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Writing Poems!

Inuyasha Fandom

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[color=gray][center]*Thinks this thred could be considered spam, but loves noobs so posts one anyway*

I sit here alone, thinking of you, rembering all weve been though.
I look back upon our life so far and wonder.
Whats it all for?
Why are we here?
Sometimes it hurts, late at night, and the wind blows through.
I can feel the emptiness inside I can't see in the day.
The Darkness, it guides me.
I know I made mistakes, I know you have too.
Then why is it only I am to blame?
It takes to, to make things work.
And I can't live without you.
So Why?
If you were right, and I was wrong.
Why are you gone?
I miss you.

Ah yes poem sad n depressing, feels good to do that again. And That poem goes out to a cat I once had. Her name was Misty. *smiles* I loved that cat....[/color][/center]
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No life, no gain
No love, no pain

Within the tame,
there is no change,

and people's pain
hath not acclaim.

No hurt, none insane
No sun, no rain

If from the world I obstain
it still cannot change:

Without bane,
It's all the same:

No life, no gain
No love, no pain

Within the plain,
there is no change.


*tilts head*
I like this.
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I am the despair
Iam the darkness
I am the lonliness
I am the fallen

I am here,
But I wish I wasn't
I long for death,
And I long for sweet oblivion
I no longer want to feel my pain

I want my life to end,
I want my pain to end
I wish I could end it all,
And never look back.

I long to die,
But I cannot.
I long to die,
But I must wander this forsaken world
As punishment for all my crimes.

so, how do you like this one?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Inuyasha Fandom [/i]
[B]I love these poems! I'll post some of mine in the next day or so. [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1] Double posting isn't allowed. I've deleted this post which I've quoted. I expect to not see it again.

I'm sort of thinking of even closing this thread...it isn't doing much.

Perhaps sometime I'll write a poem randomly in here and just post it, mm.[/size]
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