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Art Soul Calibur 2 Wallpaper


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the cropping is fine (except on the axe of Spawn), what you need to do is add a little umph to your characters.

a) Add a border around the characters... a glow or stroke perhaps. myabe opac them or solorize them or something of the sort rather than just having them just there...

b) The background is too bright. As a background you want it to go back in your work.. Meaning if you have a brighter, or more stand out colors for your forground pictures (ie the charcters in this case) you want to have your background darker so your foreground stands out much more and your background goes back alot more. Right now they look very equal and my eye isn't focusing on the 3 characters, it's looking all over the place.

c) The font color green NEVER goes with red unless it's Christmas... As an artist you must know what colors go well with one another. green doesn't go with red, Blue doesn't go with red, yellow doesn't go with white, etc etc etc. Not only that, you used a neon green, ugh. lol. The only think my eye is drawn to is that damn font. It's so bright compared to the rest of the work. The best colors for fonts are white or black, depending on the rest of your picture... If you have a predominantly blue picture, you might use a blue font. Then you can always add a border to the font, or some sort of desgin to it, those always end up looking better.

There's lots to do to make this more eye appealing. You just gotta mess around a bit more and not just go blah blah done... lol.
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