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Writing Is this a good idea for a Zelda Fanfic?


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I got this crazy idea for a Legend of Zelda fanfic and I was wondering if I should put it on here or not. I'll write a preview and you can decide if I should put it on or not. Just PM me, e-mail me, or just post it here.

[B]Legend of Zelda: The Hero's Blade[/B]

A small group of men sat at a table in an old cafe, exchanging wild stories and tales from distant lands. Each cheerfully, and drunkenly, spoke in turn, telling of monsters they had slain and beautiful women they had saved. An ancient man sat at the table with them, silently sipping his drink.

"The old prophecy is coming true, you know," he said setting his mug down with a loud thud. "[I]As the earth grows white and the sky turns gray, the darkness of the past shall once again walk the earth, searching for its dark revenge. Only one with the three, the Master of the Hero's Blade, can destroy the spirit of evil as it was, is, and will be[/I]."

"Does that mean that the King of Evil..."
"No, this is far worse. I do not know exactly what this new evil is, for if I had seen it, I would not be here telling you this. But I have seen the fiery chaos it has caused. All we can do is hope."

A tall man dressed completely in black, covering his face in shadows, sat at a table in the far corner of the cafe. He dropped five large silver rupees on the table as a tip. He did not need to worry about finances now. He had heard enough.

Should I continue?
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Guest Alec Ikiiki
Sweet! I like to play the Zelda games, but I don't really read fanfics. But this has me intrigued. Continue please. I'd like to see what happens.
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*blushes a lot* Wow, I didn't that so many people would like the story...

Far away from the cafe, a tournament was beginning to take place. It was a great tournament, where many great swordsmen battled to win the honor of being the best in the land, and to win the true prize.

A large sword was the prize. In the sunlight, it would flash the seven colors of the rainbow, and glow mysteriously in the night. For many years, the sword had been the prize of the competition, standing in the very center of Woods End. But everyone who had won the sword had strangely disappeared not long afterwards, never to be seen again.
Some people said the sword was cursed, but many people still tried desperately to win it, knowing the ancient legend that came with it.

It was said that the sword was the brother of the Master Sword, but had been sealed away long ago, when the sea rose and covered Hyrule. Many, many years later, the land suffered a great drought, and the sea level dropped, uncovering the resting place of the sword.
The village leader had found the sword in his travels, and brought it to Woods End. Before he died of the "curse" he said one last thing to the town.
"Make sure the Hero gets this sword. It is bound to its master."

After that, everyone in the town of Woods End wanted the sword, thinking that they might just be its master. But no one wanted it more than two siblings, Link and Cassi.

"Do you need a break yet?" Link mocked.
"Not at all! But I think your sword does. You do need that new sword. That thing you have there is a pile of rust!" shouted Cassi. The two were slashing at each other with their swords, practicing for the tournament. Cassi dove in for an attack, but Link countered.

"It may be old, but at least I have more experience than you." Link jumped to the side and aimed his attack. He thrusted his sword forward, but stopped as a bell rang loudly. The bell always sounded for the beginning of the tournament, calling out all of the competitors.

Link and Cassi ran outside to the center of the town, sheathing their swords and arguing about who won the practice round. Everyone, young and old, had gathered to either watch or battle in the competition, but no one seemed prepared. Everyone was looking up at the sky, gasping and pointing.

Up in the sky, strange blue lights appeared, twisting and turning in the air, causing a marvelous display, and a perfect distraction. A weird dark shadow covered the blade of the sword, and quickly disappeared taking the sword with it. Cassi was the only one who didn't fall for the lights in the sky. She saw the sword disappearing, and screamed out.

"The sword! It's gone!" Everyone looked around dumbfoundedly, as a high crackling laughter filled the air. A huge pirate ship appeared overhead, flying away quickly towards the sea. The people stared in horror, as Link and Cassi took action.

Thinking quickly, Link ran towards the ship and jumped, plunging his sword deep into the bow. He held his hand out to Cassi, who was swiftly running behind. She jumped and grabbed onto Link's hand, pulling herself up to the top of the boat. Above the wheel, the sword lay glimmering. Cassi reached down for the sword, but at the second she touched it, the ship sped ahead, throwing her back and knocking the sword out of her hands and off the side of the ship.

