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[size=1][color=blue][b]I know alot of you hate them, but please, no bashing. I'm trying to make a serious thread here.

[u]Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers[/u]- [i]Dino, Thunder and Ninja[/i]- The very first season, and by far, one of the best. Of course, if I watch now, some of the acting is corny, but it was really good overall.

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were two of the best villians [i]ever[/i]. I mean, Rita's cackle and Zedd's idiotic but evil plans...they were great. Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, Scorpina, King Sphinx and Master Vile definately added to it, too.

Original Red: Jason Scott [Tyrannosaurus, Dragon]
Original Black: Zack Taylor [Mastadon, Lion]
Original Yellow: Trini Kwan [Sabertoothed Tiger, Griffith]
Original Pink: Kimberly Hart [Pterodactyl, Firebird, Crane, White Shogun Zord]
Original Blue: Billy ? [Triceratops, Unicorn, Wolf, Blue Shogun Zord]
Original Green, White: Tommy Oliver [Dragonzord, White Tiger, Falcon, White Shogun Zord]
Red- Rocky DeSantos [Dragon, Ape, Red Shogun Zord]
Black- Adam Park [Lion, Frog. Black Shogun Zord]
Yellow- Aisha Campbell [Griffith, Bear, Yellow Shogun Zord]
Pink- Katherine Hillard [Crane, White Shogun Zord]

[u]Power Rangers Zeo[/u]- [i]Zeo[/i]- A really good storyline in itself. Had very good plots and storylines, and interesting zords. One of the toughest moments in PR History: Kimberly dumping Tommy. I literally was upset about this.

The villians were kind of boring, but hey, what can you do?

Red V: Tommy Oliver [Phoenix. Red Battlezord, Super Zeo Zord V]
Green IV: Adam Park [Taurus, Super Zeo Zord IV]
Blue III: Rocky DeSantos [Sphinx, Super Zeo Zord III]
Yellow II: Tanya Sloan [Battle Tank II, Super Zeo Zord II]
Pink I: Katherine Hillard [Battle Tank I, Super Zeo Zord I]
Gold: Jason Scott [Pyramidas]

[u]Power Rangers Turbo[/u]- [i]Turbo[/i]- This is when the acting started getting bad, but it was good overall. The zords were great and the battles were sometimes.

Red: Tommy Oliver [Red Lightning]
Blue: Justin Stewart [Mountain Blaster, Siren Blaster]
Green: Adam Park [Desert Thunder]
Yellow: Tanya Sloan [Dune Star]
Pink: Katherine Hillard [Wind Chaser]
Red 2: T.J. Johnson [Red Lightning, Lightning Fire Tamer]
Green 2: Carlos ? [Desert Thunder, Thunder Loader]
Yellow 2: Ashley Hammond [Dune Star, Star Racer]
Pink 2: Cassie Chan [Wind Chaser, Wind Rescue]

I don't feel like doing the rest right now, but I might do them later.

So, what are your thoughts? I think it's kind of sad when I think of where they are now and that I really don't see them anymore.[/b][/color][/size]
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Mighty Morphin' as totaly the best, but only with Zach Jason and Trini as the original rangers. I'm not complaining about the others like Rocky, but I just perfer the originals. That's what I used to watch as a kid. Any other British folks online'll remember fun in the Sun during the summer holidays, early morning TV with Mr Motivator. Don't tell me I'm the only one who used to watch that.

Anyway, I was obsessed with that as a kid, but then it just got out of control with Zeo, Turbo, In space, nature force, that time one....waaaay out of control. I suppose just as long as they had Billy, Tommy and Kimberly it was good, then it just became stupid.
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[COLOR=purple]~Go go power rangerrrsss
Yeah! thats still one of the best theme songs ever LoL
The very first season was definitely the best
I was too heart-broken when Trini left to enjoy the other ones =P
Although I did find myself watching PowerRangersLostGalaxy(?) quite a bit... O.o
Power Rangers, they're a part of out past
We must embrace them! >D[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=deeppink]I've heard Billy's last name is Cranston. I don't know if this is official, but anything that Rovang tells me has to be true, since Rovang is the Power Ranger God.

