't wait for Quidditch. I'll finally be able to fly again. Poor Skipper... stuck on the ground. He wouldn't like to fly though. I guess he's fine here.[/i] She sat near the lake for the rest of lunch.[/color]
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Daphne was on her way to the library during lunch when she passed Dragomir's classroom. She stopped at the door and watched him arrange his classroom, wondering if he would be anything like McGonagall. Her father hadn't spoken very highly of her. In fact, he had been downright rude. But that usually meant she would like the teacher, like in Ginny Weasley's case. Remembering what she was doing, she continued running to the library, hoping to finish DeMastin's homework finished in peace, and maybe even read up on a few new potions for her next class. She glanced at her schedule again. After Potions, she'd have Arthimancy, then dinner. It sounded simple enough, and she could think of worse classes to have. Shifting her thoughts back to her work, she put her homework away and strolled around the library, looking for an interesting spellbook.
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