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Sign Up Hellsing, The Final Order

Lone Bebop

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Alright peoples here an RPG that I made by myself, the idea came to me after re watching Hellsing for the 10th time (I love that Anime!!) so here is the story I hope you all enjoy it, Not for the faint of heart it wil have the same aspects of the show ( aka, Anderson's Preaching and the bad words) so this has kind of a high rateing, but hey here we go( Hope this hasnt be done before)

[B][I]The Story[/B][/I]

2 Years have past since the defeat of Incognito, Integra has been set free thanks to Alucard and she has begun the rebuild the Hellsing Organization along with the help of the remaining loyal members of the Round Table Knights. But a New threat has appeared to replace Incognito, 4 other True Vampires who appear to be controlled be a un seen master have picked off were Incognito had left off, Chip Vampires are on the rise and so are the numbers of Ghouls, London has been left in shambles, its up to combined efforts of the Hellsing and Iscariot Organization to stop them

[B][I]The Sign Ups[/B][/I]

Race: (Vampire of Human)
Side: (Iscariot Organization, The Hellsing Organization, Or the 4 Fangs)
Quote: (I put this here just for kicks)
Weapons: (Max of 3)
Bio: (Make it good and deep People)

Alright the people we need is as followed

Alucard/ kyotoruler7

Alexander Anderson/ Lone Bebop

Seras Victoria

Walter C Ddollneazz

Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing

The Four New Evil True Vampires/ 1. SailorStar, 2.Dubble_B_Daigo, 3. SalorMidnight,

another member of the Iscariot Organization that joins Anderson

A Newly Made Vampire that is found along the Way/ Tsukasa_hack

And in True Hellsing style, the true mastermind won?t show his face; maybe I?ll make him show up next time. I'll be signing up as my fav character from Hellsing,

Name: Alexander Anderson

Age: 68 ( apperes 35)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Side: Iscariot Organization

Quote: [I]"I am a mediator of God! I am the instrument that delivers the punishment of heaven!"[/I]

Height/Weight: 6"6 180lbs

Description: [IMG]http://www.devermore.net/surbrook/adaptionsanime/hellsing/anderson.jpg[/IMG]

Weapons: 2 Bayonet Swords, about 60 Small knives/short swords inside trech coat, Bible

Bio: After he was beaten at the Hands of Alucard, he retuned to the Vatican to have the regeneration started, after that long period he went under hard training and had his speed upgraded so that he may beat Alucard, But when he arrived in London he found that Incognito had beaten him to Alucard as he sat back an watched to see if the Vampire had gotten any stronger, when he saw Alucard was at full power he new that he was not yet ready, he then traveled back to the Vatican to reicve special training, it was interrupted though when a break out of Ghouls and Chip Vampires flooded London, and with Hellsing no more he was forced to team up with a newer member of Section 13 and the head off to London to take care of the Problem
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Name: Michael Rokopolaus

Age: 176 (looks 23)

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire

Side: The Four Fangs

Quote: "Well, might aswell screw thought shalt not kill...." "My sotry began the day that i died...."

Height/Weight: 6'2"/187 ibs

Description: Well, if Wolfwood had a Vampire Twin...... (check my banner)

Weapon: Bebop??? :D a weapon called the Cross Punisher. This weapon has multi uses. It has the shape holy cross. The bottom tail is large and opens into a large gatling gun. The top end has a small grenade launcher, and the left arm opens up a gun rack carrying 8 pistols. The bullets of his weapons all have holy water incased in them. it ways over 300 pounds and he carries it around like a sack of feathers. He carries it sround concealed by bu a large cloth.

Bio: A former Greek Orthodix preist. He was bitten and tranformed into a vampire. That was the day that his life ended and his story began. Roaming England with vengenace in his heart, he created a grand weapon so that he may find and kill the vampire that ruined him and kill all wicked vampires like him. Atleast that way, he might have some chance of going to heaven. Right? Other than this, he is a very sarcastic man who is rarely serius and never really shows this side unless necessary. He was found by the the leader of the Four Fangs one day while he was killing a pack of vampires. They were amazed by his ability to hold the holy cross and decided he was a valuable commodity. They took him in and he gladly excepted.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Alethea Sunfeather
Age- 136 (looks 17)
Gender- Female
Race- Vamp
Orginization- 4 fangs (duh)
Quote- 'Well, that one was a no-brainer...' 'What do I look like? A walking butcher knife?!' ' Vamp? Where?!'
[sorry. had to]
Hieght/Wieght- 5'7", 135 lbs.
Descritption- Mid back clack hair, green eyes, slit pupils, school uniforn (like rayes from sailor moon)
Weapon- Long sword
Bio- Ill have to get back to ya...
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Okay, I am going to take the biggest newbie gamble I can muster, by making something that I have no idea how works.

