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Trigun 11

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It has been a few years after the Battousai has defeated Shishio. The Few remaining members of the Juppongatana (sp?) have banded together. Now, a dark and powerful group on Samurai are growing. Planing to destroy and rule. Kenshin and Sanosuke have decided to stop them. Yahiko , being older, has Joined them. Along with 5 more allies (sp?) They journey to find the 4 leaders: Amakaro, Okmi, Kitsak, and Kaisa . Along the way to finding the leaders , They meet a young woman, who's name is Kanosuke. She too is after the leaders. SanoSuke and Kenshin are weary of the newcomer .

We Need people to play the 5 allies, Kenshin, the Four leaders and a few (like 3 or four) hench men. We also need Aoshi Shinomori.K.K.C Is being Yahiko. Double Barrel Daigo is being Sanosuke .

Here's My Sign up

Name: Kanasuke Haitokiri
Age: 19
Apearence: Brown Hair Blue eyes. Wears an outfit like Sanosuke's but the symbol on the back of her jacket is "Fatal". Wears White bandages around her chest
Bio: When she was 3 she was orphaned because of her parents were killed. A man ((who we later find out was Kenshin)) told her that her parents were killed by the members of the Juppongatana. She was raised and taught the Hiten Mitsurugi style . She grew up practicing techniques and many other attacks once she could handle a sword. Once she found out that Kenshin had did what he did to Shishio , She was glad and has vowed to avenge her parents death
Attitude: Cold and Distant... But get to know her well and she'll be a totally different person to you
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[b]Name:[/b] irvine kellarny
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Apearence:[/b] blue eyes, brown hair, red head band, gloves with out the fingers, dark blue shirt, black pants, brown boots
[b]Bio:[/b] Irvine travels to increase his skills with the sword and in the martial arts. Because of his travels he knows how to use many type of weapons and knows different types of medicens. He's allways wanted to meet Kenshin and see if he could learn any skills form him. He's not afraid to fight for what he belives in and he'll do any thing to protect a friend. He will fight any one who hurts others.
[b]Attitude:[/b] nice, brave, loyal
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Guest Anime_Forever
Since you said the "few remaining Juppon Gatana" joined together (though that is EXTREMELY unlikely) Ill by Soujiro the Tenken.Now i cant determine my age (or anyone elses) without knowing how long it been since the origonal defeat...
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Alright! ^ ^ I'll sign up!
Name: Suzuki
Age: Same as Sano.
Apearence: Look at Suzuki.
Bio: Suzuki has traveled with Kenshin all her life. She is one of the only people he didn't kill. She will never leave his side. Unless she's with Sano. Then Kenshin is on his own. And she falls alot.
Attitude: She is loyal, kind, brave, smart, and fast.

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Guest Anime_Forever
Um... THATS RYOKO!!!! And she coulnt ave been with Kenshin all his life cause that doesnt work with the show.
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Shinomori Aoshi :: Leader of Oniwabanshuu

Nicknames: Ice Blue Eyes

Birthday: January 1853

Height: 182kg (5'9" inches)

Weight: 72kg (158.4 pounds)

Blood type: A

Hair/Eyes: Black/Blue

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Occupation: Current leader of the Oniwabanshuu gang.

Weapon: Two Kodachi

Style: Kodachi Nitou-Ryu

Background: Aoshi became the leader of the Oniwabanshuu group at the young age of fifteen. However, due to a battle loss against the Ishin Shishi, Aoshi's personality changed greatly and he became dark and bitter. He helped raise Misao from a young age and became her caretaker basically. These two do eventually get together.

First Appearance: Anime Episode 11 / Volume 03: Act 17

Personality: Calm, expressionless, and very cold.

[ Thanks to ][URL=http://crystal-showers.com/battousai]Rurouni Kenshin Network[/URL] for all the information like his height and everthing. Any way I will be Aoshi Shinomori. I put a I in my username :( ] [/color][/size]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Well people, I'm afraid that basically contentless (relevant contents, that is) posts are considered spam in this forum. Can we please avoid them in future? I'm all for posting relevant stuff, but a lot of this stuff really isn't. And in the case of sign-ups, can we all actually post information about the character, regardless of who it is, and not just say "I'll be ...".[/font][/color]
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i hope I'm not too late...

Name: Yuki Nagaki
Age: 20
Apearence: Black hair purplish eyes. Wears a plain blue kimono, she wears a sword under her belt that she has almost fully mastered.
Bio: She mastered the Kamiya Kashin style with her sword. She hangs with Kaoru most of the time but that's because their long-lost cousins. She is very kind but very powerful when in battle.
Attitude: Very kind and helpful. She is also very friendly.
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cool another Kenshin RP, ill join

Name: Kitaro Yamato
Bio: he was friends with Kanasuke seinse they were kids, they grew up together practicing in the art of Hiten Mitsurugy Ryu, when she decided to go on her quest he decided to tag along, he had nothing better to do anyway;)
Attitude:(youll just see by how i play my char)
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Name:Xu Tian Hong
Age: 24
Appearance: Chinese, Black Hair Brown Eyes, Medium build
Bio: A foreigner from the west, He was a swordsman and a scholar who actually learned Japanese. He carries Black Pommel, a long sword that can cut through iron like butter and his reasons for his exile is kept to himself, even though he joins Kenshin for this new quest of "purification"
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