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Art keritsel from my manga! haha.


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[url=http://images.deviantart.com/i/a/5/6/keritsel.jpg]click here![/url]
I know i am sad and pathetic and all that with all the self envying and things, but let me do this once, just once.



now onto the next part.

his clothes are so overshaded... lol i had a little fun, but a little too much fun. his legs looks weird too. can't draw legs for my life.

The piano seems a little too small for the person and its keys, but since I thought it was behind Keri and minor and all that. I covered it with clothes and left it as it is, cus a closed piano looks boring. and dude, i am gonna stick with violins from now on lol XD

the curtains looks so weird. the mood of the room is so feminine XD....

I wanted to draw hardwood floors since i did it once and it wasn't hard, but then i thought the room has this stony castle kinda taste, so i tried marble floor.

And I intended for the thing to be dark, but apparently he looked too light. oh well. we will say that he is in spotlight hahaha.

i am gonna make it into layouts adn icons and things and make all of you think that i am a boy until I grow disgusted with this picture like i do to every other picture of mine XD. <--run on sentence.

oh yes, this is Keri from my manga: [url]http://shilin.fateback.com/[/url]
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[size=1] Have no idea where that chess piece came from, but excellent picture. I like the CG even if you did mess up [I can't see it, though]. ^__^ Your pictures have got me drawing all these big-eyed anime people...it's actually very weird for me. I usually don't like them. :toothy:

Nice, nice, job. [/size]
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He looks so sad, in a good way, and peaceful. The clothes are dark, but it adds to the atmosphere. I love how you made the windows.

Meh, I did a huge rip off of your art yesterday. Now if I could only color it as awesomely as you do...
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[COLOR=coral][SIZE=1]I call it a rip-off cause ever since I've seen your art, I've been copying major parts of it. ;~P

But how do you color yours?

And...ahem, what's cell shading? *ducks a pile of rotten fruit*[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1] ^_^ Cell-shading is a distinct shading anime uses and is used in many fanarts. For example, Mina, look at your banner. See the picture on the far right where Kurama's demon form is? See that part of dark tone near his jawline? Perfect example of cell-shading.

Some people use smooth shading, which blends colors together so it looks more real. Cell-shading is making one part lighter or darker, without the blending.[/size]
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haha, don't say that Rhys XD as long as you enjoy it, everyone can make a manga XD

About how i colour, I put up a how-I-draw section (ie a stupid tutorial -_-) in my website in the misc section, so if you wanna see, you can go there :D
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