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RPG Beast Wars: Transformers (An RPG)


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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][U]Lets have a quick recap of the story so far:[/U]

[I]300 years have passed since the Great War, now the Maximals rule over the planet Cybertron. Of all the relics from Cybertronian history, the most guarded is an ancient Golden Disk which shows the location of a key energon source. A Predacon rogue named Megatron has stolen the disk for the information it contains and escaped onboard a transwarp ship. His plan, find the source of energon to wage a new war against the Maximals and allow the Predacons to conquer Cybertron and the galaxy.

Because no other ship was in the area the Maximals dispatched the explorer ship Axalon under the command of Optimus to intercept Megatron and recover the disk. Their pursuit however took them through transwarp space into another part of the galaxy and another time period where after suffering heavy damage both ships crash onto the surface of an unknown alien planet.

Upon arrival it appears that the Predacons have failed to reach their destination of Earth but find that this alien planet is ripe with energon. In fact too much of it. Energon in such quantities is harmful to their robotic forms. They therefore have no alternative but to fuse their mechanical superstructure with animal DNA which exists on the planet to shield themselves from the damaging energon effects.[/I]
Please don't reply to this RPG unless you are one of these people and have a character to play:

[U][I]Maximal Characters[/I][/U]
Optimus Primal - Taken by me
Rhinox - Taken by ssjBrolli
Cheetor - Taken by Ohkami
Rattrap - Taken by Lady Katana
Airazor - Taken by Arika
Dinobot - Taken by Ayokano (Until we crash Dinobot is a Pred')
Tigertron - [I]In need of a player[/I]
[U][I]Predacon Characters[/I][/U]
Megatron - Taken by Solo Tremaine
Scorpinok - [I]In need of a player[/I]
Tarrantulas - [I]In need of a player[/I]
Terrorsaur - Taken by Leh
Waspinator - Taken by Lrb
BlackArachnia - Taken by Ruby
Inferno - Taken by Hack Helba
As you can see not all of the characters can be played so far, so if you wish to join in with this RPG please post an application in the Application thread in the Recruitment Board (Link is in my sig). Let us begin.

[CENTER][I]Aboard the Maximal Ship [U]Axalon[/U][/I][/CENTER]
"Computer, begin log entry. Maximal Ship Axalon, Optimus Primal commanding". [I]'Accesing log files.......complete, please begin recording'[/I]. "Commanders Log: Cycle 156. We've been tracking the rouge Predacon ship for three mega-cycles now with no end in sight for the chase. Their commander, one Megatron, is called a renagade by the Tripredacus Council, but I know better. Theres is a political cover, I truth I think they love what Megatron is doing and believe it is only a matter of time before the second great war starts," The Maximal commander sighed heavily as he paused the recording, he strode over to the view port before beginning again, "If that is the case and Megatron uses the Golden disks to change the past, that could mean the end not only for the Maximals and Autobots, but the entire Universe. End log"

Optimus walked over to his desk and thought for a moment about starting on some paper work, that was before the ship was bathed in a red glow and the alert siren sounded in the ship. Optimus quickly raced out of his chamber and toward the bridge. When he arrived Cheetor was in a panic and Rattrap was, as usual, muttering things like "We're all gonna die", Optimus walked over to Rhinox for a report.

"Optimus, sir. We've spotted the Predacon ship, it's only a few clicks from us, I've changed out course and gone to red alert" The chief Science officer, and second in command, reported.

"Good work old friend, lets get those Predacons and the golden disk so things can return to normal. Rattrap, pred the ship for battle, Cheetor, calm down and help Rattrap!" Optimus commanded.

"Yes, Sir, Optimus" Came the unifed response.

As the crew began following their orders Optimus went to the command chair and looked into the view screen and was greated by the rear of Megatrons ship, [I]"I pray by the Matrix that we get out of this alive"[/I] He thought quietly to him self as the came closer and closer to the Predacons ship.

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[COLOR=darkblue]Cheetor calmed down and ran to the control section.He watched Rattrap typing on the keys.Cheetor looked over the keys and started to type quickly.There were errors but finally it beeped successfully and [b]"BATTLE MODE READY"[/b] flashed across the screen.Cheetor ran back to Optimus.

