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Psychedelic Violence Crime of Visual Shock

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I'm guessing not many of you have heard of this little band called X.

I don't know how to present them to you guys - partly because they're old. They formed way back in the early '80s and disbanded in 1996. So they're not at all modern and I know for most of you that's a turn-off when it comes to music.

But to me, and so many others, their music is absolutely timeless. I love their songs even more now than when I first heard them.

The band X originally consisted of five members (though they went through numerous member changes in their first few years): TAIJI on bass, PATA on guitar, HIDE on guitar, YOSHIKI on drums, and TOSHI on vocal. Later, the band tried to make a name for themselves in America and had to change their name since there was already an X. So they became X JAPAN and TAIJI left. The new bassist was HEATH (like the candy bar).

Enough history. I know they're old but I really want you guys to give them a chance. X is, essentially, a metal band. But don't let that stop you. While some of their songs, especially earlier works, were very heavy metal and perhaps too wild for some of you, many of their songs are so skillfully made that they can appeal to millions of people of different tastes. This is because their brand of metal is often mixed with classical music, producing songs that seem so epic and awe-inspiring when you hear them.

My myOtaku page currently features one of their later songs, "DAHLIA", if you want to try their music. This particular song is a very good example of how they mixed classical music with fast metal.

But my recommendation for all of you is "ROSE OF PAIN". I'm sure you'll be able to find this on some file-sharing program. I know it's 12 minutes long, but give it a chance. It's one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard. It was made back in 1989 so the sound quality is not as crisp as you might expect, but very listenable nonetheless. Really, listen to this song. I think you'll really love it.

Many X songs are long, I guess I should tell you. The average length is about 6 minutes... of course, the real heavyweight is ART OF LIFE, which is half an hour long (and you should really listen, it's amazing).

If you want to try their slower songs, I'd recommend "Tears" or "ENDLESS RAIN" to you. For faster music, try "kurenai" or "Silent Jealousy". And if you want something kind of in-between, go for "Rusty Nail". Or maybe you just want some pure heavy metal, I'd recommend "I'LL KILL YOU" and "ORGASM".

OK, this post has ran long enough, I tried to keep it short. But I really want you all to try X - at least go hear the song in my myOtaku page. You don't even have to do anything but click a link to hear that. But I'd really like it if you went and tried to get "ROSE OF PAIN" or one of the other songs I suggested. I'd like to hear what you think of this band. Maybe you haven't heard of them, but they were just insanely popular in their country and have influenced much of the current music there.

So thanks for at least reading if you're still here.
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X gave birth to what we today call "Visual Kei". They were the pioneers of the entire genre and I will always have special place in my Jrock-heart for them. Sadly enough, Hide died on my birthday though... =(

One of my fav. songs is "Forever Love" which was used as the ending theme for the X movie; how ironic huh.
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[size=1]Mmm... good ol' switch to Japanese music.

To begin my listening experience, I started by visiting your myOtaku site and listening to [i]Dahlia[/i]. From that I was a bit hesistant to check them out further, but I decided to still give them a shot.

I went ahead and downloaded some of the songs you mentioned while listening to what Malice Mizer songs I have just to get my mind in gear. I downloaded: [i]I'll Kill you[/i], [i]Kurenai[/i], [i]Orgasm[/i], [i]Rose of Pain[/i] (Live), and [i]Silent Jealousy[/i].

So far I have gotten through listening the first two, and am just now listening to [i]Orgasm[/i]. I must say I do like them. The lead singer.. umm... Toshi has a familiar voice. I remember I was over at a friend's house once and she had a DVD thing that had a bunch of metal (this kind of metal) on it. I cannot remember the name of the band, but there was one whose vocals sounded a lot like this one. The person was Japanese as well... or at least Asian.

But yes, I do seem to enjoy them. I am now trying to figure out whether I like X or Malice Mizer better...[/size]
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I have heard of X. I have 3 of there songs downloaded onto my computer. They are very Classic Rock. Daihla sounds like the old Rock really.

I like them a lot, and they are very good at making the Rock sound with their gutairs. Well If you know what I mean.
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