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RPG Crystal Wars


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On Chikyuu, there are legends of the energy crystals; which are the elemental crystals that control what happens on the planet Chikyuu, Earth controls earthquakes and land growth, Water controls the oceans, lakes, ponds, and rivers, Wind controls direction of winds flow, Fire controls the volcanos, Spirit controls all living things, and Weather controls what weather conditions are.

These crystals were used to control what happened on everyday basis. Guardians at every crystal. Earth Guardian Eipido the Earth snake, Water Guardian Kappa the Water Demon, Wind Guardian Jito the Air Serpent, Fire Guardian Gorou the Fire Dragon, Spirit Guardian Ferya the Spirit Fairy, and Weather Guardian Neiko the Weather Angel.

All these crystal were very well protected, but an evil was lurking waiting for its awakening from the forbidden crystal...the cursed Blood Ruby; forged by dark elves, covered in demons blood, was the forbidden crystal because of it chaotic powers. It made men go hunger for power whoever possesed it. It was buried and sealed by High elves and buried beneath the ground. One day the elves fortress was attacked by an army of demons and creatures of the dead, a emperor of Chilak, one of the 7 continents in the land of Chikyuu, Malak his name was and he tristed for the power of the blood ruby. After his assualt and win he found the cursed blood ruby and wish to gain the powers of the other crystals.

Once the guardians found about his actions they summoned warriors of every race from the 7 continents, who were brave enough to take on the challenge of Malaks armys and protect the world.
Ki walked along the streets of the little town.She blew out a puff of hot air that made a mist in front of her.It was a cold morning.She shivered slightly resisting the urge to leave and get back into bed.The reason she was outside was because she was waiting for the warriors who she was to help on their quest to save Chikyuu.She sat down on a wooden crate to wait for anyone who was going to be coming.She held her palm facing up and a ball of fire appeared in her palm.She added her other palm so it was like she was cradeling the flames.It gave her warmth.She placed it in her left palm and flicked her right wrist towards the sky.A ball of flames shot out from her hand and hovered in the air above her.She hoped that would help the warriors to notice where she was.Then she cradled the flame in her hands again hoping they would arrive soon so they could leave.
That's it!!Let's arrive and leave!!If you still want to join go ahead!Still lots of space left.
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Kyp had been walking through the streets looking for the one who called him there. "I wonder why I was called to help. Who knows but when I am called upon to help a cause greater than my self I will come" kyp thought as he turned a corner. He noteced a light in the sky. "That could be just a candle but some thing tells me different" kyp says to him self as he started running to the source of the light. "Hi there. I'm kyp. I feel that you are one of the ones who called me here so I will lend my skills in any way I can" kyp said sticking out his hand.
"I'm ki. Thanks for comeing to help. I'm still waiting for the others" ki said as she shook hands with kyp. Kyp sat to the right of ki as he waited with her. "Aren't you cold out here" ki asked. "I'm fine. I do alot of traveling so i'm used to being in different temperatures" kyp said smilling. "I wonder how many more people will come" kyp thought as he looked at the stars
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[color=blue][size=1]Kitty walked through the streets, her hands behind her head. She looked around and noticed several villagers(townsfolk, whatever) were watching her. [i]Must be my tail. Why is everyone so freaked about that?![/i] After a couple minutes of this, she got tired of it. She pulled down her hands and they fell to her side, then suddenly her tail began to flare. It caught on fire and the surrounding people screamed and hid in terror.

Kitty: Yeah, that's it!! Run away!! Stupid people...

She continued to mumble about this (her tail STILL on fire folks) as she walked down the street. As she turned a corner, she noticed two people. A girl with a fireball above her head, and a boy next to her. They turned towards her and waved. Kitty smiled and ran over.

Boy: Hello. Apparently, you're one of us, right? The name's Kyp. What's yours?

Kitty: Kitty. Oops. I better extinguish this.

Her firey tail suddenly jolted around for a second, then the flames poofed away. The girl smiled as she held out her hand. Kyp was still a little shocked at Kitty's ears and tail, but he didn't comment.

Girl: Hi Kitty. My name's Ki. Would you care to join us?

Kitty: Why not. I ain't got anything else to do.

