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Sign Up Final Zone: Chapter 1: The Planet Shrouded In Mist.

Guest Anime_Forever

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Guest Anime_Forever
Welcome to Final Zone. A 3 chapter story about the Planet Kiala.

Time for the first part...
[SIZE=3]In the year 2052[/SIZE]
New technology has been created. Space tavel has become regular and a new type of transforming android has been created. A type of android that is around 8' tall, and and transform into a jet. Robots have also been created but they have not undergone much developement. A space traveling samurai named Saysuke with his android partner Jeen have stumbled upon a new planet. Unnoticed because it has always been shrouded in mist. Its red and around the size of pluto. The 2 immediately reported this to the government and an investigation was ordered. Due to the fact that nothing is known about what dangerouse life could be on this planet, a group of 8 people have been sent. Jeen, Saysuke, and 6 others.

You will be an investigator (trust me this gets good):
You can be Jeen or an investigator. I am Saysuke.
If your Jeen Ill post your data...
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Name: James Starfe
Age: 19
Bio: Always wanted to travel the stars, but could never afford to. He became a space investigator (hehehe) because of the need for traveling. His files say he died in an accident seven years ago...
Attitude: Hot headed, grouchy, and slightly rude.
Gender: Male
Weapon: Spaz shotgun
Appearence: Brown hair, parted and combed diagonally back. Black leather jacket, Zipped up on the side. Blue jeans, combat boots, and fingerless gloves.
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Guest Anime_Forever
Its kind of simplistic because its based on a manga Im writing. But its gunna be different cause in the manga its Jeen, Saysuke, and 2 other people who are really young. This does get good though...
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Sandi Katherine Toru (Katt 4 short)
Age- 18
Bio- She's the type you never really notice.She is smart and was always fasinated with stars, planets, and their orbit and meaning. She dissapeared from her home town and is thought to be dead by her uncaring parents.
Adittude- Sweet, quiet, dark, mysterious, flirtatious at times.
Gender- Female
Weapon- Throwing knives, small hand gun
Appearance- black, waist length hair, silver head band that holds back her hair, purple eyes, shorts, knee boots, tube top, trench coat(all black).
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Guest Anime_Forever
Sure. But Jeens a guy.... and his head is a connon along with his arms. And he transforms into a jet... still sure? And the other 2 have been accepted.
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Guest Anime_Forever
Kay. heres your stats.
Name: Jeen
Age: ?
Bio: An android that can transform into a jet. He and Saysuke are partners who have faced many challenges have come across a new planet, Kiala. His favorite phrase is "I need a promotion."
Attitude: friendly, battle hungry, a little cocky, he tends to just kinda act normal.
Gender: Male, well... progammed to be male... hes a jet.
Weapons: His arms and head are long connons. Whaddya think?
Appearance: Head: Connon, Torso: jet front, legs: Thrusters (jet back) arms: cannons
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