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Duo Maxwell

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Well the other day I was flipping through my science text book and for some reason they had a picture of an anorexic chick in it, so I thought to myself "Hm... why don't you draw something like that?" and so I drew two different pictures

This is the [URL=http://www.geocities.com/kris_syth/ano]first one[/URL], I think this one turned out better then my second one, but that's my opionion. And this is the [URL=http://www.geocities.com/kris_syth/ano2]second one[/URL].

Any comments welcome...
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=dodgerblue]Very nice. I think they are excently drawn ^^;;

[QUOTE]::coughs:: There ARE kids on the site.... anyway, nicely done. The wrists are a bit TOO long and skinny, but whatever you picture anorexia...[/QUOTE]

Too skinny? Anorexia is when your'e too skinny, so I think the wrists are drawn well.

They are very well drawn, I could never draw this good. And the idea..Original..I like that. ^^

-Kitty [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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Thanks all for your comments :).

One thing I realised about the first picture was that the person kinda looked out of propotion, but that kinda suited what the image was of anyway... well maybe except for the huge hand I drew... I mean massive o_O

And I apologise to anyone who doesn't apreciate me showing my drawings, I can understand how one wouldn't want to look at something that affects so many people to such a severe extent. I do realise how some people would be disgusted at seeing such images.

I like to try and produce original and often unconvetional things. But I am sorry if me drawing something that has become so common has offended anyone.
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