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Alright guys, put a little humor in this one k? Also we DO NOT know about our cat side yet, ok.


Serena Megumi flipped through the channels on her T.V. then turnned it off. There was nothing on. She looked over at the Dog Gaurd assigned to her family. His name was Max. Every one had a dog Gaurd assigned to thier family like it or not. A dog Gaurd pretty much ruled the family. He could do as he liked. Most were vicious and found many differnt reasons to kill thier host family but Max preferred to keep this house hold going. there were three reasons for that...

Serena had three sisters. well two now. Her oldest sister had already moved out since she had reached the age 18. Max was always messing around with Serena's oldest sister who seemed to like it but now that she had moved out... Serena shuddered hoping he wouldn't get any Ideas.

Max was one of the Many dogs that chose to fallow their leader and stand on two legs so as they could be taller than the humans. Seren walked past him and reached for the door.

"State you destination." Max growled.

Serena winced. "Oh yeah sorry." She apologized bowing. "I wish permision to attend the neiborhood humans outside."

Max smirked walking to her as she stood strait. he blocked her path and growled at her. "Permission denied."
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Guest Skyechild91
Torlea stared up at the cieleing, lying on her bed. She had wanted to got the mall, but their guard, Dan, had slapped her, and denied. She rubbed her cheek. She winced. She sat up, and flung her gold and black hair over her shoulder. Her green eyes flashed. She went over to her computer. She had internet acess, bu the dogs apparently didnt know. She sent an email to one of her friends, Serena. She heard Dan come up, and switched it off. She opened Word, and type a story. Dan peeked in, and growled. He walked in, and watched her. Se kept typeing, and he left. She closed the door, and sighed in relief. She flopped down onto her bed, and stared up again.
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Serena sighed. "Ok oK, fine." Serena turned to go to her room but max grabbed her arm.

"I'm not through with you yet."

Fear gripped Serena. Humans were dirt to dogs. they normally didn't touch them. Max forced Serena twards the couch.

"Please Max, I have homework to do."

"Liar!" He slapped her across the face. his claws scratched her a little across her cheek.

Serena winced and closed her eyes expecting the second blow like usual. None came. She opened her eyes as max let go of her arm.

"I'll find a proper punishment for you later." he growled.

Serena bowed. "apology sir?"

"denied! Go!"

"y-yes sir" serena rushed to her room and shut the door behind her. She turned on her computer and opened up the internet.

[i] Mail [/i] [i] Torelea [/i]

Serena opened the mail happy to have contact with her freind.
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Nisha sat alone in her room.Her parents were stuck in their own room too.They weren't allowed to leave their room until Chris-their Dog Guard allowed them to.

She sat at her computer.She was on an online chat with one of her friends,Serena.She hated being confined in her own bedroom by a lousy dog.Sometimes she had to fight the urge of speaking back.She always reminded herself that one of the many dog guards around would catch her and she would get into deep trouble.At least she still had the programs and she could talk to others.

The door opened and Chris walked through the door.Nisha glared at him angrily and he growled and strided up to her.

"What are you glaring about?!You should be glad I haven't hurt you!I just got news from Max."Nisha knew Max was Serena's Dog Guard."He hit the girl for lying to him."

Nisha clenched her mouth shut and it was hurting her mouth.She wanted to lash out but kept her tongue.She continued to glare until he turnd his back and strided out of the door and slammed it shut.

Nisha told Serena all about it and asked if she was badly hurt by that idiotic dog guard Max.She said it wasn't too bad.It hurt for a while but it didn't huirt as much now.
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OOC: Awwww...ok, I deleted them psot so I'll start over...