When the ship jolted ahead, not only did the sword fly off of the boat, but Link too was thrown off. The hilt of his old sword had snapped, sending Link and the sword falling down into the sea.
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Wow, that would be cool... *continues with writing the next part*

Link reluctantly opened his eyes. The sun was so bright, and he hurt all over. He couldn't quite remember how he had gotten there. All he could remember was something about a sword...

"The sword!" Link shouted. He frantically searched around the sand for the sword, but had no luck. He dropped to his knees and looked through the sand, when the sword fell in front of him. It had been in the sheath the entire time, but how?

"You're quite clueless for a hero," someone said. "My grandfather told me that the master of the Hero's Blade would wash up on this shore here eventually, but I didn't think that you would be this...well...pathetic..."

Link picked the sword up, its blade flashing in the sunlight. The blade suddenly turned silver, as a shadow covered it. A young girl with long blonde hair owned that shadow, her arms were folded and she had almost no expression in her face.
"Who are you?" Link asked.
"Never mind that right now. We'd better leave this place." She looked around, as if she was expecting something. The girl led Link thorugh a small town, a completely deserted town. Some of the shops were slightly scorched, with smoke rising from the burnt marks. Each of the burns were in a particular designs. Link stopped to look at one of the markings, but the girl hurried him along.

"What happened here?" he asked.
"A great evil passed through here not long ago, traveling to the forest. It didn't cause as much damage here as other places, but it drove the people of this city away and killed anyone that had stayed."
"Then why are you still here?"
"My grandfather and I stayed here, hiding, waiting for the evil to pass. We just barely survived." The girl continued to lead Link through the abandoned city, towards the forest. She stopped at a small building. She looked around and quickly opened the door. The girl beckoned for Link to come in, and shut the door softly.

"Okay, now we can talk." She said, sighing in relief. "You must've heard some of the legends, right?"
"Sorry, but not really," Link answered truthfully. "What is your name?"
"Oh, my name is Zelda," she replied calmly.
"Zelda?! As in, [I]Princess[/I] Zelda?!" Although Link didn't know about many legends, he did know about Princess Zelda. But then, who didn't?
"Oh, of course not!" Zelda opened a large book sitting on a table and started to read a page. "Although that would be interesting. We don't have much time before the evil in the forest will be on the move again, so we have to hurry. You should try and remember this one right here." She pointed to a page in the book. It had what looked like a long poem on it.

"In the wind, tales unfold.
Legends told
of heroes, time, and destiny.

Here I am, in the woods.
Come and search, and you
just might find me,
look for me.

'Round the flame,
stories tell,
puzzles lie.

Rivers flow.
Ice will melt.
Time goes by.

Desert Days,
'til the end,
the drum beats on.

Forest, Fire Water, Spirit, Shadow, Light, and Song,
All as one.

"That song was written many years ago. Not long after the Hero of time defeated Ganondorf," Zelda explained. "But it is more like a set of instructions than anything else, especially the second verse.

"Wait, didn't you say that your grandfather was here too?" Link questioned.
"He was, but he went to the the Forest."

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That's it! I'm going in!" Link shouted as he marched towards the door.
"Not without me you aren't," Zelda replied quietly. Link whipped around and stared at her.
"Are you insane? You could get killed in there with nothing to defend yourself with! You said yourself that that is where the evil is now!" Just then did Link notice that he was missing his own shield.

"Anyone could get killed in the Lone Woods. Except for someone who happens to know the way through." she hurried over to a corner of the building, picked up two thick wooden shields, and gave one to Link. She rushed him out the door and led (or dragged, if you will) him to the forest.

It seemed like they had been walking for hours, and Zelda never slowed her pace. She kept walking along, turning every now and then, leading a reluctant Link through the forest. Link had been on various adventures like this back at Wood's End, but Cassi had been with him then.
Link turned around quickly. He could've sworn that something was following them, but nothing made a sound. Not a bird chirped, not an animal rustled in the forest growth.

Suddenly, Zelda stopped at an enormous wooden barrier. She had to hold her arm out before Link crashed into the wall, lost in thought.

