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RPG The Glove of Agony


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[i]Wake up! Wake up![/i]
[b]Fujio[/b] Eh? What....
[i]No time to talk! The village is being attacked by demons![/i]
[b]Fujio[/b] Wha? Demons!? Where's Hikomi, and the others?!
[i]There fine! There fine! Just leave now![/i]
[b]Fujio[/b] But Grampa! I must protect the village!
[i]LEAVE NOW![/i]
Fujio stared at his grandfather in disbeleif. The door behind them suddenly began to break open.
[i]run...your our only hope...take Hikomi and the others, and leave...[/i]
[b]Fujio[/b] Ho'about Ryoga? Is he okay?
[i] I do not know...[/i]
The door then cracked open, all of a sudden four demons sprang into the room.
[i]FUJIO! RUN![/i]
[b]Fujio[/b] I wont leave you here grandfather!
Fujio reached under his pillow and grabbed his katana. He smirked.
[b]Fujio[/b] Come---get some!
Fujio jumped up and attacked with his katana. One of the demons, blocked it with its claw. Then the other struck with its fists. Fujio ducked out of the way, and stuck his katana into its stomach. The demon growned, and fell to the floor.
Fujio was putting up a nice fight just until the roof above them cracked open
[b]Fujio[/b] What the hell!?!
A dozen or so demons busted open their roof!
[b]Fujio[/b] Dang! There's way too many of em! Lets get outta here grampa!
Fujio grabbed his grandpa and went outside. He saw the whole village on fire.
[b]Grandpa[/b] Im simply weighing you down Fujio...leave me hear.....and RUN!
[b]Fujio[/b] But Gramp---
[b]Grandpa[/b] GO NOW!!
Fujio's Grandpa pushed Fujio.
[b]Grandpa[/b] Find your sisters....and leave.....
Fujio nodded his head and left to look for his siblings.
OOC: Well all meet a little later...give it some time tho...
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Hikomi ran through the burning village looking for her younger sisters. She could hear them yelling, but they were nowhere to be found. She then saw her baby sister's doll's hand sticking out. She knew they were under there.[/i]

"Oh, my goodness. Kids, you ok? Hold on. I'll get you out."

[i]Hikomi put her hand to the ground and the debris that was over her little sisters started to rise slowly. Soon, there was a gap big enough for them to crawl out of.

Hikomi grabbed her two sisters and ran off to find Fujio, Ryouga, and their grandfather. As she was running with her sisters, she saw Fujio run off into the woods. She ran after him, as she did a large piece of burning wood almost fell on them.

Hikomi breathed a huge puff of breath and the burning wood fell onto the ground without harming anyone.

Hikomi ran to where she saw Fujio and called out his name.[/i]

"Fujio?! Where are you?! *cough cough* FUJIO!"[/size][/color]
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Nisha sat up in bed.She was in a cold sweat.She had a premonition about a house burning in a village that was close by.She didn't know if it was real or not but it seemed so real.She had felt the heat of the flames and heard the cries clearly.Nisha floated out of bed.Well actually she flew.And she headed towards the bathroom.She turned on the tap and splashed cold water over her face.She wiped her dripping face on a towel and flew out of the bathroom.She knew she wouldn't be able to sleep so she quietly flew to the front door and eased it open carefully and escaped.The sun was about to rise and was casting its first rays of the day over the plants of the forest and shone on the dew.She flew into the light and let its golden light wash over her and the forests.She decided to check if her premonition or dream was true so she beat her wings and flew off quickly to find out.

As she flew over the forest and the other scenery she saw smoke coming from the closest town.She muttered an "Oh no" and flew faster.As she approached she landed and continued on foot.Soon she saw it.There was a cottage that was on fire.People were escaping from the house.She shook her head sadly seeing that it was no dream and she went to go help the people put out the inferno and help the members of the family that lived in that house.
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"It's probaply going to be a peacefull day" gene thought as the sun came up. He had nothing to do so he figured he would stay in the tree he was sleeping in. "Might as well go look around here" gene said to him self as he jumped out of the tree. As he looked around he saw smoke. "What's going on now" gene asked him self as he started running. Once he got to the town he saw people running from a burning building. "Is there any thing I can do to help" gene asked a girl who was helping to evacuate people. "See if you can find any body left in there" she said. "I'll see what I can find" gene said as he left to look.
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Ryu awoke ingulfed in flames.


