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Guest RPG&BattleKing
[color=silver]It has begun. The end. Its all about to go down in one big shishkabob of an ending. The planet. The universe. But of course there must be a hero, and there must be a story, or else its the end of everything. The world. The Galaxy. The Universe. The Heavens. All of them are about to go down in... well I guess even history will en. Unless you help...

I suppose youll want to know what in the heck is going on before this begins right? Well its quite unsimple. Here, let me open up my jiant storybook and tell you whats happening in the year 9999AD.

Some time after you were born. In the year 9999 (one heck of a long time) an evil person rose. And no he didnt concor all or plunge the world into war. Instead he just sold a buch of bombs to different countries. Due to the fact that this dudes a technical genius and there hasnt been war in 100s of years, he got very rich. He would tell them that they should be ready "just in case". No one knows who though the first stick of dynomite but eventually Earth was Heck. Once all the countries had gone poor from years of fighting he easilly took over. One day he made a vague mistake. He ordered a slave to brin him ancient artifacts of times long long long past. He was handed a book. He couldnt understand most of it until he came across some English. It said that he who posseses this enchantment shall gain great power. You can guess what happens next. Dr. idiot uses the spell and is turned into a beast slave of the evil book thing. The world is covered in darkness then (remember there are only like 90 million people left on Earth) all the cities were surrownded by seemingly endless temples filled with traps and monsters. And if one could reach the final chamber and defeat the beast then the curse will be gone. But theres a catch. Once 200 warrios have entered and none succeded, the entire universe, even the heavens, will implode...[/color]

Spells: (2no more no less)

The first 7 good sign-ups will be accepted.
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ok im in....
Apperance:long black hair
torn kimono
wepons:staf blade kills in inpact
spells:Morphing and telaportation
Bio: honya was left with a friend of the familywhen she was 2.
well an evil person killed her parents because they had the power to stop him.Honya knew she wasent human because of her abiliteys.she is seeking revenge for her parents lives and killing n-e-thing in her path to stop her.
she is fun loving and enjoys batels but when push comes to shove she can be a hazard to her enimeys helth
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weapons:The Jackal(gun)
spells: Blood Lust and transformation.
bio: he's a vampire who has great bloodlust. He loves to fight.
He used to be a vampire hunter.

appearance: [IMG]http://man-neko.com/IMAGE/KOBA/KOB001.JPG[/IMG]
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Name: Illidan the Spoony Bard
Appearance: Has long dark brown hair that stops just above his shoulders, very messy. Pale skin, unusually pale. Strange black suit covered in belts and small chain looking things. Every once and a while he will put on a large(and long) red coat.
Age: 19 (Supposedly)
Weapons: (gun) in his right hand, and claw attachment thingies(pointy knife like things on each finger) on his left.
Spells: Heal and Levitate.
Bio: !:Shortened Version:!

Known well in his home town since he was 15 when he started to play songs for the people. After many unusual death were discovered in his town he started tracking down murderers at night. After one day of traveling he returned to find his town, but it was surounded in ice(thought I was gonna say fire didn't ya?)! He left and eventually found himself here. With nothing to live for he decided to try and help save all existence, for kicks.
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Name: Ratu LeinRosen

Appearance: 6ft 2in tall, very thin, wearing all black almost noble-like archaic looking clothing with a long black cloak and a pointed black wide brimmed hat.

Age: Unknown.

Weapons: Twin Katana's enchanted to steal the souls of those it kills to add to it's power.

Spells: instinctive combat mantra, and sword activation spell.

Bio: Very little is really known about the being known as ratu. Some thought him to be a nobleman, others a tyrant. the truth had been long lost in time and his own amnesia. The facts are he was originally a cruel and wicked man and also a master of the dark arts of necromancy. He was eventually defeated by a group of heroes but though they tried they could not simply kill Ratu so they all used their most powerful magics and other powers to wipe the mind of ratu leinrosen. Even though however his memory was lost to him, his soul was still tainted by the power of necromancy making him forever sensitive to the presense of the udnead.
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