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Gaming Dragon Warrior Monsters 3

Dragon Warrior

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Yays! A third one to this grand game series in which I got my name from. This game happens to be on Gameboy Advance this time and is the first time for Dragon Warrior games to go to such graphics on a handheld system. Here's some facts I've gathered from resources:

[B]The Story (quoted from the official site):[/B]

On Prince Keifer's tenth birthday, he was looking for a way to cause some trouble and sneak out of Estard Castle. While hiding in the closet, the spirit of Rubiss appeared and transported Keifer to the world of Dragon Quest II. Along with his companion Lewin, Keifer must travel the world in order to find to Orb of Roto to cure Lewin's sick parents and allow Keifer to return to Estard.

[b]Some Features Are:[/b]
-You control both monsters and humans
-Have up to 12 monsters/humans in your party
-Breed Monsters by using captured monster hearts
-Monster Breeding and Caravan Systems
-Features all the classes of DW3 as well as new ones (20 classes in all)
-Explore DW2's world maps

The official name of it is [b]Dragon Warrior Monsters: Caravan Heart[/b] and will be released on [b]March 29, 2003[/b].

Here's some screenshots to tie ya down for the time being...


Title Screen

Estard Island

Keifer Hiding


Travel Door

Caravan Encounter

First Fight


At Camp

That's all I know about the game so far. I [i]do[/i] know I can't wait for it to release. I'm a hardcore DW fan and DWM1 happens to be my favorite gameboy game.

Booyah for the medieval monster breeding!
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It's looking pretty good right now. I never played the first two Dragon Warrior Monsters for the Game Boy Color, but I might have to check this one out; it looks very promising.

At least it's being released next year; it'll give me time to save up some damn money lol.
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From what I have read, this is set to own the previous games in the series 10 times over. I am really looking forward to this to be honest.

Another game similiar to this to watch out for would be Demi-Kids from Atlus. Just giving a heads up, since I have a feeling that game will be largely ignored.
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