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Art My first avators/banner, YYH themed


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Well, you're right about no masterpiece coming from MS, though some peeps around here have been able to create some pretty good ones with it.
Ah well, you did well for your first attempt. The screen shots you chose are very pixely, starting off a piece with poor quality photo's always pretty much dooms them (Or at least they have when I've tried using them...).
I like though that you used diff pics, and chibi versions of characters are always cool too... ^_^
Can't wait to see what else you can make... ^_^
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:D Thankie! :blush: Now I'm embarassed...
Okay, next I have...um...what do I have? Oh yes...my friend's avator. (Yeah, I know it's not spelled that way...). The text is kinda blury, it says EowynElf. *sigh* She loooooves Hiei...
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