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Sign Up Street Wars: Let the races begin...


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[color=blood red][size=1][i]A new Street Racer is in town. And he is hosting races. He is trying to get the best street racers in the world to come to his area of town. He has watched Video's of the best, and guess who he chose, You. You need to Win your way top the top, and face him so you can get your pize 10,000,000 dollars. You start of with the tape that Diablo Magician has seen. So here is what you need to sign up.

[b]Name:[/b] David(Meteora)Armenta
[b]Age(20-30):[/b] 21
[b]Description:[/b] 5'9, 135 pounds, red eyes, red hair. Red shirt and Pants. A Flame Necklace around his neck. View Attachment!
[b]Why you are racing:[/b] His dad was a street racer, one of the best and he wants to forfill his dads legacy.
[b]Bio(childhood):[/b] He has always been fasinated with cars. SO he got his best friend Xion,(Lan) into them as well.
[b]Car-color(max 2 cars):[/b] Red Lotus Elise, Red Lamborgini Daiblo 6.0 VT

Hope people join this. Oh and every sign up has to be approved by me or Lan. I tell you the rules later.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Name: Xion Hirugami

Age(20-30): 21

Description: View attachment

Why you are racing: He wants to leave the other competeors in the dust. He's been racing since the age of 17. He's loved it since the first time he's driven. It's his life.

Bio(childhood): He was brought up very well. His family was sucessful. He only enjoyed being rich to get new parts for his two cars, as well as buying the cars themselves. He' s been best friends with David since the age of 3.

Car-color(max 2 cars): Porsche Carrera GT- A silver convertible. His one favorite car.

Dodge Viper GTS- A red convertible, it has two silver stripes that run along it's middle.[/color][/size]
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[color=red] Name: Kate Sunside

Age(20-30): 26

Description: Blonde, blue eyes, 5'6" 125lbs Wears: A red dress shirt(think like that red thing faye wears) over a white tank top with jeans White boots like faye's when not driving when driving, red converse :)

Why you are racing: Honor student all through school, always the "good girl" she wanted to shen that image so she started to race cars.

Bio(childhood): She first drove when she was 14 down the street, she ran into a stop sign, but she got better, alot better.

Car-color red ford focus zx5 and a red t-bird [/color]
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[color=blood red][size=1][i]Yes Ma'am. Its just kinda hard to make a story line of a car RP. But I'll try to improve it. Well on a better note people join up please.[/color][/size][/i]

[font=gothic][color=indigo]Quick note there....I'm male. Thanks for the co-operation though. - The Harlequin.[/font][/color]
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