"Everything's ready Sir."Cheetor said at his return.
"Very good Cheetor."Rattrap came up behind Cheetor."You too Rattrap."Optimus said at the two.
"Whenever you're ready Sir."said Rattrap.
"Thankyou.When we get close we'll fire."Optimus replied.

The two Maximals nodded and left.Cheetor decided to head back to his room.He flopped on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.He pressed a button on the wall and the clay disappeared revealing the space.He sighed and continued to watch,but always ready to get into action.[/COLOR]
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The engines of the Predacon warship roared furiously, pushing the craft deeper into space. The darkness outside almost mirrored the atmosphere within.

Sat in his command chair, the menacing form of the Predacon leader was silhouetted against the wall. His metallic purple frame glinted in the light of the computers around him. He growled to himself as the monitor displayed readout after readout to him. He was unimpressed. The planet they needed to find was several light years away. They had to move quickly.

Suddenly, red light cascaded into the room. Sirens wailed and beacons flashed.

[i]"Warning! Maximal ship detected!"[/i] The computer screeched.

"Battle stations" he boomed. "We won't let them take the disc." He jabbed a button on the control console and the ship lurched round to face the approaching intruders.

Several laser cannons on the surface of the ship whirled around and took aim.

"Open fire!"
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[size=1][color=red][b]Terrosaur swirled around in his chair to the control panel in front of him.

"Lasers, fire!" he screeched, pushing two red buttons. Multiple laser cannons shot, each glowing red. Only two hit the Maximal ship, though, but hit the wing.

Down, down, down went the Maximal ship, toward a planet. But before it was out of sight, the Maximals shot two missiles back at the Predacons, making them follow the Maximals in a downspiral.[/b][/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Airrazor was sitting in her rest confinement and could feel the Axalon spiraling down. She wondered what had happened and went outside. Chaos was running amuck everywhere. She walked over to Optimus and wondered what was going on.[/i]

"Optimus...What has happened?"
"The Predacons have hit us and the Axalon's engines are out. We're about to crash."
"Have you tried the back up engines?"
"We have not looked yet. Rattrap!"
"Yes sir?"
"Have you checked the back up engines?"
"Uh..no sir. I will go check them out now."

[i]Rattrap left and Airrazor stood by Optimus as chaos was going around. Meanwhile, the Predacon ship was in chaos as well. Megatron was screaming and everyone was running around...besides Black Arachnia.[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]OOC: :sweat: erm, we don't actually crash on the planet (Either ship) because first we need to go through the Transwarp Area of space in order for to be sent back in time and all this, there are several plot lines I'm sticking to and thats one of them, so Ayokano Predacon crashing is kinda.....not there now :sweat:

"Optimus to all hands! Brace for impact!" He called out as the Predacon laser fire struck the back of the [I]Axalon[/I]. The impact caused many of the consoles on the bridge to short out and Rattrap went flying forward into a near by screen, while climbing out of the rubble he said, as he always did, "I knew it! We're all gonna die!".

"Stop speaking like that Rattrap and return fire!" Optimus shouted and Rattrap instanly shut up and fired upon the Predacon ship, scoring three direct hits and crippling their engines. Just as Optimus was about to congradulate Rattrap for his Markmanship a huge explostion rocked the ship.

"By the Matrix, what was that?" Optimus asked. Cheetor ran to the science station and quickly ran a scan of what had just hit them. "What in the name of Cybertron....it's an area of Transwarp space, we're being dragged along by the wave front, and so are the Preds....what are we gonna do Big Bot?" The youngster asked Optimus.

"Firstly we need to know where this Transwarp wave is taking us, can you get a fix on our location Rhinox?" Optimus asked. "Attempting to now, sir," He replied, his face suddenly dropped as he looked at the read out on the screen, "The question isn't where we are, but [U]when[/U] we are, sir" Rhinox said, still staring at the screen blankly.

Optimus was going to ask him what he ment when another wave front crashed into them sending them into another stream and another time frame and the [I]Axalon[/I] began to spin out of control and all onboard blacked out, only to reawaken when they were deposited again....where ever that may be.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I opened my blue, buggy eyes. Beside me was Terrorsaur.. my Aerial Assault leader. I wanted to be like him one day. Commanding everyone. Amazing... but that was not the best thing to think about right now. I got up to see Tarrantulas walking up to Megatron.