"We're here, but we'd better split up. That way, we have a better chance of finding my Grandfather, and," Zelda said ominously, "if one of us gets caught, at least one of us will make it." She ran around the side of the wall.
After she had disappeared around the side, Link rested against the side of the wooden barrier, but had to abruptly end his break.

"NYA! NYAAAAAAA!" Cries suddenly filled the forest, absolutely inhuman. Dozens of imp-like monsters ran out of the woods, headed straight for Link.
"Nya-nahs!" Link shouted. The imp monsters, nya-nahs, weren't very powerful alone, but well-known and feared for their ferocity in large numbers. And Link was entirely outnumbered.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by crimson_blood [/i]
[B]ya write more. you sould try and get it published by nintendo:-) [/B][/QUOTE]

I can do that?....*still dazed from long week of school* Oh... and yes, Zelda used a bow, but that was in the Windwaker. This is a different Zelda.
This was Link's first real battle. He had no experience with a sword whatsoever, and now he was surrounded by hundreds, no, thousands of nya-nahs. He closed his eyes tightly, hoping that he would wake up from this nightmare.
He heard a sword being unsheathed as the nya-nahs continued to run towards him.

"Oh, great! They have swords!" Link thought to himself. Suddenly, he felt the hilt of a sword in the palm of his hand. Link opened his eyes. The Hero's Blade had somehow gotten out of its case and into his hand. Amazed, he stared at the sword for a while, until the cries of the nya-nahs snapped him to attention. Link swung the sword around at the imps, taking down five at once.

"This is more like it!" Link shouted. "Ferocious nya-nahs! HA!" He continued to slash at the imps, plowing through the sea of them. After a few minutes of random sword attacks, the nya-nahs had all fallen to the ground a cloud of dark fog appeared over the defeated creatures, carrying their remains away.
Link tried to lean against the wooden wall, panting from exhaustion, but he literally fell right through the wall. On the other side he stood gasping for breath at the random surprize of falling through a think wooden barrier. He stared at the wall, and experimentaly put his hand to it. It went straight thorugh! He jerked his hand back away and quickly walked away.

Link walked around inside of the wall, between it and another wall. This wall was solid rock covered in moss and other small plants, and Link wasn't planning on an invisible door in the rock wall. All of a sudden, he heard a deep grunt.
"What now?" he sighed. A huge moblin came around the corner, wielding a giant spear. It spotted Link and charged with all its might. Link ran away without even attempting to fight the great beast. He knew that the smaller moblins could be defeated with a sword, but not the big ones. The big moblins could only be defeated with some sort of long-distance weapon.
He continued to run along the walls, slowing down with each step. The monsters didn't give him much of a break.
Link winced as his foot hit a large root sticking out of the ground. The giant moblin raised its spear high over its head as Link plummetted to the ground.

EDIT: I didn't care much for this chapter, so I lengthened it to see if it worked better.

Suddenly, Link felt a hard tug on the sleeve of his tunic.
"Get out of the way!" Zelda was sticking her head out of a hole in the rock wall. Her hand was clutching onto Link's green tunic tightly, urging him to follow before the moblin could lower its sword. He hurriedly followed the girl into the large hole right as the monster dropped its sword right between Link's feet. The giant moblin stood growling and confused at its lost victim.

Link finally got a chance to catch his breath in the hole. Right as he got all rested up, Zelda hurried him to their shelter's side. Another tunnel led out of it, leading into complete darkness. Zelda signalled for Link to follow her, as she got down on her knees and began to crawl through the small tunnel. Link, once again, reluctantly followed.

"Be careful. There is a lot of holes around here, and I don't know if the wood covering them will hold much longer," Zelda pointed out as she hurried across a piece of wood. With this said, Link nervously hurried across the wood. He could've sworn that he had heard the wood crumbling behind him.
He crawled over another wooden plank, noticing how it sagged under his weight. He tried to hurry across it, but it cracked louder. Zelda looked around worriedly.

"Be careful on the piece. Try and keep your weight off of the board," Zelda said.
"SHOOT!" Link shouted as the wooden board cracked in half underneath him. He grabbed the edge of the wood, but gravity had no mercy.
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