It's good to see another Power Ranger fan on the boards. The only other truly serious fans don't seem to come around much anymore. (Oh Devidramon, where are you!)

Zedd was indeed the best villain ever. I mean, he could have been better, but the fact is he has no skin! How freaking cool is that!

I'm not sure about your reasoning behind adding King Sphynx to the list of villains there. He didn't have much of a personality, and he only appeared in one episode. Technically, he was also in the pilot, but that was the same footage, heh.

Anyway, I never liked him all that much, to tell you the truth. Give me the Terror Toad any day! Mwah ha ha![/COLOR]
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[color=666666][size=1][i]I thought the best one's were the original's. I still do think they were the best. I used tohave a crush on kimberly, heck i still do. She was so hot. Tommy was lucky. Also Bulk and Skull have been in every single different season there is. I just thought I wouldpoint it out to you.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I WAS Kimberly the Pink Ranger. We had the same name, after all.

HECK YEAH I was obsessed with ther Power Rangers. I still have a ton of toys that I'll never part with, including a million pink ranger plushies. Not to mention some videos that I got for Christmas one year.

If the originals still came on, I'd watch it everyday no matter what.

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I used to watch them as a kid as well. I watched the original and got the first 2 movies. And I even got the Green Ranger Karate Video. They were awesome when I used to watch them but I dont like them anymore... and Im not bashing you Leh but I think they are for a younger age group in my opinion. Well thats just my opinion.
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I used to love Power Rangers. I got out of it though. I occasonally watch it. They best was the original. I was around when it first srated and loved it. My favorite was the Green Ranger. I still wish I had the toy dagger for the Green Ranger. That thing was awesome.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hataki Vash [/i]
[B] Im not bashing you Leh but I think they are for a younger age group in my opinion. Well thats just my opinion. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=hotpink][size=1]I'm 18 and if the originals came on, you couldn't keep me from watching them. :p Of course, I DID start watching them when I was in about second or third grade...

It's hard to believe that the Power Rangers are that old. MAN, I feel old...it miss all the times I used to have playing PR with all the neighborhood kids on the trampoline and how my dad could do the perfect imitation of the the Puddies..or Putties...gah, like it matters anymore...[/color][/size]
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[color=darkblue]Actually, they may still come on in the version of "The Best of Power Rangers" that comes on ABC Family's morning line-up. I wouldn't know exactly, though, because I can never watch it. Have to leave for school before it comes on.

I used to love the Power Rangers. They were so awesome in the beginning, but after Power Rangers In Space, I kind of fell out of the whole thing. I heard from some of my other friends that it kind of went down the drain, but I never had the time to actually look it over again. But I do have to say that this Power Rangers: Ninja Storm that's out now doesn't look to hot to me...[/color]
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I used to love the Power Rangers when I was 8 to 10, but after they got rid of the original cast including Tommy, I lost all interest in the show. Now I hate all the new ones like the Space and Time morphers. It seems like Bandai and Saban are trying to squeze every last dollar out of it, but have run out of ideas.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Meteora [/i]
[B][color=666666][size=1][i]Also Bulk and Skull have been in every single different season there is. I just thought I wouldpoint it out to you.[/color][/size][/i] [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=deeppink]No they haven't. They were in it from Mighty Morphin' Season 1 through Lost Galaxy (only very sparesly), and they guest starred in an episode of Wild Force, but they weren't in Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, or Ninja Storm.

I'd like to point out the Saban no long has anything to do with Power Ranger anymore. They sold it to Disney. However, I'm not sure about the state of Sentai, heh.

And no, the creaters of Power Rangers are definately not running out of ideas. Since Power Rangers is actaully Sentai, and Sentai has been managing to reinvent itself for over twenty-five years now, I'd say they're going to be fine. Just because more than one season uses the same zord theme doesn't mean it has a lack of ideas and originality.

If every season introduced a zord that was nothing more than a robot, would you complain about no originality? It's all ready happened (Time Force and Zeo both featured zords that were nothing more than a big robot.)

Did anyone complain every time Transformers introduced another Autobot? "Oop, another car. This show is running out of ideas."[/COLOR]
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