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It has been one thousand years since it started. The war between Heaven and hell has been deadlocked for centuries. It was a miracle that the humans were oblivious for so long. That's when it happnened. Our worst fear, the Apocolypse. three fourths of the human race were wiped off the face of the earth. The hounds of hell have tooken most of earth and are now bearing down on the stairway to heaven. It is time, for the final offensive.

Species: (Angel, Archangel, Minotuar, Cenotaur, ent, god*note*, human, elf, dwarf, ogre, demon, devil, ect.)
Side: Heven, hell, or neither

*If you want to be a god, you can't be all powerful. You can be any god though. I hope to get in Anubus and Astrix

Name: Azreal
Age: 4,097
Gender: male
Species: Archangel
Description: Face hidden by a white hood and light blue vest, white sleeved shirt, black pants white boots, light blue gloves. Large white wings.
Bio: I am the archangel of death, Azreal. I have been in the holy war as long as I can remember. At a whim, I was sent down to earth to punish the wicked. the humans feared me and god, so I was forced to return to heaven. I now travel to earth (with or without company, whoever wants to) to seek the warriors that are foretold to end the war.
Weapon: A Large white sword.
Spells: Sword of flames (his sword erupts with flame) spear of the heavens, Light of aduin (healing spell)
Side: Heven
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Name: Zoma

Age: 4,361 (looks 21)

Gender: Female

Species: Demon

Description: Long with hair, long shaggy bangs, bright red eyes, pale skin (almost white), black collar, long black coat, black pant's, black armored boots, long sleeve black shirt slits in the side (coverd by long coat), and belt horder for her sais.

Bio: Zoma is a hater of all things good, and juest. Being in this she hates all fallowers of the heavens. Now that the world is covered in darkness and sorrow. It time to make her move, her plan is to come pletly destory any happpniess along with all humans and any angels. Zoma kills for the shear injoy ment. It is said that she had sold her soul to the devil to gain the great power she has.

Weapon: A pair of sais

Spells: Gingetsu's Blood Rain

Side: Hell
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Guest Anime_Forever
name: Knives
age: 13
species: demon
gender: male
description: long thick black hair, red headband, blue shirt, white shorts
Bio: Just your average lackey... with nothing known yet
weapon: wakizashi
spells: demon crushing arm
side: evil
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Name: Kyouki reichou

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Archangel

Description: Just look at all of the pics at [url]http://www.anime-online.com/animeguys/aoshi2.jpg[/url]

Bio: Reichou is the definition of leader of miraculous powers. He is the leader of one of the most infamous brigades in the Archangel elite squad. Occasionally he leads side by side with other angels or archangels, but he usually roams the streets by himself while his brigade is on duty. He keeps his wings under a coat so no one notices him, for he does not like to be noticed most of the time. His speed and power is unmatchible by most, and in every assasination he made sure they felt no pain, with lightning fast speed.

Weapons: N/A

Spells: Chidori, lightning and wind elemental techniques, bouseki kaze tama no jutsu, hissori no jutsu, tora no jutsu.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Cassandra

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Species:[/B] human

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Bio:[/B] Saffire is a human who fell in love with a helper of God. She loved him even though he was about a couple thousand years before her. She still loved him and fell in love with him.

Saffire fights for what's right and will not back down. Her katana was given to her by the helper of God, an archangel, who helped her through death and darkness.

She practices her spells and her magic every day, in case something should happen. She also prays to God asking for protection, safety, wisdom, grace, mercy, and love from Him. She always prays at meals, in the evening before she sleeps, and when she awakens and greets the dawn.

After her love had left, she knew she would not find him again, but hope to find him as a friend. But sometime through the journey, she may find a complete opposite and find love in him.


[B]Spells:[/B] Goriyaku-Grace of God (healing powers)
Solar Moon Sword (sword brings power of sun and moon and changes into a doubled edged broad sword and has a dragon head as the hilt)
Hidama-fireball- element of fire
Nodare- avalanche of ice- element of ice
Gekishin- severe earthquake- element of earth
Tsunami-tidal wave-element of water
Tatsumaki-tornado-element of wind
Shuurai-lightning strike-element of lightning
Engetsu Nami-crescent moon wave-element of darkness
Taiyoufuu-Solar Wind-element of light

[B]Side:[/B] heaven[/size][/color]
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Guest Wind master
Species: Archangel

Description: pale blue skin long white hair hidden by a hood.long white skirt with armor down it,shoulder armor and chest armor,long white wings.
Bio:Asphodel is the angle of love she brings love to the world,but now that there is chaos she is growing to be the angel of greif black tears fall from her face.she is sad that Azreal must bring death to so many.she wishes to go to earth with him and help him bring peace,but fears she will turn to a fallen angel if the chaos gose on.(She is in love with Azreal.)

Weapon:long white sword that is turning red.
Spells:eyes like Asphodel(eyes turn white its like a love spell.)
soul steal(dark spell because she is turning into a fallen angle it steals the soul of ones in love)

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Name: Daish
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Description: Long shoulderlength black hair, waterfall eyes, sky blue short sleeve shirt with v neck, dark blue jeans, white shoes, silver cross necklace.
Bio:Sweet, quiet girl who will keep to herself no matter what conditions. She has been this way since she was five, when she lost her older sister who drowned trying to save her. Now when hell has broken loose upon her world, she's tried to help her family now more than ever. While also being very shy, Daish will come to you in a sense that she needs your assistance in some way.
Weapon: Bo
Spells: Gentle Skies
Side: neither
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Kovu Diran
Age- 13
Race- Demon
Description- Mid-back black hair, green eyes, black shorts, knee boots, black head band, loose long sleeve shirt, gloves w/ the fingers cut off
Bio: She is cocky and sarcastic and is determined to win the war. She thinks she's died three times and was brought back. When she fights, she's reckless, but deadly. She feals compelled to help other demons and humans, but sometimes gets sidetracked. She likes to flirt in her spare time, between attacks. She'll kill all archangels and anything good.
Weapon- Twin katana's, throwing daggers
Spells- Dark Wave: Puts all in its path in a coma.
Fire Wreath: fire rings shoot off her swords.
Death Wave: A wave of throwing knives engulfed in dark energy and poison.
Side: Evil!!!
Hope this is okey dokey. Tell me if i screwed up, k?
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Guest Wind master
cool so is it going to be called Through the Gates of Hell? because i looked and it wasnt there but that mite mean you didnt get it up yet.so hope this post rocks it sounds like its going to rock i havent been in a post for a while,i keep fallen behind but im not on this.:)
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