Ryu waves his hands around in a circle, and then is soked bye water. Other people around him are badly burned. The roof is coming in.

Ryu: Oh man, I gotta get out of here. But first I got to help these people!

Ryu then sticks his arm out and sprays water on most of the fire.

Ryu: Are you ok sir?
Person: *groan*
Ryu: Oh man. Can everyone else follow me please!

Ryu picks up the person and starts running to the stairs.

???: Don't leave me!

Ryu looks behind him and there's a little girl with a badly burn leg.

Ryu: Climb on my back!
Little Girl: Ok.

The little girl climbs on Ryu's back and Ryu runs down the stairs. As he's running a demon jumps through a window. Ryu is suprised by this and trips over a piece of wood. Ryu points at the demon and it is flown back into the wall, and a peice of burning wood falls on it.

Ryu: That takes care of that.

Ryu picks up the person he was carying. The little girl on his back, and he runs down yet another set of stairs. Ryu sets foot on the next floor where a group of 3 people are being attacked by 5 demons. Ryu sticks his arm out, and bends his elbow so his arm is bent in a vertical L shape. His katana magically floats. Ryu thrusted his arm forward and his katana shoots like an arrow towards one of the demons and struck the demon in the back. It groaned and fell to the floor.

Ryu: Take that!

The demons move toward Ryu and all the people. Ryu then pulls back his arm and the katana goes thru yet another demon, and it fell to the floor groaning. Ryu spun around his finger and his sword spun around in a circle and choped the other 3 demons in half. He then puts his hand to his side and his katana floats into his holdster

Ryu: Everybody follow me! Quickly!

He ran down the stairs and there stood somebody else with magical powers fighting the demons.

Ryu: Hey you! Get rid of the demons that are following us and I'll take the people!

The man nodded as he stuck out his arm and the demons flew through a hole in the wall.

Ryu: Everyone in this room, follow me please. Everything will be ok.

Ryu then ran down one more flight of stairs where there stood the entrance. He ran through the entrance and dropped of the people. And Ryu fainted to the floor in exhaustion and heat.
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Gene was still knocking demons down as a guy with a kid on his back ran out with people following. "Is there any body else in here" gene called out. As he looked around he herd faint crys in the flames. He started running through the flames as more of the building caught on fire. He saw a boy and girl in the flames being attacked by a demon. "It's to far for me to strike with my sword" gene thought as he pulled out his glaive and threw it. The glaive went through the demon and brought it down.
"Are you two o.k" gene asked walking up to them. They nodded as gene removed his glaive from the demons back. As they started to leave more burning debri came falling down in front of them. "Since we can't leave through there we'll have to make a new way out" gene thought as he drew his sword and cut a hole in the wall. "O.k you two get out of here" gene said as more debri fell. The kids got out followed by gene as the hole was started to be blocked by flames. "I hope every one's out" gene thought as he lead the kids back to the front of the house to join up with the others.
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[b]Fujio[/b] Hikomi, im fine...where're the others?
[b]Hikomi[/b] Their fine. I got them right here.
[b]Fujio[/b] Well done! Now lets get outta this place!
Hikomi knodded.
Fujio Got up from the floor, and looked over back at the village. He saw a a little boy under a hut. He stood there and stared in disbeleif.
[b]Hikomi[/b] hurry! What're you waiting for?
[b]Fujio[/b] Ugh...Hikomi, take your sisters and....get outta here...you to grandpa....Ryoga, there are still some people who are alive, but are trapped. Lets go save em....
[b]Hikomi[/b] Wait! Im old enough to help you two out also!
[b]Ryoga[/b] She's gotta point...
Fujio knodded.
[b]Fujio[/b] Lets go!
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Nisha was still helping to clear out the people.More people were coming to help out now.People were carrying buckets and others were rushing into the flames to help anyone else inside.Nisha was darting in and out of the flames carrying children that were from the house.She was covered in soot and ash and her clothes were smouldered in some places.She laid them down and ran back in.The next time she came out she saw a boy and a girl with another boy.They were all covered in soot and ash and they were heading towards the building.