She sat down next to Kyp and examined him. She wondered what his abilities were. Kitty then grabbed her tail and watched as smoke rose off into the air. Kyp laughed as Kitty used her hand to get rid of the remaining smoke. She looked up at the sky and waited for the others to arrive.[/color][/size]
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A small little figure with a long white bushy beard walked across the streets.
A lot of people stared at him as he walked down the street in astonishment.
[b]Fransisco[/b] What?! You neva saw a Dwarf before or something!?
A few people chuckled.
[b]Fransisco[/b] Whadd're ya people laughing about!? Dont make me chop your arses off with me axe of mine!
Everyone quickly shut up.
[b]Francisco[/b] Yea...i thought so.
He continued to walk down the street and went into the bar.
[b]Bartender[/b] What would you like sir?
[b]Fransisco[/b] Eh? Oh me...ill take the usual.
[b]Bartender[/b] The usual?
[b]Fransisco[/b] Gimme one glass of wine, and hurry it up.
[b]Bartender[/b] Oh...yes sir!
The bartender went to work as the Dwarf began to study his axe.
He began to whistle an old tune he used to, back at his hometown.
[b]Fransisco[/b] **sighs**
He calmly walked out of the bar without his wine.
[b]Fransisco[/b] Bleh...those good ol' days...i wonder if they'll ever return....
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Ticris: Hey. Are you the oes who called me?
Ticris's eyes were squnting so no one could see what his eyes looked like.
Kyp: Why are you squinting?
Ticris: I... have me reasons.
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*Meteo hovers in mid air looking around.*
Meteo:"Something's not right... Something is out of balance..."
*Meteo lands then looks around some more.*
Meteo:"I would know if my dragon would come..."
*Meteo then sees a group of people around he then walks over to them. Putting his wings strait behind him.*
Meteo:"Hello. My name is Meteo may I inquire your names?"
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Ticris turned around.
Ticris: Im Ticris nice to meet you!
The others introduce themselves.
TIcris's thinking: Just a few more and there all gunna be doomed.
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[COLOR=red][I]Kai rode on his steed on the icy clod day.He had been called by his godess,Kilari,to come to the small town.His hair waved in the wind,and he soon caught the eye of a girl.He then and there seemed to fallen in love with the young madian,and he soon joined the small party,quite as always.He looked at them all.[/I]

[B]Kai:[/B]So this is the party the gods and goddess have made?

[I]The young girl stold up gracefuly,and looked at the rest of them.[/I]

[B]Girl:[/B]What is your name sir???
[B]Kai:[/B]My name is Kai,warrior of Kelari,the warrior goddess of the east.And your name young madian?
[B]Girl:[/B]Ki,I was also sent to help.
[B]Kitty:[/B]What about you two stop your flirting!

[I]They both blushed,and looked at each other agine.[/I]

[B]Ki:[/B]Don't mind Kitty.
[B]Kitty:[/B]-_-Your kidding me.

[I]The demon cat turned back to playing with a young man.Kai wondered who he was,but didn't want to ask.The young got up and turned to Kai.[/I]

[B]Young Man:[/B]Hi,my name is Kyp.
[B]Kai:[/B]......Hello,mine is Kai.[/COLOR]

OCC:Ohkami,the god thing is a inside joke.Also,Dj Professor DM and Tical,read this please.[url]http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29599[/url]
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Benten walked silently through the streets of the town, drawing stares. She ignored them, as always, looking for the party the gods had summoned. She found them easily and looked over them all, trying to evalute their skill. "I assume you are the other summoned by the deities?" A girl nodded.
"My name is Ki and I am here to assist you." She introduced each of the other in turn. Benten smiled at each of them, letting her eyes linger on Meteo and Tical.
"I am Benten Eshou. It's a pleasure to meet you all." Her wings fluttered a little as she waited for someone to take charge.
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"So kai what reasion do you belive that we were called here" kyp asked. "I know a godess named kilari has called me here. What about you kyp" kai asked. "Me? I realy don't know why I was called here. For that matter no one asked me to come" kyp said smilling. "Then how did you know to come here" kai asked. "I follow what my spirit tells me and it told me to come here. It tells me that I am needed and to follow what ki tells me" kyp said smilling. "You probaply have good sences then" kai said smilling. "I guess I do then" kyp said as he sat back down as kai sat to the left of ki.
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Ticris: I know why you came here
Kyp: Why?
Ticris: Because an evil emperor gut his hands on the legendary bloody ruby and is destroying everything. As you likely guessed we were summoned to beat him. We must set out to destroy this monster or the world will be lost!
The rest of the gang stood up.
Kai: Then lets go!
Ticris: Ok. Ill lead the way.
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Tai raced down the street, looking hastily for the group that he was supposed to be meeting with. Agony twisted his face as he wandered, almost completeely lost down the winding roads. To get a better view, he focused deeply and ran right up the side of a house, launching himself into space. He scanned the block feverishly, not really noticing anything unusual.
At least, before he saw the demon.
It flew past him at breakneck speed, and he could tell already it was looking for blood. He spun around and drew his prized weapon, Ryu no Katsugan. Slowing down time, he dove backwards, firing rapidly. he landed on the next roof and righted himself just as he finished reloading. Low on energy, he resorted to firing normally, despite poorer aim. The demon made a quick circle in the air before swooping down and flying straight at him. He slowed down time again, and in full concentration, bounced off the demon's face. Flying in the air, he spun around and unleashed a hail of bullets, blowing the demon's head off in a flash of dark blood. He took a moment in midair to savour his victory before he realized that he was about to fall to the street below. With a mighty crash, he landed in the middle of the road, in front of a large group of other fighters, who just stared at him.
"Oh," He said, dusting himself off and grinning.
"I guess I'm in the right place after all."
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[color=firebrick][I]Kain walked down the road in this small town looking for a group of warriors.He didn't think a group of well trained and armed fighters would be hard to spot.But to his surprise he was looking for hours.

