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Writing The Queen of Theives ((My first poem here))


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[color=teal][b][u]I Am The Queen of Theives[/u]

I am the Queen of Theives!
I'm the best of them all.
I am the Queen of Theives!
All who stand in my way shall fall.
I can make you laugh, but I can make you cry.
I can help you live, but I can also help you die.
I stand upon the rooftops and look down upon the city.
I'll steal back what they took from me and won't show any pity.
They took away my childhood, they took away my fun
Now I'll steal away their riches before they can see the sun.
I need no one to help me, so don't even waste you time
Because I'll have stolen your wallet and cash, before the end of this rhyme.

Sorry if it sounds lame. It's the first poem I've written in a loooooooooooooong time. Comments?[/color][/b]
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* checks for wallet *

hey you stole my damn wallet you punk, give it back before I report to the police, or worse..... a moderator!:laugh:
Well i like your poem and it so goes with the rpg I'm starting so Ilike it even more. well keep it up cause I can't say nothing bad about it so why don't I leave to someone else.

Simon Cowell: It completely horrendous and I wouldn't read it if I didn't have to.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Guest Skyechild91
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
All right! Its definatley better than mine.
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:P Way better than I can do... I posted a poem and only one person liked it.
*checks her money box* O.O;;
It is gone!!!.... THE PICTURE I WAS GONNA BLACK MAIL SOMEONE WITH IS GOOONE!!!*looks behind her* Oh... there it is... never mind...
*runs away with the picture, blushing*
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That's awesome, erinzyger!
I could never really get the whole rhyming thing to fit whenever I tryed to write a poem but, you did that nicely with what was said.

I really like the sound of it and the idea is a cool one too!
It's not lame at all, Zy, the Queen of Theives!
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[color=green][b]:D Thank you so much, everybody! :bawl: I feel so loved! :) Just kidding. And I will return all of your wallets ((for those of you who had them in the first place o.O)), under a few conditions: You must first give me all the worlds almonds so that I can destroy them so Clay will not ever almost die again! Second, I need you to give me Gregory Deegan. Finally, you must get rid of my gaurdian, Sensei! *points at Sensei who is currently watching football* He's planning to kill me with every breath he takes! *Sensei eats some popcorn* *I point some more* SEE! The fiend! Ahem, anywho, if you liked this poem, I'm writing a story to go along with it. It should be done by...Saturday at the extreme most. C-ya on the other side! *flys off on one of her winged monkey soldiers while throwing almonds into a fire and flicking some at Simon Cowell while she's at it*[/color][/b]
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