"Do you know who's house this is?"Nisha asked the boy.
"Yes.It's my family's.My name's Fujio."
"Oh!I didn't realise.My name's Nisha.Nice to meet you."
"And I'm Hikomi.I'm Fujio's youngest sister."
"Why are you covered in ash and soot from the house?"asked Fujio
"Oh I'm dirty from helping out evacuating the house.I've pulled out some children.I think they're your sisters."Nisha said pointing.

Fujio and Hikomi rushed over and looked at them.They woke them up.

"I'm sure there's still more people inside."said Fujio.He saw that Nisha was tired so he told her to rest and that they'd do it.Nisha was about to protest but had a coughing fit from inhaling too much smoke so she sat back and the flames reflected in her eyes.
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While taking the deathly coughing young girl to a small cave, Ryoga heard something. "YOu two, shut up...Theres something there."

"What are you talking about, Ryoga?" Fujio asked.Nisha had another raspy cough.

"I said shut up!" Ryoga yelled.

"Sheesh, no need to get angry." Fujio answered.

They heard a russle ion the bushes. It was lowd. They start ed to hear growling and then suddenly a gang of 4 serpent demons came out in a flash and attackedthem. they looked humanoid, but htye had slanted eyes, scaly skin and razor sharp poison fangs in there mouths. They came at the gang of explorers with the claws out nad ready to attack...
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(ooc daigo. not trying to be a pain but people will hate you if you spell like that. I uhh know... Um first hand ooc)

Fang Charged throuh the woods. There they are but. But they where turned to stone. "How? What?" Fang said barly adioble. (as if anyone could hear him anyway) Fang was tired frightened and now very uneasy.

Sudenly 3 demons poped out of the trees. Fang Charged and slashed wildly with his two brocken katanas. One of the demons atacks but misses. It hit a tree which turns to stone. Fang jumps back after only taking 1 down.

"Me no like. Pack gone. Grrrr" He said in his almost not understandable, uncivalised, and overall uncultured tongue. He charged back and got the other two before they got him.

Shivering Fang then ran out of the woods after checking on the pack. Clumsily Fang colasped to the ground. Fire.............
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Hikomi ran to a house nearby and checked inside before the roof started to collapse. A baby and a mother, as well as a puppy was stuck inside. She ran to them and told the mother to hold onto her hand.[/i]

"Grab my hand! I'll get you to safety! *cough cough* It's ok! Let's go!"

[i]The mother and her baby got up and followed Hikomi. Before leaving the house, Hikomi grabbed the dog and ran out. The door was jammed and so Hikomi, the mother, and the baby had to find another way out. They found a hole that wasn't burned off. They crawled through there and was soon out into safety.

Hikomi let them go and walked over to Nisha and collapsed. She was so tired that she couldn't walk or something.[/i][/size][/color]
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"Makiru, wake up, Makiru" a familiar voice called for him.

Makiru: "What? I don't want to wake up now."

"But you have to, there have been fires in local villages, we have to go and help them." The voice was of his teacher, Sonamo.

Makiru: "Fine fine, I will be up in a second." And with that, his teacher left. Makiru rose from his bed, got dressed, and grabbed his staff as he went outside.

Sonamo: "Well about time, sleepy-head."

Makiru: "I wish you would stop treating me like a child, Sonamo, I'm old and have grown since you first found me"

Sonamo: "Yes it has, and you have grown strong and wise. Now, we must depart to help heal the villagers." And with that, they left the temple for the last time.
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Nisha lifted Hikomi's head gently and laid a hand cool hand over her forehead.Nisha closed her eyes and light began to glow under her palm and into Hikomi's forehead.Suddenly Hikomi groaned and sat up.

"How are you feeling Hikomi?"Nisha asked taking her hand away.
"I feel much better.What did you do?"Hikomi asked.
"I just gave you some energy.You were so weak that you couldn't even walk or stand."
"Thanks Nisha."
"No problem.Are you sure you're ok though?"
"Yeah I'm fine."

The two girls stood and went to see what happened to the mother,baby and dog Hikomi had saved from the fire.Nisha checked over them healing any burns and then the mother thanked them and walked off with the baby cradled in her arms and the dog following at her side.
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Ryu awoke from his faint and remembered all that had happened.

