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Art anime drawings if mine

dark king

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[color=royalblue]um are you sure you didnt just trace it? im pretty sure you did. and i cant enlarge it becuse it looks really bad whenever i try to. and if it wont let you make it bigger then just have the picture and edit out all of the white thats there if you have to. that might work.....i still think you traced it.....[/color]
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ok not convinced
it is more a state of: i don`t want to show off someone else his/her work.
but it looks indeed a bit bad because that is the fault of my scanner.
the white parts are cut out to save space.
when i posted this in my former thread i got this note from the moderator to cut them out.
but if you are still not convinced than take the second set of drawings.
the elfquest drawing shows my wrinkled paper in the upper left corner.
also you will see the dots where there is nothing.
that`s because the paper came out of a map.
i can also tell you how long it took me to draw eac and every one of them.
1. goku, 16 days
2. freeza and goku, 1 week i was ill at the moment so out of boredom i drew it from a small card.
3. elfquest, 5 days that one i made in prison they had those books over there.
4 the girl, 3 days i did it during schooltime the picture was originally from the hanamaru angels at cybermanga.com
so if you are still questioning me then ok so be it.
but i surely made them myself.
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