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Jon Schmidt


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[FONT=arial]alright now, anybody who has even the slightest appreciation for good music should at least listen to one of this guy's pieces.

do not let the fact that he is a pianist and not some major rock or rap star make you think 'ewwwww' and shun him like the plague.

while most of his music isn't as technical or complicated as someone like Mozart, it's still extremely well performed, and very entertaining to listen to.

if you're not really into the whole piano music thing, your best bet is listening to something upbeat, like Game Day, Waterfall, or All of Me (man, you should see this performed, too). and of course, it'd be really good for anyone else to hear too, lol. if you want to listen to something quiet and serene, you would probably like Sacred Ground and Air on the F String. I Do is also a really sweet song.

if you need a place to download the MP3's, you can go to [url]http://www.jonschmidt.com[/url] and download them there. the official MP3 site has a lot of his music, too. at least last time I checked, anyway.

please, please, PLEASE check this guy out. after you do, give your opinions. [/FONT]
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Marge: Krusty! It's Krusty the clown! Say something funny Krusty!
Krusty: Oh, ahh, something funny, like a joke. Come on Krusty you can think of one. Oh, ahh, hey I've got one. This guy walks into a bar and takes out a tiny piano and a 12 inch pianist. Oh, wait, i can't tell that one. Hey Hey!!

Anywayyyyy. I've listened to a few songs of his. At first, it really reminded me of Schroder. You know, that kid who played piano on the Peanuts? Of course, that was a short lived idea, since he's really not that similiar.

The site has some sort of juke box styled page that lets you preview everything, and I mean everything. I was really surprised by that. Every single song was there in its entirety seemingly, although obviously not CD quality.

Good Times really reflects what it is about, I think. It starts out kind of slow, but it really picks up. That's probably my favorite out of the several I played. Song of the Ocean is probably close second, followed by Cherished Moments. He seems to be good a choosing titles lol.

I'd try more, but it's a bit late and I can't think straight...
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