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  1. Mine would be seeing someone covered in blood and sometimes also weird spiders... haven't be here since...anyways I'm back ;) Tix
  2. Well I depends just on what [I]genre[/I] of games you like if you don't take in consideration the "it has DVD player" and the "it can play music"...
  3. Tix

    Art Latest Banners

    Wow, lovely banner you made there...
  4. Tix

    Kicked out of my own family....

    I think you should tell him exactly what you have to. If he ignores you too then can't you go live with your mom or if not go live by yourself. I want to talk about something since it's kinda the same subject. Well I lived since I was little with my parents, changed countries and had since then 2 other sisters. But now at the age of 15 my parents started always getting angry on each other. It's not my dad, it's my mom the problem. Lately she started telling lies to my dad about many things. It think they'll finally divorce or at least separate. So can anyone tell me how they felt when they parents divorced/separated? Thanks.
  5. Tix

    Art Dan Rugh's banners (updated often)

    Oh it's so cute. The game is really good. All I have to say is that it's yet again excellent just that isn't that too big for a banner? 10/10
  6. Tix

    Michael Jackson

    When people see you that you are too freacking popular for them, they invent a story to put you in trouble like they did with Kobe Bryant and the others...
  7. Tix

    Art Dan Rugh's banners (updated often)

    Nah this one all in blue, it's just too...bluey. The other one was really well-done how you blended them but the first one with their respective colors, it was better like that. I liked more the 1st.
  8. Tix

    Art Dan Rugh's banners (updated often)

    Wow! Once again (what...the 4678974th) the Naruto banner is really great. How you blended the two image = neat banner. We want more...:wigout: 11/10:laugh:
  9. Tix

    Art Naruto sketch

    Wow! Thats some great drawing you did there, nice pose and well...sketched. You have one hell of a talent! Keep on showing your drawings.
  10. Tix

    Art My banners

    Gah...gah...I love the Gorillaz banner it's so well done, I just love it. The Trunks banner is great too and the font matches really well. As for the Kenshin banner, it feels that there's something missing...dunno what but it's great too! I want to see more more...
  11. Woah! That look freaking scary, I would pee in my pants. And on the picture it looks harsh, don't know why. All they do at our school about drugs is prevention and the teachers and staff members know that there's many drug dealers but they just kicked out of the school 2. No raid or else 1/4 of the school will be kicked out...
  12. Tix


    Well our music teacher (instruments) got the idea from a freind of mine to make a choir. We have a concert for Christmas and so why not add a choir to the instruments. I will be on December 8th. And I was choosed to sing in the choir and I was the one who thaught I was bad at singing...
  13. Tix

    Gaming Final Fantasy XII

    If you look at the girl and boy, you could see ressemblance to Yuna and Tidus...or am I the only one to see that?
  14. Tix

    Art Simple Matrix banner

    Wow! Great banner and be the did you saw Matrix Revolutions, I do and it was great.
  15. Tix

    Gaming Xbox 360

    I heard that "Xbox Next" will be out next year. If it's true then Microsoft are shooting themselves up in the head. They make so much money on the Xbox already and still persons go and buy the Xbox with all the games. They could wait and still make big cash until like 2005 and then get the Xbox Next in 2006.