Dango was tapping his hand on the table, and writing something down with the other(hand or paw). He looked around, and smiled. There was no one here accept him. He walked into the middle of the room, were a smal sword lay. He picked it up and smiled.
"Powerful sword,
Powerful owner,
You're amazing in my sight,
Who will you kill tonight?"
He doesn't really kill people or dogs ever night, he just says that. He laugehd slowly and walked back to his massive golden chair. He clenched his sword tight.
"Not a care in the world...but life sucks!" He whispered.
He laughed. He looked around.
"They're never around!!!" He shouted. Then two brown dogs stromed through the massive doors and stod straight.
"So-rry." Mumbled one of them. Dango waked up to one.
"Take this to the person on the top. Keep your eyes off it!" Yelled Dango. He ingored his sevents and walked off.
"Lazy no good dogs! Hanging around all day doing nothing at all!" He sneered."I'll be haveing none of this!!!" Dango pikced up his pen and twirled it around in his fingers.
"Lazy dogs and no god humans! I could rule this place alone!" He growled. He looked to the side, and stared at a photo. It was a picture of him a few years ago, with his brother Daski. His brother was 5 years older then him. He looked alot like Dango. HIs brother whent missing 5 years ago...on Dango's brithday. Dango's searched all around day after day, until he gave up finding him. If his brother was here now, there would only be a world of Dogs. Dango's brother is Dango, without Daski there would be no Dango. But he's here now, and Danog can't turn back.
"Daski..." he whispered. "What would you do in my shoes?" He mumbled. dango clenched the photo and smiled.
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Taka ran home from school, to make sure her Dog Guard, Shay, wouldn't scold her. Instead, she found her little sister arguing with Shay, who was starting to get [b]very[/b] annoyed. Quickly, Taka intervened. "This pipsqueak you call family is really starting to bug me." he said to Taka. "If she keeps it up, I'm not gonna settle for just punishing her, if you know what I mean." "I understand." Taka replied, grabbing her sister and dragging her upstairs. Once they were safely in the bedroom they shared, Taka whirled around. "What were you thinking, talking to Shay like that? You know he could do whatever he wanted to you. He could starve you, hit you, keep you inside for a year. Why do you always have to give him a reason?" Taka wasn't yelling, but pleading with Daiva, her sister. "It's not my fault!" Daiva answered. "He just never lets me do anything! I wish they'd all just go away!" She started to cry, and Taka hugged her. "Oh, me too. But they're here, and we have to deal with it. Now, you wanna come with me to get groceries for mom?" Daiva shook her head. "I'd like to, but I've got homework. Just... could you get me a cupcake?" Taka smiled, told her yes, and went downstairs. "May I please go to the store for groceries?" she asked Shay, who grumbled. "If you're not back in one hour, I'll set the squad on you." he growled. Taka thanked him, and went outside, into the sunshine. She quickly bought everything on her shopping list, and noticing that she had some time left, she ran to the park. She sat under her favorite tree, a huge maple, and wished that one day, she could be anywhere she wanted whenever she wished. "Yeah, like that'll ever happen." she mumbled.
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[SIZE=1][I] Dango through the last piece of meat onto his plate.
"So how was it sir?" Asked a dog wearing a white hat.
"That was the worse meal I've ever had." Said Dango bitterly. "You can't really cook, can you?" Sneered Dango. he jumped up and walked out of the gaint hall and back into his dark office.
"I feel like human in this place!" He growled. Then, the brown dog form before stormed in again, panting.
"He-re's---his-reply-sir!" Planted the brown dog. He gave a small brown letter to Dango.
"About time!" He growled. He stared at it for awhile, then looked over it. He crenched it up in his hands and growled loudly. He tossed the letter aside and wlaked to a huge warrdobe. He opened it, and put on a large black coat. He took his sword and put it under his coat.
"Were are you going?" Stuttered the brown dog.
"OUT!" Shouted dango.

