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Sign Up Roko, King of the Pirates


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(Inspired by One Peice,Shanghai Knights, and Pirates of the Carribean)


On a far away planet called "Ogoa", Pirates and outlaws are the unoffiaical rulers of the lands. Much like Earth, Ogoa has a large percentage of water. But instead of 70% water, like Earth, i tis 90% percent water. Ogoa is spotted by islands raning in size from small mile long strips of land to humongous and heavely populated flaoting cities. The mighty pirate captains rule with a cruel power and kill those in there way. A, organized Navy has been organized to combat them, but they are no better at core. The lands has fallen on bleek times.....


Recentely, a young Drago/Hume man known only as Rokou, has been venturing the vast seas. gathering and befreinding very skilled pirates, outlaws and other warriors. He has seemingly vowed to be known as the "King of All Pirates" and promises to find the leendary "Lost Island", a hidden Island that is supposed to hold riches beyond beleif and a vast lands. But because of his constant rivalires with other Pirate Captains, a boutny and warrant has been placed on his head. Now rival Pirate Captains, Bounty hunters, and the Navy all hunt him. But who is Rokou? What kind of man is he? Why is he chased? And most of all, why does he want to find the "Lost Island"?


Name: (make it anything. Japanese, english, spanish, whatever)

Age: (don't care)


Race: (Hume is human and Drago is like a dragon human. Roko is one of few Drago/Hume's)


Weapon: ( 2 max. i want this to be different, so please, don't go and have a 3 people with katana's. Make it interesting. There are thousands of weapins to choose from including fire arms and exlplosives.)

Side: (Rokou's team of 5, 3 Bounty Hunters, or 2 Navy sailors)


Reason for Joining (your side):


Here's mine:

Name: Rokou Jaabar

Age: 19

Height/Weight: 5'11"/165ibs

Race: Drago/Hume

Description: Rokou has deeply tanned skin, jet black hair with dark red streaks pulled back with a dark red bandana, yellow cat eyes, sharp K-9s, a large hoop ear ring on his pointed slightly red ear, and a black goatee .He wears a dark red vest unbuttoned with nothing under, a large black sash holding up his dark red, baggy pants, and a pair of knee high, torn up boots with red strings. HE wears two blade holsters around his waist.

Weapons: A long one sided dueling saber with a golden grip and a large knife with a curvy, bleue steel blade and blue steel grip. He fights with one in each hand and has a strange and very acrobatic fighting style that is also very effective.

Side: Captain of the SS Red Star

Bio: As a child, Rokou was percicuted for being half Drago and knew nothing of his father other than he was a great pirate. Contrar to his harsh life, Rokou was optimistic and goofy. He trained hard with the two blades that his father left him as a remeberence to his only son. For years, he trained hard in fighting, acrobatics, and sailing and eventually got into top condition, but he hadn't noticed that he had grown into quite the young man. He soon found a small ship and bought it, then he began to build on to it. Before he knew it, he had a beutiful ship and said good by to his mother. He then set off to recruit a crew of pirates and outlaws who could help him become the King of Pirates, as his father wished to be. But he soon found himself in trouble with the NAvy and Rival Pirates for property damage and interfeering with there dirty work. He is now chased down for both the NAvy and Pirates.

Reason for joining the SS Red Star: I'm the captain.


alright, now i need you guys to sign up. I need four people to be on the SS Red Star, 3 bounty hunter, and 2 members of the Navy.

Please, have fun and make things interesting. :D
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Name: Nya Dennasen

Age: 15

Height/Weight: 5'6/ 120lbs

Race: Hume

Description: Nya is spanish skinned. During cold winters it is fair but when summer rolls oround or when in prolonged periods of sunlight it gets extreemly Tan. She has light brown eyes and dark brown hair. Her hair is curly and comes down to her waist when in high ponytail. She only wears her hair in a ponytail; however, when it is extreemly windy or hot. She wears a Black vest buttoned up enough to cover "most" cleavage and some of her stomach shows. Her pants are back as well and are tight in the crotch and butt area but grows looser as the fabric fits down her legs. the bottoms are tucked into her brown boots and She wears a tannish sash around her waist which olds two throwing daggers and a "boomerrang like" blade. She has both ears peirced with looped earings but only one of the earings has a charm on it. the charm is of a dolphin. She wears a blue eyeshadow very thinly on her eyes.