Kain: I can't believe this...I would have half the mind to just stop at an inn and turn in for the night.It's way too cold.

Kain continues to walk the streets looking for these warriors.Down the street he can here gunshots.He hurries down the street and to his surprise he finds the people he was looking for.

Kain: Is there a woman named Ki here?

Ki: That would be me.Are you Kain.

Kain: Aye.That is me name.Will we be leaving soon?[/I][/color]
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Meteo:"I don't know why I was summoned but I had a feeling something wasn't Right..."
*Meteo stretches while drawing his sword Meteo spots a demon running towards them. Meteo flies over to the demon and decapitates it. Meteo then cleans the blade off and walks back to them.*
Meteo:"I may not like being the reckless one but hell I will be if need be..."
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Ki had a kind of likeness for Kai.She didn't know why but there was some kind of connection.She looked at the group and saw that they were all here.

"Okay guys and girls.I think it's time to begin our journey!"Ki said standing.She clapped her hands together and the flame in her hands extinguished and the fireball in the air followed suite.

Ki looked at the group and saw that they were an interesting group of people.An angel,a demon cat,a dwarf and a demon.The others seemed pretty normal.

"We'll be heading north over the mountains to find the Earth crystal.Will there be any problems?If there are let me know."Ki said as she began to head towards the mountains.They were pretty far away and it would be a long trek to the mountains and over them.

Ki soon got tired of her feet so she made two slots in the back of her jacket and shirt and her wings pressed out.She spread the widely and took to the skies enjoying the cool breeze.She flew over the clouds and it was warm and sunny very much unlike the cold and darkness below.She flew around in circles a few times and a hole opened in the sky above the travellers on the ground letting in the sunlight and warmth.Ki flew down and hovered above them going at their speed.

"I don't suppose anyone brought any food?"Ki asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

"I'll be back in a while.Just keep heading to the mountains.If you guys really need me blow this."

Ki handed Kai a golden whistle.

"I can hear it anywhere on the earth or even if I'm not on the earth.Only use it when you really need me.I'm going to look for food."

With that she beat her wings and took off at an amazing speed.

she flew above the scenery looking around.Finally she spotted a nice clean river and she could see fish.She landed carefully and sharpened the end of a stick for a spear.She collected a lot of fish and placed them in a backpack she had brought along for the journey.She found wild berries and nuts and then headed to the others.They had gone about half a kilometer since she had left.She saw that they were all walking so she decided to make it fair and started to walk as well.
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"That was fast" kyp said as they set up camp to eat the food that ki brought. "Hey kyp and kai. Why don't you to go out and get some fire wood" ki said. Kyp nodded and they went into the forest. "You like her don't you" kyp said once they were out of hearing range. "I don't know who your talking about" kai said as he picked up some wood. "I've done alot of traveling so i'm pretty good at reading emotions" kyp said as he picked up some more wood. "Sooner or later you'll end up telling her" kyp said as he picked up some more wood and headed back.
A fire pit had been dug up so the threw the wood in. "So how are we going to light this" kitty asked. Kyp held out his hand and a small fire ball apeared. "Here's you answer" kyp said as he tossed it in. The wood caught on fire as kyp sat down. "So does any one have any ideas on what we should do once we find the earth crystal" kyp asked as he looked around
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Ki looked up at Kyp.
"Yeah...Well the Earth crystal is like over those mountains and in a cave at the base on the other side but the mountain rangges run so long that it would take longer to go around the whole ranges then just going stright over."Ki explained as she began to thread the fish onto sticks."I'm sure there'll be some kind of trap in the cave and as we travel over the mountain.Anyways after the Earth crystal there's a very sereal(sp?) pond.The catch is it's hidden by a mirage and I don't know how far away it is from the mountain.That's where the Water crystal is hidden."by the time she had finished talking she had finished threading all the fish and put the sticks into the ground right up close to the fire so they stood horizontally and she watched as they cooked.When they were about done she pulled the sticks out of the ground and passed a stick to everyone.They all started to eat the fish.Ki had caught brim.They enjoyed the food and then Kitty spotted a lot of pairs of red eyes from the forest surrounding them.As they came closer they were identified as Wyverns.And there were lots.Everyone quickly finished their meal and grabbed their weapons.This was their first battle as a group.
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[color=firebrick][I]Kain stuffs the fish in his mouth and draws his sword and prepares himself.The first Wyvern hops out and attacks the group.