Dango pushed the doors open too his huge house, and walked along the drive way and onto the road. He growled.
"I god walk should get me back in the good mood!" He growled. He walked down through the streets, and into a park. He looked around looking for mischief makers. He loved to see guards beat up humans, instead of doing it himself.
"Lousy no good humans!" He mumbled. He walked through the park, looking side to side for humans.[/SIZE][/I]
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Guest Skyechild91
Torlea stared up at the ceiling, when Dan came back. She sat up, and he growled," Come here. I've got a suprise for you." tolrea's eyes went fearful. When he said that, it wasnt usually good. The last three times... she didtn want to think about it. She shuddered. SHe stod up, thoguh, to avoid being slapped again. Dan pointed, and she walked out the door into the hall. Dan followed her. Dan let a small evil smile creep onto his ugly face. It sent a shiver down Torlea's spine. She was glad htat her sister, Diana, who was 12, didnt have to go through this. She wasnt developed, and Dan didnt seem to take intrest in her. Suddenly there was comotion downstairs, and Dan growled. He went to see what it was, and Torlea heard a scream. SHe flinched. Dan had hit her mom again. She wondered what she had done. Dan came back upstairs, and pushed past torlea. Torlea slipped back into her room with a sigh. Her mom had saved her from being raped again. She opened the window, and stared out it towards the park...
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[SIZE=1][I]Dango walked smiled looking around. He looked side to side again. There were humans walking about, but none of them seem to be doing any thing Dango could do them in for.
"Lousy no goods." He grumbled again. He looked side to side. He walked passed a set of houses. He looked at them.
"Pfff!" He laughed.
"They can't even get a decent home!" He laughed. He walked on again grumbling.
"Like this is taking the mood off!" He growled.He looked into one of the windows, and saw a girl peering out. he growled loudly.
"Looks like she's ploting a plot!" Growled Dango.
"Yeah right who am I kidding." He aughed and walked forward to the house to take a closer look.[/I][/SIZE]
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Guest Skyechild91
Torlea saw a dog coming towards the house. She went away fromt he window, and went across the hll to where dan was grumbling. She knocked, and the door flew open. Dan said," WHat do you want, girl?" Torlea looked between her feet in respect that she didnt feel. "There is another of your superiour race aproaching the house, sir." Dan pushed past her, and she stumbled. She heard Dna mumble as he went down stairs," Clumsy humans. The only thing their good for is pleasure.."
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Dango looked up.
"Chicken." He mumbled. Then he saw a dog, stood infront of the house. He walked up to the dog.
"Ah, hello." Said Dango evily. The stuck out his hand. The other dog shuck it.
"That girl, in the window, is that your family you guard?"Asked dango.
"Yes." Replied the dog.
"I'm Dango. And you are?" Dango continued.
"Dan." Dango looked and laughed at the words. He smiled and peered inside.
"Are names have alot in common, eh?" Dango mumbled. He lowerd his voice so no one but Dan could hear.
"They're no good these humans. I think all the dogs should get rid of them." Dango whispered.
"Right, they're only here for our fun!" Dan replied.
"Yes....stupid idiots aren't they? Dumb as dumb can get!" Sneered Dango. He turned around and smiled.
"I hope we meet again, dan." He laughed. He walked away keeping an eye out again.[/I][/SIZE]
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Guest Skyechild91
Torlea watched as Dan grabbed Dango's coat as he walked off. The dog turned back around, and their words drifted to torlea's ears, because of her unusually good hearin. "Hey. You can have the girl fo a few days if you get someone to replace me from this family for a few days. For as long as im gone." Torlea's throat closed. She had had a lot of dog gaurds eyes on her body when ever she was out. Dango wasnt likley to pass up the chance for a body slave like her. She shifted unconfterably as Dan waited for Dango's answer.[I]Oh, gods. He wont pass up the chance. Im good looking, and he looks bored. He wont pass down this chance for a good body slave, I can feel it. Oh, Lady, help me...[/I]
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[SIZE=1][I] Dango smiled.
"What are you saying?" He said evily. His smile strentched over his face.
"You, can have, the girl for a few days. If, you find some one to replace me form this family for a few days." Dan said slowly. Dango laughed.
"Hmmm, I see. Well we can't talk it over here. Is there any way we can conntect each other? Letters maybe?" Dango said. He laughed.
"Fine with me, any way."Dan replied.
"I'll get back to you, right now I have to do something. Or, maybe you want to get rid of the girl for a few days...quicker?" Dango smile grew even bigger.
"Hmmm..." Dan rubbed his chin. Dango laughed. [/I][/SIZE]
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Guest Skyechild91
Torlea heard this, and slid down the wall, face in her hands. "This is perfect. Just what I needed..." She got up slowly, and closed the blinds. She went over to her computer, and typed a hurried message to Nisha and Serena. It said:

[I]guys, Some dog just got an offer from Dan to-take me. You know what that means. And the dog, I think his name is Dango, is deffiatley considering it. Pray for me to Slene and Diana, okay? They apparently wont listen to me. Thanks!
And Selene and Diana are moon goddesses, for those of you who dont know. Im pagan, so my main goddess' are the moon goddeses, as are they Torlea's. There are more moon goddesses, but i think we wont go into it...
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OOC;[SIZE=1] Ooooooo, Dango get's YOU*ponts*.

