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RPG Dragonballz The Sayjin Battle


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The city of Malnusk was calm. The bar was full of drunken sayjins, who had recently conquered another planet for Frieza. Two figures lazed on the roof. One of them had black messy hair that went off in two directions, and a scar on his cheek. He chewed on a piece of straw as the other one started taking. "Yo, Bardock, you were talkin 'bout Frieza bein a twisted **** in der, what was it 'bout.?"

"It's like I said, Gordo, Frieza ain't helping us one bit. We do his bidding, and we're rewarded with a pat on the back and another assighnment. It isn't right."
"We should rebel! Attack him in the night and blow him to hell!"

"Naw. Someone'll do it, not me." There was a long silence between them, until Gordo spoke again. "Heard your kid got born."

"Yeah, they do that."
"You should go visit 'im."
"Nope. There's no point, he'll be shipped out anyways."

Silence spread again, until four objects flew in from the west. "Lazerous!" Gordo yeleed, springing up. "Bardock, we gotta split!" Bardock grinned and fixed a scouter to his ear. "Why? This may actually be fun for a change." The objects turned out to be sayjins. they landed hard and looked over the town. One of them let out an evil laugh as he ignited the building closest to him.
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Three of the four ships landed and one of the figures emerged from the pods. It was none other than Lazerous himself.
The last ship still continued and crashed inside a building.

"Get that saiyajin men. That bastard ruined so much of my plans that he's lived long enough. kill him when you see him emerging!" Lazerous said with anger.

"Yes sir." Said the saiyajins that were there next to him and they all took of to the crashed pod.

At the crash A figure emerged. "I was so close." said the figure. "So very close."

"Are you okay mister?" Said a saiyajin running towards him.

"GORDO What are you doing he could be one of Lazerous's men!"
Said Bardock ready to attack him.

"MY name is Gaul and I am no ally of Lazerous. I am the one destined to kill that APE for killing my love." The figure said with anger in his voice. [/i]
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Cherry watched out her window, her lip curling in disgust as various drunken saiyjins stumbled into the streets, celebrating another victory over another planet. On the outside, she was strong and indifferent, but inside she hoped to god that it wasn't Earth. Not her home.. the one she'd give anything to get back to.. [i]Not her home.[/i]

She began to turn away, thinking to tinker around with the scouter she'd stolen, when a loud crash outside caught her attention. Arching her eyebrows up, she quickly turned back, leaning against the window as she watched the smoking ruins of some building. It was then that she noticed the other men, coming from a larger ship off to the side; who the hell were they? Saiyjins, definitely, but not the same ones celebrating just a few minutes ago.

Crossing her arms as she watched the happenings outside, Cherry wondered what the little slimy freak Freiza would do about this when he found out.. if he [i]cared[/i], that is.
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"So you're the tragic hero then?" Bardock said to Gaul. He growled and flew up in front of Bardock. "Hold your tongue, or I will happily remove it."
"I'll keep that in mind." Bardock replied in a bored voicle. A flaming red beam rocketed past his head and destroyed the building behind him. He turned around and grinned. "Allright!" He sped down and charged at one of the sayjins. He dissapeared as soon as the sayjin fired another beam at him, and reappeared behind him. He grabbed both sides of his face and turned his head with a horrible crack, breaking his neck. "No! You'll pay for that!" A sayjin behind him open fired as Bardock flung the dead sayjin into the line of fire. The sayjin disintagrated, leaving a wall of smoke. Bardock burst out of the smoke and launched his fist into the sayjin's face.
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A Young woman walks in the distance from the group of super saijyns. Her hands in her pockets, she steps into the street. Her black as night hair with green tips which hangs to her top of her shoulders, is bobbing along as she walks.

The group of sayjins stop talking and stop fighting. " You feel that? That energy? It's another Sayjin. Coming this way." Said Bardock . " It's impossible" said Gaul as they all saw Kai coming.

" She cant be a Sayjin. She's a female." Bardock muttered. Kai looked at the group curiously. She nodded a simple hello to them as she passed. One of the Sayjin's sends a blast at her back. She herself dodges the blast and turns around firing one back at him." What in the Heck Did I do to you to deserve that?" She says as she walks to the group
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Freiza was walking through his space ship, when he flt the energy jump from Bardocks' litle fight. He shook his head and got into his hover ship. He shot off towards the bar, weaving between drunk saiyans, and landed, grabbing Bardock by the armor.

