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Art My Mario banners


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Ok these are not for usage, only for show. That's why they're in PNG form. I'm probably going to be making more but for now you can hate these.


This one is a picture of Bowser from Mario Tennis. Which you probably could've guessed.


This is a picture of Waluigi from Mario Golf... I think. It's probably Mario Golf 2 cuz I don't think he's in number 1. Anyways, NEXT!


This is from Mario Tennis but I had to save it as a GIF because it wouldn't co-operate as a PNG. :mad: NEEEXT!


This one is Luigi from Luigi's Mansion (obviously). I don't really like this one... I don't know why. :whoops:

I hope you like them! Next time....

[b]Matching Avatars[/b]


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Way to go!! I absolutly LOVE the Bowser one... hehe... Go figure >.<

Anywayz, I'll rate 'em:

Bowser Tennis: 10/10 Very nice. Nothin' wrong... GO BOWSER!! Oops.. I couldn't hold it in. ^_^;

Waluigi Golf: 9/10 Just don't like the pic. Sorry.

Mario Tennis: 10/10 I don't like Mario, but there ain't nothin' wrong with this one.

Luigi's Mansion: 8/10 -.- This game sucked in my opinion. Okay banner, though.

That's it... WOO HOO!! GOOO BOWSER!!!! HEhehe... sorry you had to see that... I mean read... Oh you know!! Laterzez!!

~Meow... O_O;;~
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[size=1][color=green]Erm... thaanks. (I think) Heh, ya. The Mario one is my favourite. I don't know why... Anyways, here are some matching Avatars. Well, 3 match. :p


This is the Bowser one. I sorta flipped it. Yeah..


This is my Mario one. I didn't have to save it as GIF this time. XD


This is my Waluigi Avatar. I used a different picture because SOME people didn't like the other one. (me) Lol.


This is my Luigi one. You know how hard it is to find a picture of goog graphics Luigi without making a funny face. Ugh. So I just used the Scared one. Meh.

Hope you liked them more banners to come!

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I really like the pictures you're using, especially for the avatars. In the banners the Waluigi one is a little blurry and Mario is a little pixelated, but it's impossible to find good video game pictures, so whatever :). I also love the borders you gave the avatars, they're a really nice touch.

For the banners, you might want to see what they look like with different fonts, the current ones don't look like they go as well with the banners as they could. The red on the Luigi's Mansion one also doesn't really look like it fits, maybe you could try a gray or ... eh, I don't know :p. But I think they're really cute, nice job!
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I think they look pretty good, if a bit pixelated/blurry. I also agree with terra that the font color doesn't really go with the Luigi's Mansion banner. It's a bit too bright and colorful to go along with the picture.

But overall, they're pretty good.
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Ok, I edited the Luigi one and whaddya think?


I think it looks much better. But you can't really see the Lrb part. Oh well.[/size][/color]
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