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Art Web Design problem..


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Um, I have a teensy question. How can I make a pattern as my background on my [URL=http://zoomy.pitas.com]blog[/URL] ? I've tried < body background="Image URL" > bud without the spaces between the text and the <>... Look at my blog and you'll see it's not working except on the image, on which it already was.

Anyone spot the problem?
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[size=1]Personally, I would just use a CSS stylesheet. Like so:

< style type="text/css">

{ background: #ffffff;
background-image: url([url]http://www.freewebs.com/genkai/excelsaga2.jpg[/url]);
background-repeat: value; [repeat, no-repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y]
background-position: valueI valueII; [valueI: top, center, bottom, percentage, pixel number]
[valueII: right, center, left, percentage, pixel number]
background-attachment: value; [scroll, fixed] }

< /style>

Just put that within your "head" tags, and take the spaces out from the beginning and ending tags.

I have already put in your image, here is how the rest of it works:

[b][u]background-repeat:[/u][/b] Insert whichever of the following sounds like the way you want it in place of the word "value".
? [i]repeat[/i] - this will make the given image repeat across the background both vertically and horizontally.
? [i]no-repeat[/i] - will have the image stay just in one place.
? [i]repeat-x[/i] - will have the image repeat horizontally across your backrgound.
? [i]repeat-y[/i] - will have the image repeat veritcally up and down your background.

[b][u]background-position:[/u][/b] I am going to assume you would want it starting in the top left corner. so just put "top" in place of "valueI", and "left" in place of "valueII".

[b][u]background-attachment:[/u][/b] Insert whichever of the following sounds like the way you want it in place of the word "value".
? [i]scroll[/i] - The background will move along with the rest of the page when scrolled.
? [i]fixed[/i] - The background will not move when scrolling down the page. The text will just move over it.

Though, honestly, I would try to cut down the filesize of that background first. o_O That is pretty much a dial-up user's nightmare, lol.[/size]
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First of all, I'll join your Flaming Lips club.

Second of all, are you sure Freewebs allows direct linking? When I go to your site, not one image ever even loads. I tried going directly to your background image, but that doesn't work either.
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Hmm... If it ever doesn't work for me I just drag it up to the url bar and it'll load... Hmm... Well, I've slaved finding good image hosting service, and I can find anything really good.... So I dunno.... Hmm...

Okay, you're vice president!

edit: Okay, everything's working 'cept one thing?How come the blocks of text have a white background? And what can I do about it?
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