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[size=1][I]The Story-[/I]
"The gods have given us the Earth,the plants,the animals,as gifts......but we used them in the wrong ways......that is our weakness"-Unknown,writen on the Cave of Myths

The Earth is filled with magical creatures,all living in the same world of the humans,co-existing with us.They each are powerful in their own way,and have powers above us.But we out number them,because we as humans grow faster then they do,and breed faster.Soon we hunt them down,and turn their bodies into weapons,which are also made into hide armor.They are ran by a crystal in their heart,that is placed on the armor's chest piece.Making it [I]living[/I].

The kingdoms,to avoid wars,start a tournament,every five years,in which the winner wins the armor of Chimera.The armor,which nobody has seen before,is said to be more powerful than any made.It is said that the champion from the last two trounament,Ken Latheith,wears it,and will enter the trounament this year.

New and old armor wielders will enter the sixth trounament,and there may be only one champion.Who will win their battles,who will win the Chimera armor,and what lies lay with in this trounament?We will find out soon!
Ok,here are some rules.

1.All posters must obey the rules of the Adventure Arena,and of OB.Your spelling and grammer must be good,and also I would not rush in your post.

2.We will spar each other,but I will decide who wins.We just won't do it in the beging of the trounament.So no god modding,and the best sparer wins.No K.O fights.

3.Have fun,and your character must have a story,too.Make them grow up in a sense,and don't let them be unchanged at the end.Good RPGers make their characters change.

4.I and only I can tell who gets in.Nobody eles has a say in it.You must have good RPGing skills,and a good sign up.
This is what you need to get in.

Name:Make it sound like it is from it's country.Also this is set in medievil times,and there is no USA.

Age:Make it human.

Gender:Any is fine with me......there is more then two genders.

Country:What country your character is from.The country will affect your animal you can pick,your appearance,bio,weapons,and style.

Appearance:We are all humans,and make your character look like he or she is from your region.Put very good detail in this.

Bio:Make it good,no,"Ohhh,my character has forgotten his or her past."If this would be done,put down what your character has forgotten.Also put down how he or she acts,their way of life,anything eles is welcomed.

Animal Hide:What your armor is made of.It is the hide,not metal.It can be any animal from myth,but cannot be half humen like.You can also pick a normal animal,but it will be larger then it really is.

Armor Appearance:What you armor looks like.Make it like your animal.Also put detail in this,and do remember that you have the crystal,so put what color it is.

Weapon:Make it from you country.A person from Europe wouldn't be using a katana,so make it from your region.Also put in an appearance in too.You can only have one weapon,unless it is a paired weapon.No guns,because this is happening before guns.

Body Weapon(s):These are weapons on your armor's "body".This can also be where wings and other tools can be put.A good one would be that a Hydra armor would have the heads of the past Hydra,just not many,that help in battle,or a head of dragon would throw flames.

Style:If youy have a martial art or weapon style you are trained in,but it here.Because I have given no real time period yet,it is ok if it is new or old.If your character does not have a style,just put "None" or "His or her own"

Ok that is all.Feel free to sign up,and I will put mine down later.[/size]
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Sounds interesting.

Name: Yin Kow Lou (Yin)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Country: Southern China near the Gobe

Appearnce: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=ehrgeiz&image=9[/url]

Bio: Orphaned as a child and raised in a Shaolin Monastary. He was a fiesty youth with little concern of relegion. But his concentration was on the Shoalin Boxing teachings. He trained delgently in this form and excelled in the use of the Tiger Stance. He excelled in fighting and countiued to suprise his masters with his constant progression. Soon, he was asked to represent the land of China in this great tournament to honor the great land by winning the Armor of the Chimera. Yin gladly accepted and was given the Armor of the Tiger to be used. He then took his trusted camel and road off to the strange land of Europe.

Animal Hide: Tiger

Armor Appearnce: the armor has the torso hide over the shoulders and pecotrials, the head over his own head and acting as a visor, the claws like gloves and boots and the legges as shin guards and forearm gurads.

Weapon: N/A

Body Weapon: The Tiger claws strengthen his speed and power 100 fold as well as enabling many new and extremely poerful techniques. The torso allowd him to take powerful strieks and the shin and forearm guards allow for inpenatratable blocks.

Style: Crouching Tiger Boxing. A form of Shoalin Boxing that Yin created himself. It requires powerful and fast movements along with great awarness. The armor allows for very powerful techniques using this style.
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[size=1]Ok,your fine,but fix some spelling errors please.Also,more then one fighter can come from a country.