[I]"Done." Dango said. He laughed and Dan walked inside.
"Wait her. I'll get her." Dan said. Dango nodded. Dan wlaked inside. Dango continued to laugh.
"Perfect." he whispered. He waited there for a moment, until Dan came out pushing a girl infront of him.
"you're going with him for a few days to give me a break!" Dan snarled. He Pushed Torlea to Dango. Dango kept his hands in his pockets.
"I'll be seeing you soon." Dango said to Dan.
"Yeah!" Dan walked back in. Dango turned around.
"Come with me." Grolwed Dango. Torlea followed him. Dango walked back through the park and kept his hands in his pockets.
"So," He began. "You're Torlea?" Dango asked.
"Ye-yeah." Torlea said. Dango closed his eyes. He took his hands out of his pockets.
"Do you now why I want you? Not for fun and pleasure, but to help me. I know, I ahd to sink this low. I ahve a brother, daski. He went missing years ago. I've looked all over, and I heard you have had acess to the internet. I need a job doing." Dango paused and looked at Torlea. "I need you to search on teh internet, for anything on Daski. If it makes you feel better, you cna talk to any of your friends. I'm not being nice, I'm jsut trying to find my brother. If you set one foot out of line in my house, I think you'll be saying hello to mister Blade." He pulled out his short sword. Torlea gluped.[/SIZE][/I]
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Serena gaped open mouth at Torlea's message. She said a quick prayer to her gods then shut the computer off as Max made his way up the stairs to her room. She jumped onto her bed and pretended to read as Max walked in. Max picked the book up out of her hand and threw it. serena winced as her library book hit the wall cracking the binding.

"Get up!" He growled. Serena didn't hesitate and bowed her eyes at him. she prayed that he wasn't about to punish her for earlier.

"I have an errand for you to run." Serena looked up with hope in her eyes tring to hide it.

"An errand?"

"Yes! An errand you idiot! I need you to get me a sirloin steak from the butchers. And you'll use your money to get it."

serena sighed as she took the last of the money out of her sock drawer.

"hurry back! if your gone for more than an hour," He pt his paw up to her face. "well, you know what the penalties are."

Serena tried not to think about the penalties and quickly rushed down the stairs and out the door. on the way to the butcher shop she noticed a black pebble on the ground. she picked it up and ran her finger over it. A vision of a black cat the size of a tiger with a white stripe under each eye flashed through her mind. Serena shook the vision out of her head and stared at the pebble.

"Whoa, what was that?" She put the stone in her pocket and looked at her watch. "Oh, crap i'm running out of time!" She started to run to the store.

ooc: ok so lets start introducing a few of the stones in ok? but don't use the powers until I say so ok?
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Guest Skyechild91
Torlea nodded, and went back into th house. Dango watched herr go up the stairs to her room, and then sat on teh couch. Torlea shut her door. She switched on her computer, and searched teh net for Daski, while emailing Nisha and Serena. She said,

[I]Me again. I wasnt going to be used as i thought i would. The dog wants me to look for his broher on the net. His name is Daski. Could you help? Thankz! Oh, and he is LETTING me do this. I have his permission to email you guys! Uh-oh. I g2g. bb!

She quikly sent the email as Dango knocked on her door. She opened the page on google, and opened a file. She said," Come in, sir. I found some information." Dango threw open th door, and looked over her shoulder at the documnet, and Torlea waited nervously.
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Taka was about to head home, with plenty of time to spare, when she remembered. "Oh no- Mom asked for sausage tonight!" She ran to the butcher, but found five people in front of her. "Great. Mom'll kill me if I don't get all the food, and Shay'll kill me if I'm late." She frowned, then shook her head. "No, I'll just have to run all the way home." she said to herself. Then, she noticed that the girl next to her was looking at her strangely. She had black hair and blue eyes, whick looked quite striking on her. "Is something wrong?" Taka asked. The girl blushed, and looked away. "No, nothing." "Are you sure? You're not late or something, are you? I know my dog guard goes nuts when I am." They started talking, and Taka learned that the girl was called Serena. They were so busy chatting that Taka even forgot about Shay for a while. She got her sausages, and they left together. "Say, do you have email?" Serena asked. "Well, I don't, but I'm sure my sister would let me use hers if I asked." They bid eachother goodbye, and Taka ran home.
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[color=navy]Nisha sat in her room still bored.Suddenly the door opened again and Chris walked in.

"Hey you!"he called addressing her.
"Go get me a steak from the butcher.Don't dare take more than an hour or face the consequences.And you are to use your own money."

Nisha just stood and walked out the door and down the stairs before going out the front door and down the street.On the ground in front of her was a small royal blue pebble on the ground.She bent down to pick it up and pictures of a White Tiger with snowflake markings speckled on his body.She jumped back into herself and put it into her pocket before running to the butcer and buying the steak.She checked her watch and saw she had 5 minutes to get home.She quickly ran home and gave it to Chris before heading to her room and once again being locked in.[/color]
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Serena opened the door and almost fell in in her hurry. Max was standing at the door with his arms crossed when she entered sweat dripping down her forehead, breath heavy. Max grabbed the bag from her than threw it.

"Your five minutes late!" He shouted at her.

"the line was long!" she shouted in desperation.

