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Sign Up Legend of dragoon: new hero's, new enemy [warning: possible spoilers]

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It has been 100 years since dart and the others defeated melbu frahma. Because they defeated melbu frahma piece has been kept. The winglies have kept in hideing as they always have and wars have been ended so there is piece amongst the kingdoms of serdio. With no wars and no sign of any more distruction the dragoons have scattered the dragon souls. Like all ways a new moon child was born but because of roses death there has been no black monster to distroy the moon child. Because no black monster was created to go after the moon child a winglie has decided to go after the moon child and the moon items to draw there power to become the new god of distruction. Once this was found out the elder of the winglie village sealed away the winglies power. With the winglies power locked away the elder created a new black monster and sent it out to distroy the moon child because the spell would not keep the winglies power locked up for ever. The winglie knew the spell would not last so it set out to get what it wanted and decided to go after the dragon souls to increase its power.

Here's the sign up

Divine dargoon (me)
Light dragoon (Sailor Star)
Dark dragoon (Ruby)
Fire dragoon (Tsukasa_hack)
Wind dragoon (Inuyasha_Pro)
Earth dragoon (fire otaku)
Water dragoon (Walnut)
Thunder dragoon (Yurimeshi2003)

[b]Dragoon:[/b] (You don't have to be a dragoon and you can't make one up)
[b]Bio:[/b] (you can be the winglie after the moon chield if you want)

[b]Here's mine[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] kyp
[b]Age:[/b] looks 16 (real age is unknown)
[b]Weapons:[/b] sword, dragon buster
[b]Dragoon:[/b] divine dragon
[b]Appearence:[/b] red eyes, platnuim colored hair, black shirt, blue pants, boots, gloves with out the fingers
[b]Bio:[/b] Kyp appeared out side the winglie village unconcouise. When he came to and asked the villagers if they knew what happened to him they didn't know what happened to him. He knows nothing of his past but does seem to know information about the dragon campaign and the battle dart and the others had with melbu frahma. He likes to play games and is willing to help others. He is willing to fight for those who can not defend him self. He is not afraid to risk his life. He seeks the moon child to protect her and keep the power she holds from not being taken.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Kethri
Age- 14
Weapon- staff w/ sharp metal @ 1 end, 2 throwing daggers
Dragoon- Light dragoon/moon child
Apearance- Short silver hair w/ bangs down to her chest, blue eyes no pupils, (all white) knee boots, shorts, long sleeve loose shirt, bandanna
Bio- She's quiet and soft, and makes friends easily. She knows almost nothing of the winglies and black dragoon. She's carefree, but can be deadly in battle. She'll protect those she cares for and doesnt back down from a fight. Not afraid to die for the ones she cares for, she will risk her life if necessary.
Tell me if i shoul change anything, k?
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Um....Throwing stars...in the game it's totally midevil, arrows, staffs/rods, swords, lances, fist, magic, etc. Just to let you know. *screams out long live Lloyd and Lavitz* Ahem...
Name: Zoma

Age: (unknown)

Weapon: Divine Rod, Dragon B. shards

Dragoon: Dark Dragoon aka Black Monster

Appearance: Short black hair, with two silver streaks, long shaggy bangs, orange eyes, wings colors vary from black to white tips, black cloak, black boots, black pants, black long sleeve like top, vest with silver flamed edging, black gloves, and collar with dragoon pendent (as you can see I love Lloyd)

Bio: Zoma is the wingliy who was chosen to become the next Black Monster. So far since she was told of everything, and forced to believe she is truly the original Black Monster. Zoma dreams of nothing but to hear the scream of the moon child as she dies. She aims to make this dream come true, and to rid the world of what might bring about another Super Virage or have someone stripped of their life. Only to have their body used as a pawn like Zieg Feld had once been. In this she's been chasing around any traces of the moon child. Sadly this moon child has no twin, which has made her harder to track down. So Zoma teamed up with others who would help her destroy the moon child.
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My mate annoyed me with this game but meh I'll give it a go

Name: Latrian Jiro

Age: 29

Weapon(s): Spear of medium length, topped with a silver edged blade

Dragoon: Water Dragoon

Appearence: Tall with water blue eyes and light white hair, slightly tinged with blue. Wears dark blue top, trousers and light blue boots

Bio: Latrian was brought up on the river as a child and has been in love with water for all of her years, she has a natural ability to swim and enjoys being in contact with one of natures most beautiful and misunderstood resorces.

She recently headed inland, drawn by some unknown force to understand the meaning of water. Her mind has become set and she believes that a new threat is set to posion the world. She is not aware that she is a Dragoon yet but will soon find out her affinity with water extends beyound a simple love of it.
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[B]Name:[/B] Kanti
[B]Age:[/B] ???
[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Staff, Sword
[B]Appearance:[/B] 5' 9' Emerald green eyes, medium long lime green hair, a hooded green robe(hood down), dark green t-shirt with dark green pants, a sword sheathed at his side, and tall black boots
[B]Dragoon:[/B] Wind Dragoon
[B]Bio:[/B] Ever since his family was murdered when he was twelve, he and his ten year-old sister, Haruko, have been in search of their parents' murderer. On their way to Seles,Haruko died after her horse slipped and plummeted off of a cliff. Now Kanti must search alone.
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Name: James
Age: 19
Weapon(s): Flaming sword of Azreal
Dragoon: Fire dragoon
Appearence: Dark red leather jacket, zipped up on a side. Black hair, combed diagonally back and parted on the right. Hazel eyes and blue jeans.
Bio: Had a great life, until he was ten years old. The town he grew up in was under constant attack from raiders, but that didn't stop the villagers from leading enjoyable lives. His mother and father were cathlic, and went to church every sunday. One sunday though, a group of beserkers crashed the town and burned down the church, everyone sealed inside. He is haunted at nights of dreams of that day, and fights as his only escape from insanity.
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Guest Yurimeshi2003
Name: Felicia
Age: 19
Race: Demon
Weapon(s): Thunder Saber(sword)
Appearance: 6' 4" Green hair with pink streaks down the middle. Black tube shirt that says [COLOR=royalblue]Princess[/COLOR] on the front, black cut-off shorts, and knee high red boots
Biography: When she was twelve the government turned her into an expiriment. Now she is an expiriment gone bad.
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