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Art Character Reflections (CG)


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The two characters are Captain Alexis Andreeva and First OfficerRose Inessa. THe first picture is used as a transpartent layer for the final page (page 18 Alpha-Shade ) By using an Alpha faded gradient it appears as if the 2 characters are being reflected in the windows.


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[color=#707875]I'm not quite sure if you are just flogging your site...or if you are really interested in feedback on this piece. ~_^

But, I do like the piece. Fantastic rendering...and a really good stylized feel.

I particularly like the way the fire has lit up the characters on the bridge in the background. It's a very cool effect.

And yes, the reflective effect is great. It's suprising how easy it is to do something like that, but it can look so effective. It works very well within this piece.[/color]
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