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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


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Heh. I kind of agree. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say it blew, but it was not worth watching.

My friends and I were really excited about this movie, because the plotline sounded so awesome. Firstly, Sean Connery was the leading man, and he's always a cool action-type star. Secondly, we thought the integration of characters from novels into a movie was a [i]really[/i] good idea. I kind of questioned the characters they chose (they seemed kind of random), but figured they'd be able to pull it together in a neat way.

But, as you said, the plot turned out to be rather horrible. Just ... nothing about it was gripping. Nemo's ship looked cool at first, but certain points about it, such as the "radar system" (visually represented as a spinning globe with two random pointers on it ... which did not make [i]ANY SENSE[/i]!), made me think the directors were doing a really poor job. The whole incident with the record player was at best overdone, and at worst really really predictable. The setting of the whole thing in Venice was a pretty clever idea, but why did they need to send up a flare in order to figure out which point would [spoiler]stop the entire city from crumbling[/spoiler]? The answer seemed to be, just to get a cool car chase in.

Also, the characters themselves were portrayed as too falsely mysterious. I never felt like I really got to know any of them, and therefore didn't care about any of them or what they were doing. Their backstories were quickly run over or never mentioned at all. And, of course, the acting wasn't too hot either (although I still think Sean Connery did fairly well, but that might just be because I think he's cool).
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[size=1] I thought it was a thoroughly entertaining movie, It had slick action and a good storyline for what it was. The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen was [i]supposed[/b] to make little sense IMO, since they seemed to have cars and top of the line submarines in the horse and carriage era. (notice how no one even bats an eyelid when a car goes roaring through horse drawn streets)

it was good, and it's plot was satisfying enough for an action flick, considering I'm going there to see the action, I don't really care which angles they approach it.

About the flare... [spoiler] My recollection from the film was that it was supposed to pinpoint the location of the major explosives used to sink venice, it doesn't really matter when the setup is revealed anyway.[/spoiler][/size]
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I was extremely disappointed, to say the least. The movie had a pretty interesting premise, and I had high expectations for it, especially since it featured the venerable Sean Connery.

Well.... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was terrible. The characters had zero chemistry. The plot was boring and hackneyed. The script-writer should, in my opinion, be given a merciful death. Not even the greatest actor could have made that dialogue compelling. There were points at which I seriously wondered if the studio had hired monkeys to come up with a storyline.

All this might have been somewhat tolerable, if the special effects had been cool enough. I don't mean to say that special effects can make a movie good, but at least there would have been something to concentrate on other than the cliche characters and bad acting. But, like almost everything else, the special effects were horrendous. Mr. Hyde looked like a poor man's Hulk, except for the fact that he was completely anatomically incorrect, and a sort of moldy/mossy color, rather than full-out green.

When the [SPOILER]enemy soldier guy drank Dr. Jekyll's potion and transformed into a sort of super-Hulk/Hyde[/SPOILER], I actually burst out laughing. It looked utterly ridiculous. And don't even get me started on the ending, which seemed to be setting it up for a sequel. God forbid. If you're going to over-dramatize [SPOILER]the death of a someone I couldn't have cared less about (Alan Quartermain, played by Sean Connery)[/SPOILER], at least make it really [I]mean[/I] something.

Ugh. To sum up, "LXG" is a shameful waste of money, especially since it's based on such a good idea.

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OK the early CIA agent was pretty cool but other than that... Sean Conery was ok but he seemed too...the character just seemed out of place. The vampiress was obviously an atempt at making the movie a little scary. (didn't work) Nemo was just a death worshipping weirdo, Mr. Gray or whatever his name was retarded and too powerful for his own good. (I hate superheroes with a near impossible to get to weakness, I think it takes away from the plot)Dr. Jekkyl was just a mad scientist with a low self-esteem and the invisble man was absent for the majority of the movie. It was a good idea but they really ****ed it up.
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