"Sir, this planet--" all of the sudden blue lightning like energy wrapped around Tarrantulas in a quick flash. "OW! This planet has energon--"

"What? Yes! This is great." Megatron said happily looking at Tarrantulas.. but after what Tarrantulas was about to say, that smile would be gone.

"There's to much of *shocking* it. If we don't find someway to escape we're pretty much.. well... screwed." said Tarrantulas.

I shook my head, fixing it.

"Mmmm.. Waspinator thinks he has an idea." I said.

"What!?" said Megatron, suprised I even thought.

"Maaybe... just maybe if we could find another form of some sort. One that doesn't use any energy, then we would be safe. Unlike the Maximals..." I said proudly. I was always called names because of my stupidity, but now was gonna be different.

"You know... Waspinator.. That may be the smartest thing I've heard you say since... ummm... EVER!"

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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Visions of the past flew past Optimus Primals opticals while he was unconsious, having his Spark activated for the first time, entering the Maximal Army, defeating the last of the Predacon terrorists on Cybertron, being granted the Matrix of Leadership which had been owned by his ancestors and the great Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. He did not know how much time had passed between the crash landing and his waking up in the ruins of the [I]Axalons[/I] bridge.

He slowly got to his feet, as did the rest of the Maximal crew. "Damage report, Rhinox?" Optimus asked. "Yes, sir. Most ship functions has ceased and the shiled isn't going to last much longer, which could be a problem if the Predacons come calling". It looked as though Rattrap was going to give a witty remark to the statement when his body was suddenly engulfed by a blue engergy field. "Yow! What on Cybertron was that!" He said as he yelped in pain again.

"Cheetor *shocked*, whats happeing here?" Optimus asked, his voice full of confusion. "I'm not sure Big Bot, but it seems that we've landed on [I]Energonia[/I], or to put it another way, the Energon capital of the Universe *shocked*. Theres to much of it, if we stay exposed we won't be fuctioning much longer" The youngster of the team replied.

Optimus began pacing around the bridge, or rarther it's ruins, thinking of an idea that could save the Maximals when they needed saving the most. He was still browsing though his memory files when Airazor suddenly snapped her fingers. "I've got it!," She called out, "Optimus, I've been running a scan of the planet and it is host to many organic lifeforms that seem unhurt by the lage amounts of Energon so if we fused our mechanical parts with their DNA we could be protected against the Energon."

"Very well, Maximlas, begin scaning the planet for suitible creatures to combine with and then we can set out and find the renagde Predacon ship".[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Airrazor nodded and started to scan for the suitable creatures for the Maximals. It took long for her to search. She was searching and searching until she found suitable creatures for each Maximal. She nodded to Optimus and the others were figuring out how to land the ship.[/i]

"Optimus. It's done. I've found creatures suitable for each Maximal."[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=#503F86]Debris littered the deck of the Predacon warship. Computer screens hung from loose wires, blown apart by the explosion and spurting sparks over the twisted metal flooring.

"Status report!" Megatron barked into the dented computer console.

"Engines offline. Main thrusters ninety-eight percent damaged. Life-support systems critical. Emergency power minimal. High radiation levels detected. Hull breaches in sections-"

[i]SLAM![/i] Megatron hurled his fist down onto the keypad, almost splitting it in two. The Transwarp space must have transported them to an alien world. Could it be...

"Tarantulus!" he ordered. "Run a scan for viable lifeforms to assimilate. Once critical repairs have been damaged we must start searching the planet immediately."

Picking himself up from underneath a broken piece of sheet metal, the Predacon hopped over to the nearest screen and started analysing the surroudning area.

Megatron drummed his metallic fingers on what remained of his command chair. If this was indeed the right place, his plans could come to fruition much quicker than he had expected.[/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue]"Hope you found something nice, Toots. I do happen to look very nice in gray," said Rattrap.

"Call me that again, and you'll end up looking bad in black and blue."

"Well, 'scuse me, then! Geez, not like I called you--"

"Shut up, Rattrap." Optimus interuppted. "Make yourself useful and try to help Rhinox keep the Axalon running until we can get things situated."

"Right, right... I'm on it... Yeesh."

[i]Rattrap shuffled over to the monitor beside Rhinox and began trying anything he could to help the Axalon out, though half-heartedly.[/i]

"Zero respect." he muttered.

"What specimens have you found, Airazor?" Optimus asked.

"I'll bring them on screen now."

