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RPG Rokou, King of the Pirates


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An large barge floated in the raging sea as the lighting cracked and the rain fell hard. The tsunami had started and the SS Red Star was right dead center of it. A wave came up and crashed aboard, knocking a man with a mulit colored head flew into the mast hard. he spat out water and said, "Tell me again Rouko, why did i join you? *cough*"

A young man with dark skin and dressed in red turned around from looking threw a telescope and said, "Because, i'm lovable..." he said with a smile and turned backaround. "So, how much farther do we have until we reach Valgaurd?"

The multi colored hair man said, "Were almost there. Jsut a few more clicks." The thunder roared as the boat flaoted high and low in the raging ocean.

Then a woman black hair yelled down below trying to smother out he loud thunder, "Land Hoe!!!" the crew of five looked forward at a large metropolis like city threw hte hard falling rain.....
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Nya put her hair up into a quick ponytail and rushed over to the side of the deck.

"Finnaly siens of civiliizashin."

"I thought you loved being at sea"

"Wizz you mizzter lovable?" she started to laugh "yeah riet, ne?"


OOC: Sorry about this being too short but i'm not sure what's quite going on yet.

Oh and the way the words are spelled is because she has a strange accent. (giz it a bit more fun, ne?
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[I]Land[/I] , thought a man with black hair and wearing mostly black, [I]Civilization.[/I]

He walked towards the edge of the boat, while picking up his crimson hat and putting it on, making his hair cover most of his face.

[I]I wonder if I'll need any fake mustaches...[/I]

He brushes his hair away from his mouth before speaking.

"Hey Rouko. Any specific thing we're stopping at land for?"
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Hilind was looking at the ocean thinking about where they would be landing. "Another chance for treasure and more adventure" hilind thought. It was still raining and the others were gathering to look at there next distention. "Who really knows what we'll find. I guess it's like the saying. The only thing certain about the future is uncertainty" hilind thought as he started walking to the front of the ship. He took out his bandana and put it on. "Let's see what we can find in valgaurd" hilind thought as he joinded the others.
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(this is ment for Ryo the Tmaer's post.:D)

"Because........WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF A TSUNAMI!!!" Rokou yelled at the man. The man nodded. Rokou was shaking his head with a confused smile on his face, like [I]Why would he ask that?[/I] They came closer towards the land. The rammed into the dock and threw there anchor over board and the boat stopped ramming into the dock. The crew jumped over board and ran into the town, all hauling nothing but there weapons and a bag of gold. They ran threw the rainy, dark, and abandonded streets. They saw a small, dusty hotel and ran in. THey closed the door, standing in front of the front desk, drippign with water and miserable.......
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Sen squated down and shook his head like a dog, trying to get the water out of his hair, as he did this the light hit his hair, makeing his head look like a prsim,

" Hey cut it out dog boy!" Rokou yelled as he hit Sen in the head with his foot, he rolled a bit then got up and the blue half of his hair fell back to covering his right side of his face

" Hey, i got us here didnt i? and that short cut was perfect got us here 3 days eiler"

" Yahz but becaues of thats wizz got cought in thats Tusnami" Nya said as Rokou went up to front desk were a man was standing

" How many in your party sir?"

" 5, my good man"

" That will be, 500 Gold"

" WHAT!" Rokou yelled as the others looked blankly

" Thats more than a sword!"

" These are hard times SIR!" The man yelled as Sen walke up and had a Disc Blade to the mans throught" Right, free your rooms are right up stairs"
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As Rouko and the Crew walked up the stairs, Rouko slapped Sen in the side of the head. "Christ! What was that fer, ya arse swab?!?!?!?!"

"Ya stupid Arse! They can call the bloody Navy on us now!" Rouko yelled at Sen who blushed and went wide eyed.

"Crap.....I guess i never thought of that......"

"Damned light, ya foo!" Rouko yelled and went into a room with Nya and Sen as the otehr s went into another room. "You maytes get yo rest. We gotsa beat it i nthe mornin'." The lights went out as they fell on there beds, like they were dead.......
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Felicia walked into the metropolis like place. Looking up the sky was some what dark, and bleak. Felicia didn't care all that much if it did rain, nor would it matter, anyways. Carrying the ogre across her back wound up. Felicia walked down the path, knowing that there were a few bounties in this place. Going through she noticed that almost no one was around anymore. Most of the people going to bed, which had given her advantage for getting around. Heading past the inn, and pub, down to the docks. Felicia saw the ship she had wanted to see. Past on the far off docks, far past any of the others, where sails of Rouko's ship. They were some where nearby. She knew those sails anywhere, turning back she went down the path into the main land.
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Olaf walks towards the door going outside.

