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[size=1][b][color=red][i]After a long war, the Animorphs have won and defeated the Yeerks. But with no evil, new evil shall arrive...

New beings call Dieros (deer-ee-ahs) arrive on the planet, taking the society of people one by one. Like the Yeerks, the Dieros take control of beings' minds. But unlike the Yeerks, they turn into transdeminsional beings and enter the host's body like a ghost.

Feeling that the former Animorphs need to live their lives, the newly arrived alien Dirandon Helios Kamarta (Kam, for short) decides that it is time for them to pass their powers on to new recruits. Along with five new recruits, two others will be given new powers.[/i]


[u]Name[/u]: (first and last)
[u]Age[/u]: (between 13 and 17)
[u]Human Appearance[/u]: (picture or description)
[u]Main Transformation[/u]: (picture)

[u]My sign-up[/u]:

[u]Name[/u]: Dominic Kaiser
[u]Age[/u]: 15
[u]Human Appearance[/u]: [img]http://www.ecrush.com/espin/pics/411/3365411-cGpiu6duqPfIjC2h.jpg[/img]
[u]Main Transformation[/u]: [url]http://pantransit.reptiles.org/images/1996-07-28/wolf-snowy.jpg[/url]


1. I have the right to evict [u]anyone[/u].
2. Someone can play Kam, but it isn't mandatory.[/b][/color][/size]
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Catt Marcus
Age- 15
Appearance- Blonde hair, light red highlights, green eyes, tan, designer jeans, black tank, black jean jacket.
Main Transformation-
Flying Animal-

Hope this works. =^_^=
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Name: Diana Vebda, D for short
Age: 15, but tends to act immature
Appearance: Red hair (as in orange), white face with freckles, brownish eyes. Slightly pudgy, 5 foot 4 inches, sometimes wears glasses.
Main (battle) morph: Spotted Hyena
[url]http://www.leopard.net/%7Ealari/hyenas/pics/hyena-03.jpg[/url] note: I'm the hyena, not the dead antelope.
Morph for flying: common street pigeon
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[COLOR=royalblue]Yes, I bit the bullet.

Name: Graie Vaikai

Age: 17

Human Appearance: Tall, slender, see attatchment. Prefers tight fitting clothing for obvious reasons.

Main Transformation: [img]http://members.fortunecity.com/alanw78/picb/doc18mon.jpg[/img][/COLOR]
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