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Writing love, hate make mistakes

XC SpydeR

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[COLOR=blue][I]"when sumone tells u one thing they turn around and say another,

its just like loving another. But then when u least expect they are always gone.

Now people may say they hate u but they really don't.

Its like puppy love you know they really dont, so runaway hide, it wont get any better,

unless u turn around and say that u luv one another!!!!!!!!" -Me'[/I][/color]
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I'm going to give a bit of constructive critisism. Well, the post is ok, the syntax could use a bit more puncutation. Sometimes it was hard to see where your thoughts ended.

Also, use "you" instead of "u" , it gives your poetry/song far more distinguished appearance.

I suppose your opinion makes some sense.. to an extent. I agree with it in certain conditions. But poetry isn't about whether or not I agree.. i can definately understand writing something based on certain circumstances :).
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