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Sign Up My first RPG; Dark Forest: An Endless Night

Ryoko T.D.C.

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This is my first RPG ever. So, Be nice........Please............And to tell you early, I'm not on the computer on Monday-Friday, So I won't post a lot.

Once apona time, there was a peaceful little village on one side of the Rosata Ocean. On the other, was an evil and dark land. Narahoe. It was filled with dangerus traps, monsters, an evil King, and the evil Kings goons. The little village, Mattakie Village, was having it's year round festival, when it attacked!

It was the EVIL KING AND HIS GOONS! He used his evil powers at the village and destroied it. All. But one surrvied.............His name, was Toan. A great wizard had saved him and his village. But the village was sealed in a cristal. And so was many other villages and towns. He had to go through many dangerus places. Like the Forest of Darkness, Dessert of Wizdom, Rosata Ocean, and finaly, the Evil Kings castle. Just to save his village, and many others............

But he was not alone, he has 5 allies:

Xiao; a house cat turned into a human warrior who fights with a slingshot.

Ruby; a genie fresh out of the lamp. She attacks with different magic rings.

Goro; is a hunter who uses axes, hammers, and other heavy weapons.

Ungaga; a man that is a legend to his people, and he uses staffs or spears.

Osmond; is a moon person that uses guns and lasers and flies into battle with a helopack on his back.

You must be one of these characters to be in the RPG. I am Toan. Please join! Like I said, this is my frist! And I hope the plot is good!?
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Let's see here...
Name: Xiao
Age: 3 (human years. In cat years she's really about 15)
Apppearance: Pale skin, short dark brown hair shot with red streaks, yellow eyes. Wears a long crimson tunic and black pants.
Bio: Xiao was just your ordinary housecat, who enjoyed wandering the village and making friends. That is, until the darkness fell. Lots of different spells were floating around, making it dark. One of them hit Xiao, but instead of killing her, it just hurt her a lot. She was found by the wizard who rescued Toan, and when he tried to do a healing spell on her, she turned into a human(strange reaction, eh?). She wants to save the village if only so she can find her owners again, and she wants to go back to being a cat again. The wizard tried, but it seems that only the evil king can change her back. She's still very cattish, sly and playful, only eats fish and milk, and is excellent at tree-climbing. She's very talkative and inquisitive. She also knows very little about what humans do, and thinks that they have too much power for their own good.
I hope this is okay!
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[color=green]Also my first RPG... be forgiving...

Name: Ungaga
Age: 26
Appearance: Tan, long and unkept brown hair, he is tall and ruggedly hansom. he wears a brown tunic and is never without his staff.
Bio: A skilled fighter, he was recruited by the King, when he turned it down he was ambushed by many fighters. During the battle his family was killed by minions of the Evil King. He returned home to find them dead. He has vowed to avenge the death of his family, and seeks the Evil King. He is simply following the trail of destruction when he comes upon Toan, who reminds him of his son, or what his son might have grown to be. Quiet and brooding, he practices fighting skills with his staff and spears in all spare moments. It appears he doesn't like anyone in particular, but he is very protective of all group members, especially Toan.[/color]
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Alright, we just need 3 more people. And I forgot to say that Toan uses dagers and different swords, and that this relates to a game I play on the PS2, so we also find different items and weapons on the way.
Oh! I forgot!

Name: Toan
Age: 15-20
bio: The wizard grants Toan the power to recreate the world. Toan is the holder of the Atlamillia, the magic stone of restoring the towns and villages. Only Toan can open the cristals.
description: I'll get back to you.

And if you want to see what they look like I'll show you in a PM and I'll try to show you.
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Guest Heart's Mind
Appearance: Has the looks of a 17 year old female. She is still young in her appearance dispite her age. Has white tank top with black vest, and dark blue baggy pants. Has 3 gold braclets on each wrist and 1 on each ankle. Blue eyes and shoulder length red hair.
Bio: Has been locked in a lamp for the past 70 years. She was set free again during an attack of a village she was buried in. Her lamp had been left under a tree that a old woman buried years ago. During an attack on the village the tree was knocked over and she was freed once again.
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Time to jump on the band wagon...

Appearance:A pale skinned man with few actual muceles, he constantly wears his helopack.Other clothes are not special at all, and are completely black.Has short white hair.
Bio:Born on the moon, Osmund came to earth seeking adventure, and found a great evil. He is now helping Toan for the better good, and to have the time of his life.He jokes alot and is rarely serious.

OOC:I'm very sorry if this is bad. If it needs changing, please tell me.
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Hi, I was wondering if I could be Goro the hunter who uses axes, hammers, and other heavy weapons.
Name: Goro
Age: 30
Apperence: Has unnormally big hands and muscles, scar in the shape of an x going through his left eye (which is completly red)
Bio:Very skilled at his work with his weapons, but not as smart as some and has seen many years of battles, some of which he has been in, and has no family left because the all have passed away because of the wars, most died because of fires so he does not use fire.
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