I'll hurry up and put mine.

Name:Tain Lionheart




Appearance:See Attachment

Bio:Born to a rich and powerful family,he grew up with fine life.He has always enjoyed life for what it is,and loves it.He is hardly ever mad.He is a tad bit spoiled though.When he was young,he loved the fights of the warriors,and whach Ken,coming from his country,win battles with grace.He always wanted to be an armor user,and soon his father and mother gave him the lion armor when 17.For the pass two years he has trained,and will enter this trounament.He dislikes being alone,without friend or family,and that is one of his fears

Animal Hide:Lion

Armor Appaerance:The mane is located at the neck,the armor is sandy yellow from the great lion of Africa,and the mane is a light color of sandy yellow.A gold armor lion face is put on the chest,and is in a roaring pose.In the mouth lies a blood red ruby,the heart crystal.Gold is added on to the set of armor,and is the arm and leg guards.

Weapon:Great Sword-The helt is gold,and has blood red rubies on it,surrounded by clearless dimonds.The blade is stainless silver,and shines in the light of the sun.

Body Weapon(s):Spiked metal chains,which are gold,the end of each of the chains end in a clearless spike dimond,the armor grows powerful on a clear sunny day.

Style:None-He attacks with his sword,and only knows how to use that.When the sun comes out in its full,his style changes massively,and punches take place from slashes.[/size]
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yes, this sounds very interesting.

Name: Marcus Belial (good old Marcus ^_~)



Country: England

Appearance: Dressed neatly in brown leather pants and black boots, a loose black shirt with the armour worn underneith and a long black coat. His long dark brown hair is tied at the back and no presence of stubble marres his neatly shaven face. The only ornaments that adorn him are a silver cross around his neck, two silver rings, one on his left hand and one on his right, and a silver thumb right on his left hand. His eyes, are a tumultuos grey.

Bio: An armour user by chance. Marcus, has always bee a sort of drifter. Brought up in a small English villiage, Marcus saught to leave his mundane life behind and left as soon as he became 18. Still keeping in touch with his parents Marcus wandered the world, making money from small jobs he aquired here and there. Spending two years under the teachings of several different fighters he has become adept at both wrestling and kickboxing, though, since his family drilled it into him from a young age, marcus prefers the use of his rapier. The armour came to him purely by accident. On his travellings he dueled with any who came to him, but only one presented any kind of a challenge, the bearer of the wolf. defeated in combat the bearer was mortally wounded by Marcus, an accident that haunts him to this day. As a final request Marcus took up the armour and now strives to win the fabled armour of the Chimera.

Animal Hide:Wolf

Armor Appaerance: Hidden underneith his coat the armour isn't shown until he fights in battle. The breast plate his studden with steel and shows the embosed visage of a wolf, face calm and jaws shut. The eyes are Amethyst, the heart stone separated into two pieces. Fur covered shoulder pads like paws link to the breast and a furr collar lines the neck. His brown leather pants are fitted with steel plates, embossed with a wolf rampant on the knees. His boots are toecapped with steel.

Weapon: Broad Rapier and dagger, the hilt and basket of the rapier adorned with glittering purple amethysts

Body Weapon(s): Under the light of the moon the armour grows more powerful causing Marcus' eyes to glow purple. The studs on the breast plate are piercingly sharp.

Style:Fencing, but he is also skilled in kickboxing and wrestling. In hand to hand combat he acts much like a brawler.
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Name: Kareena Kali

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Country: India

Appearance: She has dark skin and black hair. Her body is lithe and strong. She usually wears a knee length tunic with long shoes. Her outfit isn't fit for physical fighting as she is rarely without somekind of weapon.

Bio: Kareena was raised among a Kshatriya (warrior nobles) order and is one of their first females to train as a warrior.
She's not taken seriously most of the time because of her gender, she is distant to most people.
She left home at age 15 to train under other masters and gain more diverse fighting skills. While on her travels, she heard of the fabled Armor of Chimera and now wants to win it in the great tournament.

Animal Hide: Peacock

Armor Appearance: Basically a peacock blue armor. Gauntlets, mask, arm/leg braces are made with peacock feathers.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow. It is a carved bow decorated with peacock feathers and the arrows are gold and are tipped with many different things.

Body Weapon(s): The armor has the tail of a peacock flowing down like a skirt, but the feathers are razor sharp. They can also be thrown from a distance.

