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Writing I'm gonna be published!


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[URL=http://poetry.com/Publications/display.asp?ID=P5572277&BN=999&PN=1]My Poem[/URL]

I entered my poem on Poetry.com and it turns out I'm a semifinalist! Out of thousands of entrees and even adults!

My poem is going to be published in a large collection of poetry by poetry.com. I even get my own little bio! I can even win a lot of money if I win. I don't think I will, but it's cool all the same.:D
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Grr...I hate links... Ignor that. Here...

No One's Poem

To be someone is bleak
I've no reason to be
Why try live out others dreams?
The world is cruel to someone's

Those who are well known
Dream to be a nothing
To float away from distracting gossip
That plague bright shimmer minds

No need to be a someone
Someone's always bled
For everyone tells everyone
Almost everything

I don't have a true body
For no-body I be
I'm just borrowing this person
That was once a somebody
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