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Art Chibi Cid Highwind


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Heh, well..I did this in MS paint first of all...I really wanna learn how to do this kinda stuff in photoshop...but oh well:sweat: This is a pic i "drew" of Chibi Cid in Paint...hope yea like it...no flaming please..... ^_^;;
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Awww, Shippo! He's so adorable! :p Hm, I also have a weakness for everything Final Fantasy, plus I'm incredibly impressed with anyone who can draw on the computer. So I'm a kind judge. But whatever, I still think it's really cute!!

Anyway. I really like the ideas of the entire drawing -- the blush lines and little puff of air coming out of his mouth are adorable, as are his huge eyes. I also like the kind of thick border you used on the entire thing. I think the feet and hands look a little weird, though, and his hair might be a bit too high. And the whole thing is just a little ... jagged. I have no idea how to smooth it out, but if you look at the black border lines, like on his goggles, they're totally jagged and it's a little troublesome.

But still, really great job, especially for MS Paint. :D
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