"that's not an excuse!"

Serena turned her head as Max slapped her. She fell to the floor as he slapped her again.

"Get up!" he shouted.

Serena stood up and cried out as he grabbed her arm tightly. He threw her up against the wall and glared at her starit in the eyes.
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Shay was standing on their front steps when Taka got home. "YOU'RE LATE!" he shouted, slapping her head. "I'm so sorry sir, but there was a long line-" Taka tried to explain, but Shay interrupted. "DO YOU THINK I CARE?" he roared, hitting Taka again. This time, she fell and rolled in her lawn. Shay grabbed the grocery bag, and shoved her into a bush. "You're sleeping out here tonight, and if you're even one second late from school tomorrow, you'll be out here for a month." Taka nodded, trying to get him to just go away, to stop shoving her. He withdrew, and dragged the groceries inside, leaing Taka crumpled in the grass. Her hands raked the fallen leaves, when suddenly one hit something. She looked and found herself clutching a small greenish pointy stone. She slipped it into her pocket, and fell asleep. All night she dreamed of running in the open, through the grass.
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[SIZE=1][I] Dango looked over Torlea's shoulder. He scanned some words there. His eyes suddenly flicked on the word 'North star.' He began to snigger, then he burst out laughing. He fell on his knees laughing louder and louder. He stopped, got up and looked towards the door where a brown dog peered in. Dango ignored him.
"North star? North star?" Dango said laughing. Torlea gulped. "If there was a north star, then I'm the king of mars! 'The north star this! The north star can lead you here!'" Dango said in a babyish voice. "There's no such thing as a north star that can do this and that!" Grolwed Dango.
"Sir..." Torlea said. Dango turned back to her. he grinned.
"What?" Dango growled.
"Sir...the north star....there is such a thing..." Torlea said shakily.
"Really? Oh, really? Then come and show it to me! Now! The north star, does it stay in one place? It better had! I'm not waiting 'til dark, come out now and show me!" Dango laughed. He flicked his head to the brown dog near the door starng.
"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU PATHETIC LUMP!?" Yelled Dango. The brown dog whizzed off.
"Now, come with me and show me where the star is at night." Dango said grapping Torlea's shoulder.
"Ye-yes sir!"

"Where is it supposed to be then?" Danog asked wehn they where outside. The sun was setting, and no stars where there. Dango knew that the only way to prove his point was to ask for prof by a human, in the day. Torlea pointed straight ahead.
"Wha'?" Dango looked into the clouds. "You're joking? Ho-how do you know? STOP PLAYING AROUND!" Yelled Dango. He had never been proven wrong by a human before. Dango sighed.[/I]

OOC: This gives you a chance to find your stone thingy now.[/SIZE]
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Guest Skyechild91
Torlea said, softly," Sir, the north star was a star that sailors used to navigate their ships at night." Dango looked again to where she had pointed. "Really? And how exactly is it supposed to help us find Daski?" Torlea stumbled over her words," We-we're sup-pposed to follow th-the star to where Das-daski is supposed to be." She got up more courage, for Dango didnt slape her for her sugestion. "Its supposed to guide us to him like it guided sailors. The north star is in the north, so pressumably so is Daski." Suddenly she stepped on a small smooth rock. It hurt, but she didnt say so, because she didnt want to show any weakness to Dango. She bent quikley and grabed the stone. It was a smooth peice of tiger-eye, gently reflecting its dark gold color in the sun. A image of a tiger that had silver tail stripes flashed through her mind. She shook it out.She slipped it in her pocket as Dango thought about what she had said. It felt warm, and seemed to pulse with a small gold light, but Torlea didn't notice, she was watching Dango.
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[SIZE=1][I] Dango lowered his head. Daski meant the world to him, he wasn't even sure if he was still alive.
"Get inside..." Growled Dango. Torlea walked away slowly. Dango looked up and grinned. He wathced with the corner of his eye, to see if Torlea went in side. Dango gazzed up.
"Why does it always happen to me?" He mumbled. He looked around. A cold chill fell down his back ever time he thought about his borther. The whole world would bow to him with his brother. Daski was the meaning of chaos. He was calm in every way, but deadly. If you looked up the word 'Terror' and 'Strong' in a dictionary, you'd find a picture of daski. Once daski made his choice, nothing would stop him. Dango looked around again. He took out his sword and tossed it into the nearst tree in anger. His body filled with hate. Hate for humans, Dogs, animals, and even himslef.
"Why always me?" He yelled.[/I][/SIZE]
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