Ryu: Holy cow! I got to get the rest of the people and help that guy out!
???: That won't be needed.
Ryu: Huh? Why sir?
Guy: All the people have been lead to saftey thanks to you and me.
Ryu: Oh...Hey your the guy in the building, fighting demons. *rubs forhead* I have a headache.
Guy: Yes I am. And don't worry, you will feel better soon after you eat this.

The guy hands a tiny little pill like thing to Ryu.

Ryu: Whats this?
Guy: A healing pill. Chewable *winks*

Ryu eats the little pill, then realizes it tastes horrible and starts spatting after he swallowed it.

Ryu: BLEH! What is that?! It tastes horrible! What is it?
Guy: I've been making it while you were asleep. I still haven't got the tast down...
Ryu: Oh... By the way. Whats your name?
Guy: My names Gene. And yours?
Ryu: My names Ryu. It's nice to meet you!
Gene: You, too.

All of a sudden shouts and screams come from in the town.

Gene: Whoah! What's going on down there?!
Ryu: Demons...snake demons...and demons that turn things....into....oh I can't tell.
Gene: How did you know all that?
Ryu: Sometimes I can see in my head whats going on somewhere.
Gene: Then lets go help!
Ryu: Right.
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Fang ran. Ran as fast as he could. Where did he hear about things like that? Where? All that mattered is that he made it to town. Maybe people know how to heal them.

Fang Was almost in town and looked back. He could still see the fire. He shivered. Why? Why was he so afraid of it? All he knew about people was that he was one of thier "urban legends".

Fang turned back and relised that the town was burnt too. He walked on. causiosly now.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Hikomi got up and looked around for Fujio and Ryouga. They were nowhere in sight. Suddenly, two figures came out with four strangers.

Nisha and Hikomi ran over to them and helped them. They layed them out onto the ground and Nisha checked them over for any burns. Only one had a minor burn on his arm.

Hikomi looked over to Ryouga and Fujio.[/i]

"Big brother, what's happening now? Did you get everyone out?"[/color]
[color=darkblue]"I think we did. If we didn't then, they're at the center. It's too dangerous for us to go, but you might be able to go. You can control the fire. Come on. Nisha, stay here in case anyone comes for help."[/color]

[i][color=ff66cc]Nisha nodded and Ryouga, Hikomi, and Fujio walked through the burning village to the center to see if any other villagers were in there.

As they walked, Ryouga heard coughing up ahead and so they walked further, into a burning oven.[/i][/color][/size]
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They came to the town a few hours after they left. Fires still raged, as if noone had tried to stop them.

Makiru:"Sonoma, I find it strange. There are no wounded in sight, and no one trying to put the fires out."

Sonoma:"Yes, I agree, i suspect this is was no accident."Just then, a strange beast came out of a fire, and lept on Sonoma, tearing away skin as he devoured him.

Makiru:"MASTER!!!!NOO!!!"Makiru rushed toward the beast, striking it's spiked back with his staff. His staff tore through the beast with ease. This was not an animal of the natural earth. It was a demon.

Sonoma:"Quickly, Makiru, heal me, I am slipping fast." Makiru tried to pull the beast off of his dying mentor, but he couldn't.

Makiru:"I cant lift it, I'm not strong enough."

Sonoma:"It's ok, maybe this was meant to be."

Makiru:"No, I won't leave you behind" Makiru took his teacher in his arms, and began to cry."Goodbye, master." With that, Sonoma passed.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Hikomi heard crying and she walked to find where it was coming from. She neared it and found a monk cryign over his teacher. She walked over and he heard the footsteps. He reached for his staff and stood up quickly, but gently putting his teacher down.[/i][/color]

"Who are you? Was this your village? Or better yet, are you a demon disguised as a female?"
[color=ff66cc]"Uh...I am no demon. I despise demons...well actually, I don't despise all of them for the reason that my dog is a demon dog. He's a small dog who has two tails and can turn into a large, wolf-like dog with nine tails. But, the matter of the fact here. I am no demon. My name is Hikomi Fukuzawa and yes this is...or [i]was[/i] my village. My brother and his friend as well as I and another friend, helped most of the villagers out. The fire is too strong for us to put out. Even I, the elemental sorceress, can only control the fires, but not put it out entirely."

