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Art School Sketches


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While the teacher is trying to teach me what compound subjects and compound verbs are, I am sketching away in my sketchbook. It's extemly fun.
Everyday, I sketch. I love sketching. So, I thought I'd draw a pic every school day and post it here! The majority will probably be Trigun. So, if you haven't seen my Love and Peace one, then scroll down the Art and Design main page until you see a large box with a long title in it. That's my first one.
Here we are, sketch 1: Meryl.

[URL=http://www2.sakura-petals.net/trigun/ep12/tri_007.jpg]Original Pic[/URL]
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Thanks ya guys! I really like the comments.
Okay, here's one I drew yesterday in Social Studies/Math. It's my character for the Outcast Rebellion in the Adventure Arena.
And, an added bonus...I SHADED! Yes, it is true, I shaded one of my personal cretions. :wow:
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