Frieza: What are you doing? *smirk*


Frieza: TELL ME!

He held him, waiting for the answer...
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"Its Lazerous. The **** you dont belive in!" Frieza smashed him against a wall. "It's not polite to lie. How many times must I remind you?" Frieza pushed harder, driving Bardock through a wall. Bardock growled. "What's wrong with you? We're on YOUR side!" Frieza laughed and threw him to the side. Bardock did a handspring and fired an energy ball at Frieza. "You wanna play tough?!! COME ON!!" Bardock started to power up. Frieza cackled and held out his finger. A small red beam shot out and struck Bardock in the chest. "Pity. I was going to send you out again to." He laughed again and hovered across the streets. After a good ten minutes, Bardock stirred. He stumbled out of the rubble and found a clinic. "H-help me."
"Sorry Mr. Bardock, but we have direct orders not to let you- AACK!!" Bardock grabbed him around the throught and raised him off the ground. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T HEAL ME?!!" He set the frightened man down and coughed up blood. [i] Just great... [/i]
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Edit: OOC: Sorry I was away and now I'm trying to post in every RPG I missed.

"Yeah, I heard Lazerous is around here," said a warrior walking down the street.

"What's he doing here?" the other warrior asked?

The sound of a blade being unsheathed was heard just as the warriors turned around the corner. They fell to the ground. A young man, about 20, appeared on the other side of them, sliding his sword back in his sheath. He disappeared again.

The same man appeared, crouched on a roof of a building. He suddenly looked to his left; he could sense a good number of high power levels.

"Probably one of Frieza's morons," He muttered.

He jumped off the side of the building, and slowly glided down to the ground.

"I better keep my power level low," He said quietly to himself.

The man walked toward the Saiyans in the bar, keeping his head down. Several of the Saiyans were fighting each other, as they were all drunks. The man then looked to his right, as something caught his eye. A ship that he hadn?t seen before. It looked like it came from a different planet than Frieza's space center. He turned away from the bar, then quickly jumped towards the ship and disappeared. He came up to the ship and entered through its landing gear. A panel, in the hallway in the ship lifted up as the man came out. He ran down the hall to where he thought the control panel was. He was wanted to know where this thing came from.

All the speakers in the ship came on, "We will now be taking off."

The man almost shouted, "What!?"

Before he could do anything, the ship was airborne, and headed for space. He suddenly ran down the hall, looking for an exit. As he turned the corner, he ran into one of Frieza's guards. He made a face like he was just scared by a ghost or something.

"Hey! What the?" The guard shouted.

The man ran back down the hall and into a room, when he got into the room, he turned and locked the door. When he turned around, he saw a girl looking out of a window. She turned and looked at him strange.

"Who are you?" They both said at the same time.

The door blew off and at the man. He grabbed it and threw it to the side. He slowly unsheathed his sword and disappeared. Flashes of dark light appeared around the guard. The man appeared standing behind the guard, slowly putting his sword back. The guard fell to the ground.

"H-how did you teleport like that?" the girl asked.

"Its just moving fast. By the way, the name's Xaru," Xaru replied.
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[color=sienna]It came to the point where Cherry had no idea what was going on outside her window. There were saijyins fighting saijyins, things were being blown up and bowled over, and she thought she actually saw Freiza, but she couldn't be sure. After all, she saw the face of evil on too many faces in this hell-hole of a planet. Crossing her arms, she leaned against the wall facing the room, though her face was still turned towards the window. [i]Stupid planet.[/i]

Just as she began thinking over her evil little schemes to make a weapon powerful enough to blow everyone on that god-forsaken ship to smithereens, there was commotion in the hall and some guy entered her room, locking the door immediately behind him. Stepping off the wall, she asked with slight surprise and more suspicion, "Who are you?" Only to find that he voiced the same question.

Then the door blew off it's hinges and towards the man, but amazingly he was quick enough to catch it. He then proceeded to disappear and reappear behind the guard that came through the doorway, and then the guard was no longer a problem. She felt like she should scream or yell or do something, but instead the first thing that came tumbling out of her mouth was, "How did you teleport like that?"