[i]Airazor quickly brought up a screen and displayed the animals most suitable to use on the planet. Optimus scanned over them briefly and sighed.[/i]

"They'll have to do. Let's just hope Megatron hasn't had as much luck as we have..."[/color]
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[FONT=courier new][COLOR=orange] [i]
As the maximals were in their chambers recieving their new forms Rinox was hard at work perfecting the procedure.

"Prgram replicating and transformation complete. You may emerge." He said

"Murrahow. Hey check it out im I cheeta. No I'm a cheetor!" Said Cheetor.

"Interesting" Said Optimus still in his chamber.

"Interesting? Murrahow Optimus the word is spot on smooth. Hahaha It's a crime!" Cheetor said back at Optimus.

"I little tacky if you ask me. Now this s a form thats it's all about. Call me ratrap."

"Oh yah how about I tear you to pieces?"

"Stand down Cheetor liven large is for forms like me, Rinox." Rinox said stoping Cheetor from making one of his own companions supper.

"All of you calm down. These new forms are to protect us from the Mass energon around this planet." Optimus said exiting his chamber. "Who knows what type of power Megatron can get from those crystals?"

"More then likely emense power Optimus." Said Airaser.[/i]
[/font] [/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]After having the animal DNA placed with his body and intergrated, Optimus Primal was feeling a little off balance. It was very likely, he thought, that the mechanical parts of his body were just ajusting to the fact that their was now living tissue inside of him and was working around it to get smoth running. A strange thing had happened during the process, not only had the Maximals Transformations changed, but also their outer appearance, it was very strange.

"Mmmm, I dunno about this...I mean my CPU is showing," Rattrap moaned while looking into one of the Axalons windows admiring his new appearance, "and my 'Beast Mode' is a Rat, I mean come on, Airazor must have been having a joke, I mean look. Beast Mode!" After saying the final phrase Rattrap twisted and turned until the Robot parts of him had dissappeared into a perfect Rat disguise, in the back Cheetor and Airazor could be heard chuckling to themselves.

"Hey you two! This isn't funny," Rattrap called to them, sounding hurt, "I miss my Cybertron form already. Rattrap Maximize!" And again the Maximal form of Rattrap was visable.

"I know what you mean Rattrap, but we will have to get used to our Beast Modes, when the others have finished the transformation we can move out and look for the Predacon base, understood?" Optimus said while looking out of the view port looking at the new world.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Airrazor was given the form of a hawk. She smiled at her new beast form. She looked around and saw that the forms were very suitable and that she did a good thing.[/i]

"Optimus? How do you feel? Your beast form is a gorilla...as it seems. One of the wisest and strongest animals on the planet."
"Yes. I feel unbalanced but..it's suitable. You did a good thing. What about you?"
"I feel great! Beast Mode!"

[i]Airrazor turned into a hawk and flew around the room. It felt good to feel the wind under her. She changed back to her Cybertron form. She smiled and looked at everyone. Cheetor had the form of a cheetah, the fastest animal on the planet. Optimus, the form of a gorilla, the wisest animal. Rattrap of a rat for the reason that he can go through many obstacles and not get caught...at times. Rhinox has the form of a rhino because a rhino is strongest, and everyone else.[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Cheetor admired himself in one of the Axalons.He was a cheetah,the fastest and swiftest animal in the world.

"This is wicked Big Bot!!"Cheetor said as he ran around,he was a blur.
"And you're an....ape!!"he said halting.
"Gorilla,Cheetor!!"he said firmly."I'm a gorilla."
"Then I'm a monkey's uncle!Jus' kiddin'"Cheetor joked.
"Cheetor Maximize!!"He changed and turned into his normal self.

He ducked quickly as Airazor flew over.He had suddenly changed forms that he was tall and Airazor would have hit him.Cheetor looked back at Rattrap who was still complaining about being a rat in Beast Mode.Cheetor laughed quietly and walked to Rhinox who was in his Rhino form.

"Woah!I gotta be careful of you now don't I!"Cheetor said feeling Rhinox's horn.It was hard and very pointy.
"You always had to be careful of me Cheetor."he replied.
"Rhinox Maximize!!"and Rhinox returned to Cybertron form.

Cheetor continued to go around the room talking to the others about the new morphs.Everyone was excited except the rat who scampered around the room,under everyone's feet.[/color]
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