Weapon: Two throwing knives and a boomerang like, blade.

Side: Ryoko's team.

Bio: Raised by a family of Navy sailors she learned all the strengths and weaknesses of the Navy. even though it is family tradition to trai to become a part of the navy, Nya desided she wanted to be a pirate and nothing could change her mind. Nya was shunned and beaten by her freinds for this fantasy and finnaly her dad told her she would have to choose between family and crime. She chose crime. She ran away and joned up with Rokou. She's a cunning woman and won't let anyone push her around.

Reason for Joining (your side): to live the life she dreamed of.
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Name: Sen Ruki

Age: 27

Height/Weight: 6"6 170lbs

Race: Hume

Description: Messy Multi Color hair, right half is blue which covers the right side of his face and the other side is Red, White, and Emerald green and is comb back an leans to his left side a bit, wares a necklace (Think Inu Yasha's but made of plain wood and no tooth things) is well built and has tan skin has skin died tattoos markings that cover the top half of his body. Wares a large leather glove on his right hand the goes up to his elbow on his right hand, wares a large dull green belt with baggy brownish tanish pants with many pockets and brown boots.

Weapon: uses 6 small razor throwing disk, 3 lock on to each side of his belt and throws them with deadly accuracy, small triangle grappling blade that fires from under side of his glove

Side: Rokou's team

Bio: Sen's parents were killed in the cross fire between to rival Outlaws, they would have killed Sen to if he hadn?t been chased into a hardware store and use the blades in there to kill both Outlaws, Sen then spent most his life making money from being a mercenary who worked for many a Outlaw. When he grew older, he join a small group of nomads sailors who taught Sen how to read stars and to always respect the sea, he then rob them blind an made for the main land. Sen is very Sarcastic, laid back and cocky but when it comes to fighting Sen leaves the enemy lying in the dust.

Reason for Joining (your side): Sen joined because he had knowledge of the sea and how to navigate, also because he loves a good fight, especially when there?s money involved though his loyalty is questionable,
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Name: hillind ray

Age: 15

Height/Weight: 6'7" , 250

Race: hume

Description: blue eyes, brown hair, black and white bandana, finger less gloves, orange vest, blue shirt with red stripes, black pants, boots,

Weapon: sword, whip

Side: Rokou's team/ bounty hunter (some times)

Bio: Even though hilind normaly works as a bounty hunter he's got a bounty on his own head. When he's not chasing people to get the bounty on there heads he works as a thief. He goes to places where he thinks there will be treasure or some type of adventure. He mostly travels to increase is skills or to see if he's needed for a adventrue. He's nice to what friends he has. He's not realy afraid to risk his life so he'll go into things even if it's dangerous .

Reason for Joining: adventure, treasure hunting
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Name: Felicia Teakamoray

Age: 21

Height/Weight: 5"7'/100

Race: Dragon

Description: Short silver hair, long shaggy bangs, dead/dull light blue eyes, slight tan, pastel colored pants, pastel colored vest (opened), buttoned long sleeve white shirt ,w/ frills on the end, black band around neck, and right hand, and black boots