Name: Riikamuraski
Age: 16
Gender: male
Race: Vampyric
Side: Doesn't know
Quote: W-what happened to me?!!
Height/Weight: 6'5, 130 lbs. (tall and light)
Description: Light brown, or dark blounde hair that falls into his face and around the back of his neck. Red eyes, and an unwillingly blood thirsty look. Commonly wears a blue jacket and black pants.
Weapons: .45 socom pistol
Bio: A normal human religious kid. To give a good desciription of what happened, let us travel back to that night.

[i] It was a cool night, Riikamuraski (often called Rikky) walked down the misty road, reciting his montras. It was a night that looked to be quiet and dull, until something lurked in the shadows. Rikky turned the cliffy road, waving his hand out in front of him and reciting different words. "Kota! Tara! Minke! J-what the hell?!" A figure loomed in front of him, grinning from ear to ear. "I have come, Riikamuraski, to set you free."

The figure charged and knocked Rikky out. He woke up in the church, bathing in the rising sun. his swollen lip tasted oddly pleasent. He bit his lip, piercing the skin and causing it to bleed. He spat and felt around his mouth, to find two large fangs in the place of his incisors. "W-what the hell?!!!" [/i]

Long story short, he was implanted with the freak-chip.

Sorry if this is too long. And as always, if I have made any inconvienence, please let me know immediately.
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Alright i made the cahnges to roles of the people, Daigo i'm sorry man but yah need to be a evil dude this time round i prosime if this does good an if i make squeal of this Hellsing RPG, you'll get on Hellsing's side but for now you need to be evil, plus with all the changeing takeing place my heads getting messed up so here are the roles that have been filed and that [B][U]Will Not Be Changed[/U][/B]

4 Fangs

1. SailorStar
2. Dubble_B_Daigo

Newly made Vampire found along the Way


Characters from the Show

Alexander Anderson/ My Self

So lets keep those Sign Ups comeing People we still need a bunch more people
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name: Alucard
age: 567
gender: male
race: vampire
side: Hellsing organization
quote: "All I know is this world, and the other world."
height/weight: 6'2"/176 lbs.
description: has black hair and wears red hat and usually wears glasses. He has two guns and he can be vicious.
weapons: The Jackal and .454 Cassull
bio: He is the main weapon of the Hellsing agency. He is a loner and he is a vampire hunter. For about twenty years Alucard was imprisoned under the Hellsing Institute. Alucard is extremely powerful, and is considered one of the true undead. He is a force to be reckoned with. He is very old, too.

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Alright we got another show characters, thats leaves 6 more spots open, oh and BTW kyotoruler7, could yah make your bio a bit more deep? like a paragrah at minimu and the description is for the characters looks not persona, you could put that in your Chars bio if ye wish to
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Name:Nissa Draka
Age:182--looks 25
Gender: female
Race: Vampire
Side: 4 Fangs
Quote:"Im the preditor your the pray, get it?!"

Height: 5'6 Weight: 100

Description:sholder length midnight, black hair with blue high lights, snowflack white skin, black eyes,wears and leather trench coat underneath a black t-shirt,and black cut of jean shorts, and black lace up boots that go past her knees

Weapons:a master of the wip, also two twin daggers

Bio:Prey-the weak hearted, food for the preditor. She can remember a time of being weak and innocent, not being able to defend herself agenst the years of abuse her father had scard her with. One day she could not take any more...most people would not help they would just keep on getting abused some wanted to but not Katie....while her father was sleeping she tied him down..grabing a kitchen knife she slit his neck and his wrists, then she took his blood and on a wall she wrote "im not a prey any more im the preditor"After running away she was taken in by a misterous man of who she still does not know his name. She took her in traind her and she worked hard. He told her to foget her old name now she would be called Nissa Draka. One night on her 25th birthday she got a gift the best gift of all. A man so handsome his black eyes stared into hers,he bent down and bit her neck ti felt so good,then he cut his own neck and she drank and drannk untill her pulled her away.She was now the preditor she had always dreamed of being.She train even more and was now apart of the 4 fangs. She is now a brutel killer and will stop anyone who aposes her she is loyal to her boss and to her partners. (sorry so long i was having fun writing it lol)
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