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I'm gonna write a book, but I can't get much
detail out of my head. So why not start it
as a RP.Here I go...
It's the year 2024, and a highly superior
organization called MASS formed and was
suposed to protect Earth fron any threats made.
The goverment aproved to there occupation.
They just had to give $50,000 split for every time they saved Earth from the so called "Evil Aliens". Upon receiving the goverment's signature,
MASS used their new found power to enslave all
mankind. Warriors have gathered from every
which way, searching for more to help to defend all population from MASS, the world domination seeking army...
I need recruiters, so heres the sign up...

Mystical power(optional,and only 1):

I'll do mine later, and the story will reveal
itself as it goes on.

EDIT: sorry, I made the story better...
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Name: Kanriku
Nickname: wanderer
Age: 17
Weapon: gunblade (lightsword with a revolver handle. shoots bullets that go a foot farther than his blade. very powerful)
Appearence: short combed back hair, black leather jacket, black shirt, blue pants, combat boots
Bio: Those who see him only know him as the wanderer, for that is all he reveals. Hot headed, critical, and serious to a fault.
Mystical power(optional,and only 1): Teleportation (can only do it so many times, requires alot of energy
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Name: Monica
Nickname: Monique
Age: 16
Weapon: Whip
Appearence: Black hair that goes half way down back in ponytail. White tank top with white jacket overtop. Black jeans with white shoes.
Bio: Monica's father left her mother when she was six. Nine years later her mother was killed in a car accident while driving home with her in the car. Monica was in the hospital, in a coma from two weeks then she was released. Has been living on her own since then. While walking out in the woods on day she saw a baby wolf unconcious on the ground. She waited about an hour waiting for someone else to come get it, but when nobody came or another wolf, she took it home and cared for it.

EDIT: I just realized how retarded that outfit would look. I'll just go and change that now. Don't mind me at all.
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You must also be aware of no "fix it" posts. In harlequins words "they are spam. why do i feel like nobody reads the rules anymore?"

Anyways, the reason I made this post is to ask, what was mass going to protect the world from? I mean, they were given a whole lot of power for it. Note: I only asked cause if you are writing a book on this, readers are REALLY picky (and stupid not to assume)
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We'll, I'm actually still thinking of what mass stands for.
I'm writing a book, but I'm gonna make it fun by starting a RP.

I said the story will reveal itself,
because if I put it in the paragraph,
there would be to many spoilers.

And Tsukasa_Hack, I said "fix up" because
it was meant to be short for "fix your post and your in"
Thanx everyone...
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Name: Niari
Nickname: none
Age: 16
Weapon: Laser Gun
Appearence: Dark blue hair to her waist (she braids it), purple eyes. Wears a white ruffly tank top, jeans, black sneakers, dark blue cloak type thing.
Bio: Once a fairly easygoing girl, she ran away from home a year ago with a boyfriend who said he loved her, stole her money, and left her a thousand miles from home, flat broke. She was left to fend for herself, joined a gang of low class robbers to survive, and became their leader within a month. She's fairly weak physically, but a perfect shot with a gun. Her hobbies include reading, learning languages, and breaking the heart of every man she meets as a type of revenge. She doesn't hate men, she just thinks that they should know the pain that she has felt. She's even tempered, unless some guy tries to flirt, in which case she'll either lead him on or rage out of control. She's a very serious person, who will rarely do anything for fun. She is driven by obligation, and sees each task as what she must do to survive. She never complains about anything. Her only goals are to live long enough to kill her ex, and find the happiness that was stolen from her one day.
Mystical power: Levitation/flight (limited)
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]In fact Inuyashagurl_15, I think it would be best if you re-read the forum rules, and at the very least my sticky thread "Reminders". And yes people, I do get occasionally get annoyed by spam, but you should also all be aware that I tend to get even more annoyed when several people start telling foresaid spammer about their post. So don't do it.

And while I understand that spoilers are a problem, can this rpg please develop more of a storyline, pretty quickly?

Egads, lots to complain about.[/font][/color]
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NAME:Jayakura Sumako
WEAPON:Metal Staff(rod)
APPEARENCE:I'll get back to this one...
BIO: Living in Japan, before MASS got there,
his family helped him escape... After a little while,
he decided to form a group of warriors to protect
the people of Earth, and rebel against MASS.
Not much is known, although his family is trapped,
and he is currently somewhere in central Europe.
MYSTICAL POWER: Dragon-Chaos(turns into a 7 foot dragon for
8 seconds, and uncontrollably goes beserk...it makes him so
tired, it is hazardus to his health.Hes afraid to use it,
because he will endanger everyone)(uses rarly)

P.S. Sorry Harlequin, I changed it.

EDIT: the story has started in the
adventure arena, but people can still join!
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let me try it agean
wepon:staf blade may kill on impact
aperance:long orange hair dressed in uniform (full Wolf demon)
bio-honya lost her father She had not been close to him and the fact that he sacrificed himself to save her led her to not know whether she 'loved him or hated him.She wants to prove that she is the best.pictue shows what I look like so click on that thing below

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Guest Freaky_Gnome
Name: Ansem
Nickname: Death
Age: 25
Weapon: Dark Saber
Appearence: Tall, short,spikey brown hair, and dressed
in a full black limo suit, with black shades.
Bio: At the age of 3, He had strange abilities to
phycickly kill people who stare into his eyes. That explains why when he grew older, he wore sunglasses. He protected all the
children in his small village, but one day, a child was murdered,
and few were kidnaped. He sent out to assasinate the kidnappers.
Mystical Power: Staring Death
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