[I]I can't sleep.[/I]

Olaf looks around and sees a person walking around.

[I]Strange... I wouldn't think anyone else would be awake at this time...[/I]

He then noticed the person was carrying a weapon.

[I]Even stranger... What's with the weapon. It's almost like whoever that is is looking for something or someone. No that can't be it, we just got in, who would know about us?[/I]

He turns around and walks back inside.
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Rokou rolled his eyes and looked over at sen who seemed confused by Nya's statement.

"But, there's only one bed nya." Sen said scratching his head.

"Thez youse can zeep on thez floor." She said unting her boots.

Rokou looked at her and scoffed.

"oohoho no, I don't think so sweet heart. If you don't like sharin' beds you can sleep on the floor."

Nya glared at him then slipped her boots off. She took her daggers out of her sash and put them next to her boots after that she unhitched her sash and dropped on the floor with a clang. Her boomarang blade stuck strait up in the wooden floor.

"Fine doz az youz want, i'z goin' to zeep."
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Sen went and laid on the floor. He took his shirt off and used it as a pillow. Rouko wasn't going to put up with it. As Nya laid down and snuggled herself into a ball, Rouko walked over and picked her up by her under dhirt around the waist. She opoened her eyes and Rouko dropped her on the floor and calapsed on the bed. He threw one of the pillows on her and went to sleep.

"Vaz the Hellz iz thiz matta wiz ya, ya great baztard!?!?" She yelled at him angrily. Rouko slept. She growled at him and lade down on the floor, gravaling to herself. "Iff hiz wazint cap'n iz juz kill emz....." She went to sleep......
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Sen opened his eyes and looked around and lift his head from the pillow

" Ah perfect, there asleep" Sen said as he got up and gave the pillow he had to Nya " There a lady should be taken care off" he said with a sly smile as he snuck out the door and on to the roof, he took a deep breath " Ah what a lovely night now for some fun" and with that he bolted off into the night, as he ran he came up to a girl who looked like a bounty hunter " Ah she is right on time"
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Olaf walks into his room and sees that Hillind is asleep on the bed. Olaf puts his hat on a small table next to the door, and lays down on the floor using his jaket as a pillow.

[I]I wonder why Sen snuck out. Does he have anything to do with that person I saw outside. Why have I been thinking so much lately?[/I]

Olaf sighs and closes his eyes.

[I]Rouko, what are we fighting for? What are you guilty of?[/I]
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Nya shifted in her sleep after a minute or two and it one of the bed post with her head. "ji!' she whispered loudly through clenched teeth. She tried to sit up but hit her head again on the bottom of the bed. "aw jizz wzzamatta wiz zitz zoopid bed." She carefully moved out of the way of the bed then rubbed her head. "aozzz tiz zoopid cazin zeepz az thez log." Nya looked down and noticed she was sitting where Sen should be.

"Eyz wherz the Zen?" She looked around but did see him. She knocked on the door of the bathroom but there was no answer. She shrugged and strapped her boots on. She opened the door carefuly but it let out a huge squeak. Nya flinched then looked over at where the captain was. He didn't move or snort or anything. Nyah rolled her eyes at how heavy a sleeper he was then walked out and shut the door.
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Felicia stopped walking, and scanned the area. A bounty had been able to find her, which was a first. Felicia swung the ogre over her should, it came unwound and the large blades were revealed. Checking again she finally saw him. Another bounty known for traveling with Rokou, in some places more then others, the bounty on his head was worth all that he's wanted for. It was Sen. He took a step forwards and Felicia turned to face him. "Didn't think one of Rokou's crew would be so foolish to come and face me alone." Felicia said, grinning, "Or is it that you give up, and will be turned in easily?" Sen shook his head," Of course not, I'd never allow my-self to be turned in." "It makes no sense for you to be here then..." she paused, "Then again I don't make any sense either way..." "I'm just here to have some fun, that's all." Felicia nodded and took up her butterfly ogre, ready to fend she'd let him make the first move if any.
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Nya started to make way down the hall scanning for Sen. Actually she more or less just wanted to check the place out but looking for Sen was a good excuse. Nya ran into a man while she was in thought. She looked up and tried to apologize.

"Exuze ame zir. Ize wazant lookiz where iz wuz wazking." She said.

The man turned to her and smiled. "Tiz nuzzing. lozy night, ne?"

