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Art First time colorng in photoshop


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Hey:)! Well, i was browsing through the Arts and Designs forums, and found some things that were colored in photoshop.
Well...they were really kool so i got [i]inspired[/i[] to make my own:D
So, i looked for tutorials, and got one. I followed through it carefully. The problem was i didnt have a black and white pic;sweat: so i had to find one....
After a little while i found a cool pic i wanted to color. So i went on ahead and uh...colored it:D Here's the original, NOt COLORED.
Kay, ya see that? Well, here it is...colored...by me!
(remeber, its my first time coloring so dont go hard on me ><)
EDIT: The img tag isnt working fer sum strange reason :therock:
Well..just go here if you wanna see it before it was colored...
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I like it Shippo, the coloring is done well. And I like the back round you had used for it. It gose well with the two characters, I think. Because of the elements they use. Good pic to choose and color. There's only one thing I don't really like. Mimi (sp) looks rather pink. Other then that good.

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