Kain's sword catches on fire and he dashes towards the attacking Wyvern and splits it in halfas that monster is split in half and falls to the ground the next one attacks along with the rest of them.There were about 20 or 30 wyvern attacking the group.Kain was right in the middle of the action swinging away until he is hit in the back and he stumbles forward and some wyvern pile up on him.[/I][/color]
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"Let's just end this. Athousand arrows, element strike" kyp called out as he fired a arrow at the wyverns on kain. As the arrow split apart it caught on fire. The flaming arrows hit all the wyverns in the head and they started burning. Once the wyverns on kain got off kain moved before they started on fire. "How did you do kill the ones that were off of kain. You weren't even aiming at them" kai asked. "I did a combination of my attacks. The arrows will split apart and hit all targets. The only way for them to be stoped is for me to call them off or for them to be distroyed. As for the fire it was from my element strike" kyp said smilling about his hits. "What would of happened if a arrow hit me" kain asked. "Those wyverns would of burst into flames. The element strike would of put a fire shield around you and burn them off" kyp said smilling.
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Okay you heard him.I don't want this closed so I'm asking for at least a [b]2 paragraph post of 4 lines each.And some destinction where the speech is would help.Whenever someone speaks please skip a line and float it in the middle and any other speech that replies can be under then start the typing after.[/b]
Ki looked around and saw the corpses of the wyverns.She sheathed her blade and spread her wings.

"Hang on guys.I'll check where we are."she said as she took off.

Ki looked over the scenery and soon saw that they were almost at the mountain that they were heading for.She grinned and swiftly made a U-turn and headed back to the others.

"Come on!We're almost at the mountain!"Ki said landing.

They continued to walk on and soon they met the mountain.

"How are we gonna get over?At some places there aren't holds to climb up."Meteo thought aloud.

Ki thought.That was a good question.Tai and herself could fly up but the others didn't have that priviledge.Then an idea hit her.

"I've got it!"she exclaimed loudly.Everyone looked at her.
"Kyp can I borrow your bow and arrows?"she asked kindly.

He didn't know what was happening but he'd help anyways do he handed them over.Ki thanked him quickly before aiming at a spot at their level on the mountain.Then he made more not too far apart and soon there was a staircase of arrows for them to use to scale the mountain.She handed Kyp the bow and arrows before flying up to an arrow and standing on it and she shut her wings so all of her weight would be on it.It held her weight so she knew it was ok.She headed back to the ground.

"Ok guys.It's safe."she said as she landed.No one moved.
Finally Kai stepped forward.

"I might as well if no one else is going to."and he started his ascend.After him the others followed and Ki and Tai just hovered beside them.
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Meteo flaps his wings to get into the airborne. He looks around and sees a bunch of Wyverns around something black about 1 mile away.

"huh... Is that what I think it is?"

"Rwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!" It screached in agony.

"Yes It's my dragon.... I reckognize that screach anywhere!!!!"

Meteo flies to where the wyverns and his Dragon is The wyverns then look at Meteo and start to attack Meteo along with the dragon. Meteo then draws his swords and uses his dark wave attack killing 20 of them.
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Ki cursed in fairy and beat her wings until she arrived at the top and she muttered some words in fairy and spread her hands apart and blasts of energy were released from her body and destroyed the rest of the wyverns.Ki went back to the others and hurried them.Soon they were all on top and Ki used some magic to smoothen the other side.

"Come on guys...It's like a really big slide!!"Ki said before running and sliding down the smooth slope.

Everyone else followed and soon they reached the base of the mountain and as Ki promised there was a cave.

"Okay...It's time."Ki said as they walked into the cave.
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