Nya grew excited at the mans accent. "Zetta nazning, zpanishi Hume kaze da ?" (your accent are you zpanishi hume?)

The man smiled bigger. "zi kazza zpanish Hume" (yes I am zpanish Hume)
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Sen gave a sly grin as he ruffed his multi color hair again

" No what makes you think i want to fight?"

" Well you came to find didnt you?''

" Yes, but nots to fight, i have a deal to offer you" Sen said as Felicia, who still didnt trust him him, keep her gard up

" And what would this deal be?" Felicia said as she kept the Butterfly ogre at the ready

" Simply this, i know your here for the Cap Rokou, and i'm here to help he's right in that inn over there" Sen said as he pionted to the Inn from which he had came from " 2nd floor rooms, now for this info all i ask is to be left alone, and i could fix yah ship for yah maybe??? stock it with some supplies and weapons? what do yah say?" Sen said as he extend out his gloved hand
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"Would you beleave me if I said that I don't fully trust you?"

"I'm not saying I wouldn't, so we have a deal?"

"Heh, to show my thanks for the info, your off the hook." she said, walking up and shaking his hand, "Just stay the heck away from my ship!"

"Understood." he said.

Sen smile, but it was a sly smile like he was up to something. Felicia then took her ogre, wound it, and swung it over on her back. Sen and Felicia then started to walk. Each in a different direction. And leaving as if they had never seen each other. Sen had been going to the south western docks, where her ship was. Did he even know which one was her's? Thoughts then started running around in Felicia's head; [i]why's he turning his own crew mates in? He's up to something...should she fallow him, or go straight for Rokou and his crew? Wouldn't going after them give him time to do what ever he was planning?"[/i] Felicia shunned the thoughts out of her head. She need not being thinking of those things now. She knew she'd have to be at the inn before any of them had a chance to wake up.
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Karasu walked into the city knowing that the legendary Rouko was in it. He had been following him for days. Karasu knew that Rouko knew he was there, but what Rouko did not know was that he was no aiming for Rouko, he was going for the gold.

Karasu jumped up on top of the building next to the old hotel. He took out a small thick metal pole.

[i]This will take no longer than 10 seconds.[/I]

He walked inside the hotel and asked in a low, quiet voice, "A couple of pirates showed up earlier. Where did they put the gold?"

The hotel owner looked at him strangely and said, "Well, by the way these 'pirates' act about their gold I would bet they do not have o' lotta money."

Karasu looked back at the man with his head cocked, "I will just go in there and check it out myself." He pulled out a metal pole and extended it to about ten feet, spun it around in circles and hit the hotel manager in the side of the neck. Making a loud [i]ding[/i] noise and knocked him out.
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OOC: I had no other way of entering my character so.


Not for from where the crew were sleeping lerked a figure awaiting for something. In the bar ahead of him was trouble brewing.

"Hey you call this debloms?"Screamed the bartender. "Give me real money you cheap bastard before I remove one of your body limbs for the payment.

"Screw that." Screamed a drunk man. Whom was a great mechant that just lost his job. "I'll give yah what I'll give yah."

"Throw him out!" The bartender said and two men walked up to him.

"Hey get your fuilthy hands off me!" Said the merchant but they already tossed him out. "You'll never see me here again you hear me?" He said in a pissed off voice.

"Are you trendea?" Spoke the figure whom watched the entire event.

"Yah." Said the merchant who was still lying down because he was piss drunk. "Who wants to know?"

"You are my no. 1 on my list." Spoke the figure. He then took out two massive machine guns and aimed it at the merchant's head.

"AH HELP ME ANYONE?" Screamed the merchant.

"No one cares for you." Spoke the figure who started to fire his bullets into the mechants face when he was done no one could tell who the poor man was anymore. "And no one will." Spoke the figure laughing as he walkd away from the mutilated corpe of what was left of the man.

As he walked away a few people came out of the bar and saw the poor man and one of the men threw up at the sight of it.

"What could have done it?" Thought the other man. [/i]
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As Sen ran down the streets he laugh to himself

" This is going to good, no to find her SHIP?" Sen exclamied as he looked at the docks to find about 6 others ships there " hmm which one was it again?" He looked over the ships, " Come on think Sen, there has to be a way to find that ship of her's" Sen then sat cross leged and thought hard he then looked at all the ships again an got and idea" Hey thats right, when i was here last time there was only 4 ships, so then new one on the left has to be hers!" And with that Sen ran to Rokou's ship and grabed 5 flasks of Ale and a small barrel " Hmm time for some fireworks"
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