Style: While on her travels, Kareena learns many different fighting styles, but the best was her talent with the bow and arrow. This is her best weapon and she can release multiple arrows at once.
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b]Nisha Toki




[b]Appearance:[/b]Nisha has rich chocolate brown hair that ends around her shoulders,bright emerald eyes that sparkle when she's happy or go dull and lifeless when she's upset or grieving over something.She wears a shirt tunic of a rich blue and navy blue breeches.Her skin is slightly tanned but not very darkly.She always carries her weapon on her back.[More in Weapons]

[b]Bio:[/b]Nisha was born to a special family.Her father was a close samurai guard to the emperor and her mother was a good friend of the empress.So when she was young she was introduced to the prince.He was around her age.They both disliked each other very much.His name was Shin.Shin and his friends were always making fun at her and her friends.They were bad enemies but whenever their parents were near they acted nicely to each other.As they grew older they disliked each other even more.Then the emperor died.The empress and Shin were upset for a long time.The hate flowed away between them,their emotions connected byy the grieving of the deseased emperor.They became friends and Shin took the throne.His mother spoke to him in private one day and told him some shocking news.

Nisha and Shin were talking casually like they usually did one day and then Shin sprung it on her.
"Nisha...Mother says I must find a bride because I am coming of age and in case anything happens to me..."
"Yeah..So you'll be going away for a few days to find the lucky girl huh?"Nisha said not understanding what Shin meant.
"No......I was thinking......you...."he said shyly.

Nisha was shocked and didn't understand too well.She said she had to think about it.He gave her 3 presents one day.One was the sword she carries,another was the Liger armor and the other was a ring.It was made of silver and there was a cherry blossom on it.It was divided in half.The first half was pink while the second half was emerald green.They were the jewels Pink Zirconia and Emerald.Nisha was shocked and said she'd think more.

Then one day something terrible happened,he was attacked by the neighbouring lands trying to conquer other places.Nisha was on her way to telling Shin that she would accept.Wen she walked into the throne room she saw her mother,father,the empress and servants crowded around something.Nisha walked up and the servants parted and she saw.She shook her head and tears flowed from her eyes.Shin was on the ground,held by his mother the empress.There was a patch of blood on his abdomen.A broken arrow lay on the ground next to him.He groaned and opened his eyes weakly.He smiled slightly.
"Nisha..."he gasped.
"Shin....What happened!!!"Nisha cried holding his hand.
"China..."was all he said.
"I came to accept your offer...But I was too late."she cried.

Tears fell onto his hand and he reached up a hand to brush them away.
"I'll always watch over you....Take care...."then his eyes closed,never to open again.Everyone in the room cried out their griefs.All of the servants liked Shin because he was kind and requested instead of ordering.He also rewarded them with good pay.

From then Nisha decided to leave and travel the world defeating people and destroying those who killed Shin.

[b]Animal Hide:[/b]Liger-A white Tiger with wings on his back.

[b]Armor Appearance:[/b]Nisha's armor is hidden under her clothes and are only shown in battle.It's white with black stripes and Liger's wings are on the back,they are two of the only parts of her armor that show because she's cut slits for them to be free.On the breastplate is her crystal.It's cut like a Ying Yang symbol.Half is milky white with a royal blue dot and the other half is royal blue with a milky white dot.The other part that sticks out from her armor is Liger's tail.She has gauntlets made of silver with sharp claws made of alloyed silver pointing out at the knuckles.They can be used as weapons.

[b]Weapon:[/b]She carries a sword with a blade made of unbreakable,sharp crystal and the hilt is made of silver with dents for hand positions for different moves and it sits on her back in a silver sheath.

[b]Body Weapon(s):[/b]The claws,they can be shot out and they return to slide back into their positions.The guards under her clothes can create a barrier to block attacks.She moves faster,swifter and more agile then she usually is.It also pumps strength and adreneline into her system so she can fight longer.On a clear sunny day her eyes will turn royal blue activating a super charge to her already charged system from the armor.The wings on her back can actually make her fly up.

[b]Style:[/b]She knows many techniques to do with her sword.[/color]

[b]OOC:[/b]Sorry if the Bio's kinda long.I think it's one of the best stories far that I've done....
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[size=1]..........I never thought people would join.........
Everybody who has joined now is fine.Also,remember that we can have mythical animals as armors too.I needed to say that because all we have is normal animals,which is fine,but I would like to get some mythical ones.I'll start when we get more people who will get in.[/size]
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