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Guest dayday

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[I] I stood atop the hills of a high cliff. Looking over the horizon at the far mountains .As I struggles against the winds I felt a hand place on my shoulder. I spun around quickly and gazed into the eyes of my wicked father. The one who had betrayed me and threw me away. As I struggled to pull away from him, pulled me close and embraced me in a deeo hug. I let myself sink into his arms and returned the show of emotion. He then turned me loose and pushed me over the cliff. I fall into my death. Seeing as my last thing this man who I thought loved me. The one who had left me, cared for me, then brought me my fate of death. I close my eyes in a attempt to see my death come quicker as I know it's approaching. I wisper my final words to myself and feel the ground beneath me. I bounce slightly and land again. This time not moving. My mouth opens slightly as a trickle of blood flowed from within me. I felt nothing at all. Then I was gone. My life had ended but somehow I was still alive. I stood up and looked around me. My body lay under my feet. I looked down at myself that I was in and saw shadow. I had become my shadow and could see as I please.

I reached out to my body and touched it lightly. My hand placed onto it and I could feel the flesh. I thought about my final words to myself as I was falling. [B] This is my end and my begining. I am now born again and I shall come back as me once more. [/B] These words I said as a last request I heard from my grandmother. I didn't know they would actually come to be. I looked down at my damaged body. I put my hand over the one I had just lost. It moved slightly moved. I layed the rest of of myself onto my body. I slowly raised myself up and felt a my body come up with me. My body was in pain. I could barely move it with me. Struggling I stood completely leaning slighltly. I move toward the cliff wall and and fell against it. I look up into the sky and see a figure. One of a femine being. I watch as she lands in front of me and I faint into her arms.

I wake up lost. As I look around me I see people. Ones that are unknown to me. Why am I in this place? Where should I be? I sit up and look at these people and they look at me. [/I]


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Guest Skyechild91
I'll do it, but what exactly is this for?
Name- Kovu Diran
Gender- Female
Age- 19
Description- Short, cropped blc hair, blue eyes, shorts, sandals, tank top
Bio- She is silent, sad(exspression), and dark. She loves her friends, but is usually a loner. SHe has no parents, and no siblings. Her only living relatives are those that hate her, for she is a mage. SHe cant help it, she uses magic to defend herself with.
Nationality- American
Edit: Okay.
2nd EDIT: changed my age
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Lol, sorry I didn't explain it. When I first did it I didn't know what it was either. So, I'll just throw something together. I'll do that now. But first of all nationality is where you're from. (e.p. American, British)

The year 2021 in a distand land never known. A small group of around 50 people have settled in this land. All who were different in some way to there people around them. Some possesing certain powers and others a physical difference that would help them through life.

Having been led by a single man for 20 years they see that they will have no way of returning to their homeland. Several of the people have grown tired of this man's ways. Homes are running low on food, water, and other supplies. This small group of rebels are planning to attack their leader and leave for their originial homes where there families are.
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Name: max hiro
Age: 18
Gender: male
Description: blue eyes, brown hair, red head band, black tint goggles, blue shirt, black pants, boots, orange vest, gloves with out the fingers, dagger on his belt
Bio: max likes to play video games and hang out with his friends. He lived with his mother untill she died because of a gang fight. He normaly doesn't come out much except to be with his friends and go to school because of the event with his mother. Most people find it strange that he can adapt to things like sports easily but his friends think it's cool.
Nationality: american
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Guest Skyechild91
im thinking yu made your char 14 for some reason other than that that seemed to be the age of most chars...
EDIT: okay im shuting up...::gags as sum1 grabs throat::
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I have permission from dayday

Name: Aurora

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Description: [img]http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/angels/sylvanforest.jpg?PHPSESSID=c262646c1b71718862d0975f799af822[/img]

Biography: A girl who was created to guide and comfort, she has been an Angel since only God knows when. She was created for the sole purpose of comforting the new dead people that arrived in heaven. Her specialty being children who all are in love with her silk wings and glittery, transparent halo. After quite a while, she was chosen, because of her gentleness and wiseness, to help guide the living if they were chosen for some special task.

Nationality: Because of her heavy English accent, she is rumored to have been designed like a young, British girl.

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T man and SailorStar, would you minded upping your age some. Maybe about another 4 or 5 years. (upping is not a real word)

Name: Pleasant Dreams
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Description: Shoulder length dark brown hair with lazy day (blue) eyes. White longsleeve shirt with blue jean jacket. Dark blue jeans cut at the bottome. Black boots and bandana wrapped around hand.
Bio: As a young child, she was raised by her mother who had found her sitting in a house alone down the road from hers. Her father had left her their saying he was going to visit a friend of his and didn't return. Pleasant waited three days for him to come home. Finally she called one of her neighbors who she knew closely. A short while later she was taken away to live with her. After realizing that she had been abandoned, hate began to start up within her. Hatred toward her father, for he had taken his other children with him. Now as she grows knowing that she has never been able to know how a family was treated properly, she thinks of how she will stop at nothing to be able to find a way to live again in her past.
Nationality: German
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]What dictionary are you reading Dayday? "I ain't doing nothing" being more formally"I and I not doing nothing"? Not likely. It is actually, am not, though it's a colloquialism more than a contraction. And another note, upping is in my dictionary. Macquarie Third Edition.

And on the relevant note, this is all spam. Bad spam. So cease it now.[/font][/color]
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meh, who cares? ain't IS a word!!!!!!!! :animeswea
lol anywayz, here's my bio if anyone cares

Name: Katsumi Arget

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Shoulder-length jet-black hair with bright red streaks, piercing dark brown eyes, usually wears a black leather jacket, old, worn-out and tattered white T-shirt, baggy black jeans and sneakers.

Bio: Katsumi used to be a very cheerful girl. She was always happy, and kind to others.
Until one day, when Katsumi was 11, her father left and never came back, and her mother, who went out looking for her father, never returned either.
This made Katsumi sink into a deep depression, which still lasted today. She always wondered, if she made them leave.
As the years went by, you would notice that Katsumi is quite different. She has lost almost all kindness and happiness that she once had. She has grown to be violent, quick-tempered and very, smart-aleky.
After experiencing a near-death experience, Katsumi can now see and talk to ghosts, and summon them from either heaven or hell as she pleases.
There is a small part inside her, that wishes for her parents to return.

Nationality: Japanese
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Name:Kaze Gaijin



Description:Medium White hair, blue eyes, grey and orange hoodie, long bluejean shorts, tennis shoes,Leather gloves with no fingers,sometimes wears a cap but not usually.

Bio:Ever since he was little he's been able to do things with his mind. People shunned him for this until he found out that there was a small group that would appreciate his skills. He just joined the rebellion and is somewhat of a newbie. He doesn't know a lot of people yet so he still feels a little out of place. He wishes that someone would be his friend.

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[size=1]Don't bring back old, inactive threads. Remember to check the dates on everything you post in. Chances are it's dead if it's a few months old already. I'm going to close this thread so that there's no more confusion.[/size]
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