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do u think.....


Do you think Final Fantasy X should be on PSX1?  

  1. 1. Do you think Final Fantasy X should be on PSX1?

    • yes
    • no
    • i dun care cuz i have both

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I have a PSX. And a PS2 so I was the 1 who voted'dont care cuz I have both'.
Here's why i shud be on the PS2:-
1.To make a big game on PSX will not let Squaresoft settle in on PS2 gaming.
2.PS2 is 128 bit,(I'm sure PSX is 32 bit,oh well if I'm wrong tell me)
3.I read by Hironobu Sakaguchi(I think that's how you spell the creator of Square soft's name) that to mae better gameplay,you have to cut out graphics, but if you want better graphics,it'll be a shorter game.
But there ya go,besides,tey might even release FFX for PSX.
But you have my sympathy,I didn't even think I was gonna get 1 last 6 months,but luckily I did.Ask for a PS2 for christmas,FFX is gonan be released at about Christmas or Spring for you guys in the US.Summer for us guys in the Uk.
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FFX shouldn't come out on PSX. PS2 has much better graphics and every thing on it is more "advanced" then the PSX. They would have to remake the whole game... and it would be different.
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True Cloud.
Playstation 2 needs a ground brakin' game anyways.Probably the best games I've got for PS2 so far are Ring of Red and Dynasty Warriors.Alsp Zone of the Enders is really cool.
I've got about 12 PS2 games.I'm doin' pretty good.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud [/i]
[B]they wouldn't have to shorten it. they could use as many discs as they wanted to make it. [/B][/QUOTE]

Heh, with the graphics in that game, and the fact that a PSone/PSX couldn't hardly handle it, they'd have to make one disk for every 5 minutes of Gameplay. lol
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