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Sign Up Inuyasha and the Rose of Truth

Guest dayday

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I see a rose. Sitting on it's bed. May one touch it, they may be dead. See as all the things around, are nowhere near it or near the ground. Seek this rose and you will see, that the truth shall be revealed to thee.

[I] A young woman awoke in an open patch in a forest surrounding and looked around. She sat up and looked at a young boy laying beside her and smiled. As she stood she walked to a near Redwood and kneeled down in front of it. Reaching inside its hollow trunk she retrieved a small rose and bag. As she was rising again to her feet the boy awoke also and watched her. He stood and walked to her, pulling lightly on her kimono. ?Amina, when shall we be leaving this place,? he asked in a gentle childish voice. She looked down at him and nodded her head. ?Now if that is what you desire,? she answered to him. She reached behind the great redwood tree once again to bring into view a keibo. She put it in her right hand and took the boy?s hand with her left. They started to walk off into the forest where they had come from. [/I]

A simple rose can lead a woman through her lover's heart. Setting her in the bottoms of his neverending love. But the simple truth can drive her insane...

Inuyasha and the group have already heard of the [I] Rose of Truth. [/I] They will be the one's on a search for it.

I need someone to play:

Shippo (not needed)
Meoga (not needed)

You can make up your own character that the group will meet along the way. You'll need. You may be a demon if you please.
If so then of what. And someone may sign up as the little boy.

Weapon: (optional)

Here's mine:

Name: Amina Skies
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapon: Keibo
Apperace: Shoulder length brown silky hair. All white kimono with a light blue sash. Dark brown eyes lightly tanned skin.
Bio: Raised in a small village near the ocean. Her father was a traveling salesman so left home often. She stayed home and helped her mother raise her younger brother. When she was not at home she'd go down to the ocean and take walks along the shores. One day she found a small bag floating down washed up onto the sand. She picked it up and brought it home to her mother. As they both opened it and found a small rose sitting on a piece of cloth. It was not wet or damaged in any way. This confused them both very much but they decided to put it away for safe keping. One year later, Amina was asked by her mother to take her younger brother to a village in another region because he had came down with a sudden illness and needed help. She was given the small rose as a symbol of good luck for her. As with that she set off with her ill sibling to a helping village.
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Name: evean kiro
Age: 16
Gender: male
Race:human/ wolf demon
Weapon: sword, whip
Appearance: blue eyes, black hair, cloak, boots, dark blue shirt, black pants
Bio: He travels to improve his skills as a fighter. He knows of many legends and if he finds out that one is true and it seems that he can get it he will go after it for fun. If he has found a item and some one asks for it he will give it to them if he thinks they have a good reason. He does know some spells but they're mostly for healing. He will help out any one who needs his help. He belives that good people shouldn't be treated unfarely by other just to gain power or to show there supperiority.
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Name: Kurisutarubara Raikou (call me Kuri)
Age: 1,387
Gender: female
Race: fox spirit (human body)
Weapon: Jouraikou (lightning staff), bow
Appearance: dark red eyes, long black hair (bangs) with red tips, yellow gi with white hakama, sometimes wears black cloak
Bio: I'm the priestess of a small village. My best friend Kai and I hunt demons to protect the villagers. (anything else just ask)
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Name: InuYasha
Age: 55 (or so...)
Race: Half-demon
Weapon: Tetsuiga
Appearance: Long silver hair with silver dog like ears. Red (whatever it's called) and pants. Yellow eyes.
Bio: Fifty years ago, Naraku tricked Inuyasha to betray his love, Kikyo. She bound him to a tree for fifty years until a girl named Kagome freed him. A while after that, he, Kagome, and the others have searched for the shards of a sacred jewl. (I'm not sure, but this rpg sounds like its after the shards are collected and naraku's dead so...)

Tell me if i should change or add anything.
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Age:little over inuyasha
Race:Full Demon,dog
Weapon:Tesiuga(i dont know the corect spelling)
Appearence:I'll post an attachment later
Bio:My favorite character,Sesshoumaru, is Inuyasha's
half-brother,and hates his guts.Same dad,different mom.
Sword has power to bring people back to life.
(sorry for short and scrabbled bio,but im leaving)
(and im short of time)
I hope it's ok that I'm Sessoumaru!
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It's ok to be Sesshomaru, but I would appreciate it if you put a little more into the info. Also, this character will not be used much in this RPG. If you want you can change or come in as you please. Just don't start something that will ruin everything.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Diana Coren
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Race- Human/cat demon
Weapon- Twin ktana's, throwing stars
Appearance- Gold hair w/ black streacks, shoulder length, green eyes, black pants, tube top, see through long sleeve closed shirt, knee boots leather.
Bio- She's quiet and protective, and she kills all her enemies. She is quik to defend, and is never far behind a fight.
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Well, it doesn't look like anyone else's gonna sign up so I guess I'll just start this. It'll be under the same name in the Adventure Arena. See ya there!!
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Inuyasha has already been taken, sorry. And the name doesn't change anything. Try again next time. Even though I doubt there'll be a next time. You didn't put a lot into your info.
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Name: Kagome Higurashi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Appearance: Shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes. Usually wears her school uniform (which is a white shirt with a green collar and red tie, and a green pleated skirt).
Bio: One day, Kagome fell into the Bone-Eater's Well, and was transported into the Feudal era, where she met Inuyasha. It was discovered that she held the Jewel of Four Souls in her body, and had it "removed" when Mistress Centipede bit her. She freed Inuyasha, and the jewel broke, and they had to find the pieces. She is the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo, who protected the jewel during her life.
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Okay..I wanted to play Kagome, but that is fine..I will play Sango, that was my second choice.

NAME: Sango*would someone be as so kind as to tell me her last name*
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
WEAPONS: *what's the Japenese name for her weapon*
APPEARANCE: Long, dark brown hair, brown eyes w/ fushia eye shadow, usually wears a pink kimono with a green shaw around her waist..When she battles she wears a black suit w/pink armor and (sometimes) a mouth piece.
BIOGRAPHY: Sango was born in a peaceful village that was known for raising the best demon slayers around. A few years ago, her ppl were attacked and murdered by the demon Naraku, but made it seem that Inuyasha did the crime..As she tried to save her ppl her brother, Kohaku, turned on her because he was possesed by Naraku. But instead of defending herself, Sango protected her brother and in turn both were "killed". But Naraku spared them both by giving them both pieces of hte jewel(Sango has no idea about her brother). Sango sets out to kill Inuyasha and avenge her family and people. But Inuyasha defeats her adn they become powerful allies, then she meets Miroku...a whole nother story on it's own, personally it's self explaintory..yet she has a strange attraction to him..
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