Weapon: Butterfly ogre

Side: Bounty Hunter

Bio: Felicia is famous to everybody as one of the most insane bounty hunters alive. Known that she riddles, for this she is usually never found by her bounty. If by some off chance that they want her dead, so that she can't get them. Usually able to find them first. Felicia had been said to once have befriended the Navy, many years ago. Then hated them for an attack on some ship. Which in the end sunk, and all those aboard dead. The accident was never heard of again. After wards she never stayed in the same place. And begun to go after more bounties then anyone before. Never loosing them, and bringing them in within the week she set out for them. Being wise, intelligent, sadistic, and cold she enjoys causing pain. Felicia is very skilled with the butterfly ogre, she can fight at a close range or far range. Although her fighting weakness is her far range. Her charging for far range needs to be improved. Felicia has been tinning with the ogre since she was little. The one who she had looked up to most had been killed during a raid on the off coast land. And she'll never forgive them for that. Confusing others with her riddles, often time gains her an advantage over her bounty by striking where they're confused and have lost their way when fighting.

Reason for Joining: Felicia hates the pirates, or the Navy. The Navy for sinking some ship which she had had some link to. And the pirates for her past.
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Great. Now i need one more person to be on my team and 1 more bounty hunter. If i'll just cancel the Navy position, since i'm sure no one wants to be part of "Evil Goverment". :P

Oh, and T Man, you should stick to just the whip. It sounds much more cooler to be a master with it. But if you don't want to, then never mind.
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Name: Olaf the Raging Storm

Age: 27

Height/Weight: 7'4" 185.9lb

Race: Hume

Description: Dark Brown eyes. Black/Brown hair that stops right below his shoulders, extremely messy. White shirt with black pants, black boots, and a black jacket. His body is almost completely covered in scars. Every now and then he will wear a crimson hat with the piture of his pistol and blade crossed. Tanned. Has a strange purple line on both his cheeks that end under the opposite side of the eyes (confusing eh).

Weapon: A pistol. A blade that he connects to his left arm.

Side: Rokou's team

Bio: When Olaf was 21 he just seemed to appear everywhere. He is usually seen helping pirates. Although he never usually stays with a specific pirate captain he is considered dangerous by authorities. He is considered to be a master of disguise, because he always gets away from bounty hunters just by wearing things like fake moustaches, beard, wigs, etc. Nothing(absolutely nothing) is known about him before he was 21, no records, nothing.

Reason for Joining: He's a pirate so the Navy doesn't eactly like him to much. He isn't out to kill people, but has helped pirates, and that has put a bounty on his head. He found that Rokou was being purusued by bounty hunters. Something told him to help Rokou.
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Name: Jackel The raging Bull


Height/Weight: 6 foot. 200 pounds

Race: Human

Description: A tall and dagerous man. Wears a thick cloak that covers his entire body. the only things visible are his 2 big a&* Machine guns

Weapon: 2 Big A&$ Machine guns. He also carries smoke and tear grenades.

Side: Bounty hunter

Bio: Not much is known for this warrior. He is known to be mersilous and evil at times. but he helps out anyone that does need it in his opinion.

Reason for Joining: YOU FORCED ME DBD. LOL J/K I decided on my own free will. Also to rape murder possim and rape. Some guy: you said rape twice!. Me: I like rape. lol. sorry wrong movie.
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Oh, can I join too!

Name: Kuroi Karasu [First name being in the last name spot.]

Age: 27

Height/Weight: 5'11"/206 pounds

Description: Has a hooded tight sleeveless black shirt, with a black rag like cloak over him. He wears baggy black pants and ninja like shoes* with metal shin and arm guards. He wears gloves with metal over the top of his hand. His hair is black and his eyes are dark brown. He has a muscular look [not like iron man muscular but normal muscular]

Weapon: Steel Telescopical pole: A pole that extends by the momentum of Karasu's swing.

Side: Ummm, DBD can i just be by myself? If so...

Bio: Brought up by pirates, Karasu has been sailing on his house that is a boat for years. He is a man that moves around defending for what he thinks is right. Also in his journeys he has saved people and killed people for what HE thinks is right. The reason he thinks that way is because of the way he was brought up, by not trusting anyone. To kill what he thinks is wrong and what he thinks is a threat. He is a master of fighting in silence.

Reason for being on side: See bio
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