"It's just moving fast. By the way, the name's Xaru," the man replied, his weapon now resheathed.

She just nodded dumbly, trying to work out the mechanics of "moving fast", so fast that she actually [i]lost sight[/i] of him. Now that was one scientific discovery! [i]Incredible,[/i] she thought, and proceeded to wonder about what else these brutish saijyins could do before he raised an eyebrow at her. She coughed in embarrassment.

"Oh, right. My name's Cherry."[/color]
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OOC: Congrats, Arcadia. That has to be somekind of record for the least amount of post and becoming a mod. :sweat:

?Nice to meet you,? Xaru said.

The ship's engines were roaring as it was leaving the atmosphere. The planet got slowly got smaller and smaller as the ship sped off into space.

"It looks like I'm in for a long ride," Xaru mumbled to himself.

He walked over to a chair on the far side of the room. Sitting down, he looked around this strange ship. He thought to himself, [i]Why do the engines make so much noise? I hope there isn't anything wrong with them.[/i]Xaru couldn?t sit any longer he had to find a way back to Frieza, to destroy him. He stood up and paced around the room, his tail swaying as he walked. Cherry looked over towards Xaru. She then saw his tail.

?You?re Saiyan?? She asked, surprised.

?Yes,? Xaru replied, shyly and blushing. ?I assume you are from another planet. You don?t dress like the people in Malnusk.?

An extremely loud noise came from the front of the ship. Xaru quickly grabbed his sheath and darted towards the door. He stepped over the dead guard and ran out into the hall where two elite guards scrambled out of a door and shot a blast at Xaru. He sailed through the air and hit the wall. Xaru returned a blast. The guards reflected the blast; it hit a wall behind them. Xaru kicked off the ground and shot like lightning at the guards. He drove his fist into one?s face. The other hit him in the stomach, sending him into the air. Xaru managed to fly back and land on his feet. He gave the guards a smirk. The energy around him started to glow like fire. He positioned his hands for a double ki blast attack. He started screaming as he let out a massive blast from his hands. It disintegrated the guards and made a giant hole in the layers of the ship. The hull was still intact. Xaru fell to a knee and coughed up blood. He turned and shot a k blast at a camera that was in the room. After that he collapsed and saw nothing but blackness.

OOC: Tiredness.
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[color=burlywood]Cherry turned and looked out the window again, watching as the rose off the planet and through the atmosphere. "Good bye and good riddance," she muttered, before glancing back to Xaru as he mentioned her peculiar clothes. She raised her eyebrows, picking at her shirt before shrugging, brushing her hair away from her face. "This is true. In fact, I don't even [i]like[/i] the people in Malnusk.." Her voice trailed off after that and the room was left in a short silence, before another loud noise destroyed the peace and quiet.

Cherry blinked and watched as Xaru scrambled up and out the door, leaping over the body of the guard as if it wasn't even there - and that guard was pretty damn big, by her standards. With raised eyebrows, she followed him discreetly, at least enough to where she could see out into the hall and figure out what the hell was going on. She poked her head out just in time to see Xaru go flying back; ducking in quickly, her chest heaving up and down, she covered her mouth quickly so she didn't make any noise. What was going on out there?!

The sounds of destruction went on for a few more minutes before once again silence took over, and Cherry braved another look. There were some large holes and smoking remains, but it looked clear. For the moment. She glanced back to see a charred camera and then Xaru himself, lying limply on the ground. It was just her luck, too - the one guy on the ship who didn't eye her with disgust or with lust, and didn't manhandle her around from place to place, and he winds up dead. Making her way to him, over rubble and debris, she soon noticed that he wasn't dead; quite the contrary.

Then engines began roaring again and the ship vibrated briefly, before stilling again. She raised her eyebrows as she glanced up at the ceiling, as if that would some how give her the answer to all these riddles. But instead she just got a nice view of peeling paint. Sighing, she struggled to drag Xaru back into her little room, miraculously pulling him over this and that even as she swore that her little puny muscles would snap. Once in the safe confines of the room, she locked the door and started fanning the saiyjin, hoping he would return to consciousness before somebody else came and found them.

"Come on, wake up. Xaru. [i]Xaru![/i] ...jesus." [i]Goddamn monkeys.[/i][/color]
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