[i]The monk stood there disbelieving everything, but thought that if this girl did not attack her already, then she must be who she says she is.[/i][/size][/color]
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Makiru looked at this young woman curiously. How could she have become a sorceress at such a young age? It had taken him nearly 15 years to master his holy magic.

Makiru:"Lady Hikomi, can you help me send my master on to the next world?" He could barely say these words without breaking down.

Hikomi:"I would be glad to."

Makiru:"It would be easiest to put him in the fire. Help me pick him up." She nodded, and went over to the other side of the dead man, and they picked him up. As they were walking toward the fires, Makiru started to murmer a prayer as the tears began to stream again."Goodbye, Sonoma." He wispered as they lay him in the fire. "Take me to the villagers, I must complete the task were sent to do.
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Finaly made it to the village. He stumbles in out of breath. sudenly he looks up to call for help. But there are flames. had he been in so much fear that he did not see the fire?

"Ahhh uh uh uhhh." he said falling to the the ground unconsios. He has been running as fast as he could all night and did not sleep the night before. A man saw him and yelled "Sombody help! Get a doctor!" Then another said. "He is burnt, but not bad. He should heal fast. Man his clothes a filthy."
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Nisha heard a man cry out for a healer or a doctor so she quickly got up and ran over to a small bunch of people.There was a person in the middle that was injured so Nisha started to push through the crowd until she finally arrived in the center.She saw that there was a man.He had cuts and wounds over his body.He had been in a fight with someone or something and was unconscious.Nisha stretched out her hands and held them over his body.Golden light flowed from her hands and into the man's body closing the wounds.His eyelids started to flutter and they opened.He sat up and looked around.

"Who are you?Are you alright?"Nisha asked withdrawing her hands.
"Me Fang.Me ok..."he said in uncivilized speech.
"That's good.What happened?"Nisha said standing.
"Me attacked,Demons.Me fight.Me get hurt.Me come here."he replied.
"Ok.So you're ok now?"Nisha said finally.
"Ya.Me ok now."Fang said standing.

Nisha smiled at him and said a quick farewell before going back to help any others that were injured by the fires.
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Gene and ryu ran to where the demons were attacking. Gene wraped his whip around a snake demon that was about to strike a villagers and started pulling get back. The persion ran by as gene withdrew his sword. "Get the people out of here. We don't need any more people geting hurt" gene said as he killed the demon. Ryu nodded then left to look for any one else being attacked. A demon jumped out at gene but he struck it down. "I wonder why so many demons would come here" gene asked him self as another demon got infront of him. He stabbed the sword into it and conitued looking for other people who needed help.
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Ryu ran to see if anybody else was being attacked. But before he went to look he looked behind him at gene and was about to be struck by a snake demon.

Ryu: Look out gene!!

Ryu pointed his finger at the snake and the snake was plunged out of the way.

Gene: Thanks!
Ryu: I'll be back!

Ryu ran to see if anybody needed any more help. As he was running he heard faint coughing.

Ryu: Is anybody here? Hello?!
???:H--*cough cough*--Help...*cough cough*

He ran the direction he heard the coughing. He stopped at the door of a burning house.

Ryu: HEllo?! Is anybody in here? Where are you?
???: Hel...p....aaarrg... over he....re

As ryu started to walk he herd cracking noises. Then suddenly 3 demons jumped out and attacked. Ryu thinking quickly pulls out his katana and swipes a block of wood which then triggers part of the roof to come down on two demons. Still one left... Ryu says

Ryu: Bring it on...

The demon lunges at him with extreme speed. Ryu dodges and sticks out is katana slicing the demons head off. Ryu then runs deeper into the burning house. He heard more coughing and ran in that direction. He finally found the person. Just in time too, because the roof was collapsing. Ryu picked up the person and started running. the roof collapsed but ryu jumped through a hole in the ceiling and landed in front of the house. He ran to gene who was just pulling his sword out of the last demon.

Ryu: This guy needs help stat!

So gene and ryu ran yelling to find somebody who could help.
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