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T man

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This will be the sequil to my rp zoids: return of darkness. Who realy knows if this'll get off the ground but i'll try it also i'm asking for te people who joined return of darkness to join this one.

It has been two years since evean and his team defeated loyd and tamera who wanted to use the death saurer and death stingers to take over planet Z. With in the two years a new tournament has been made called the master warriors cup. The tournament is for any of the teams that where in the royal cup or are in rank S.
The tournament will decide who are the best zoids pilotes. No one realy knows who started the tournament but rumors have been said that the persion is a former back draft member and they're useing the tournament to get peoples attention. It's also said that it's the beginning for the back drafts group's return Most people say that the persion uses a black blade liger that's an ultimate X in zoid battles. Most people have enterd it to show that they are the strongest zoids pilote there are or to chalange the black blade liger.

[b]Sign up:[/b]




Team: (you can make up your own team, join some ones elses, be a merchanary or be some one from teams like the blitz, fuegle, champs or lighting teams that are in the show. If some one wants to be vega and have the beserk furry that's fine with me:D)



Ultimate X/organoid: (I'll allow about 4 people to have ultimate X's or 3 people to have organoids but the people who were in my last rp get them any ways)

[b]Here's mine:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Evean miro
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Appearence:[/b] brown hair, green eyes, red head band, blue tint goggles, gloves, blue pants, red shirt, brown boots
[b]Team:[/b] The demlotion runners
[b]Bio:[/b] Evean likes to play games and have zoid battles. He likes to go on adventures and have fun. He is willing to protect others no matter what the cost.
[b]Zoid:[/b] geno breaker
[b]Ultimate X/ organoid:[/b] none
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Siriko Daren
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Apearance: Short cearulean hair w/ looooooong bangs. Blue eyes w/ gold fleks. Knee boots, shorts, long sleeve loose shirt, all black.
Team: The demolition runners
Bio: Cute, funny, spunky, and stubborn, she gets what she wants, when she wants it... usually. When her friends are involved, noone better get in her way. She makes friends easily, but doesnt lose them as easily. She kicks butt, but will stick by you to the end.
Zoid: Lightning Saix
Organoid: Yup, Dash, cuase he is reallly fast. Black and silver w/ blue eyes.
Im actually gonna get in on this one.
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T Man, I'm on your team this time.

Name: Suzuki Malizuma

Age: 18

Appearence: See Suzuki

Team: Once a merchanary, now a Demlotion Runner.

Bio.: She killed her brother a long time ago. She then teamed up with Evean and his crue. She and him are really good buds now. She also loves to fight a lot.

Zoid: Got a new one, Gun Sniper
U.X./Org.: Nope.

And I don't care if it's Ryoko.
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Hey T Man, this one will rock...sounds great!

Name:Jay Sumako
Age:27(I'm guessing we should be a couple years older)
Appearence:I'll post attachment soon
Team:Zoidien Chaos(anybody wanna join?)
Bio:After spending many years trying to find and kill
the family that injured his parents, he fought with
the daughter and relized it wasn't her that nearly killed
his parents. Now,hes desperit to find a zoid team
to make money and pay the bill to his parents surgery.
ZOID: Lightning Saix
ORG:Xap(blue with silver wings)
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Angel Rain

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Appearence:[/B] see attachment

[B]Team:[/B] Demolition Runners

[B]Bio:[/B] Kiara was always into Zoids at a young age. She would always ride in her father's Blue Blade Liger, Jetstream. He father had thought that Jetstream never listened to anyone, but it seemed to like her. Kiara had a special way with Zoids. Even with rogue Zoids that people thought were dangerous, she had a way. They would never hurt her.

She is a young girl who loves to have fun. She's just a small kid who just loves Zoids. When she has to be serious she is. Although for the young age, she is very mature and tranquil. But when things get rough and people start to run, she's the one who stands her ground and fights. One thing that she doesn't do is start the fight, she ends it.

Don't get her angry and she won't have to beat the living daylights out of you.

[B]Zoid:[/B] Liger Zero

[B]Organoid:[/B] Mirage- silver and white with one black stripe under each red eye, plus silver and white wings.[/size][/color]
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Sounds kewl!!

Name: Quatre Tiger

Age: 15

Appearence: Blond hair, quiet short, blue eyes, wears army combat gear

Team: Zoidien Chaos

Bio: Quatre was trained by his father and when his father died his Zoid got passed on to him.

Zoid: Lightning Tiger
(he has suped it up for optimum performance)
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Guest RPG&BattleKing
ACK!!! SETBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!



me post soon

zoidien chaos.

Thought to be killed 2 years ago, he was put into a coma for 3 weeks. He stole a lightning Saix and instantly began winning battles. He is known as the the zoidien god of death.

Im finnaly here. Lets start.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by RPG&BattleKing [/i]


me post soon

zoidien chaos.[/QUOTE]
[color=green]Posts like this are absolutely unacceptable. Even if you're going to come back to edit this, you can still post in complete sentences.

Also, signups in this thread could generally use some work, especially those of you with one-line bios. Please include more detail in future signups.

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O_O Hey! Im a very busy little kid! Its not my fault marching band takes up alot of time!

If im too late I guess you could say something happened to my character... (not died) But if I can still join! Here is my bio and stuff. I made my bio a bit different to go along with what has happened.

Name: Nitsu Kamari

Age: 14

Appearence: Blue eyes, short gold hair that is spiked a bit in the front. She wears a black vest with short sleeves and a long sleeved orange shirt under it. Brown Jeans, boots and dark purple sash. She also wears black gloves that cut off at the knuckles. Also she has Dark green round sunglasses that she wears on her forehead. when disguiased she has a dark cloak that covers most of her. and she carries a 2 knives with her.

Team: none

Bio: After the defeat of Talim she stayed with the runers for about a month. It seemed that being on a team though wasn't what she thought it would be and she left without a trace to the other team members.now that Talim is back she appears every once in awhile usually disguised as a mercenary. She won't show herself in fear that her old team mates would hate her for leaving.

Zoid: Konig Wolf with energy drills

Gold Organoid called Flash
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Name:Alex gerorge


Appearence:tall, brown hair, blue eyes, orange with red points at the bottom of the shirt, red shorts

Team: merchanary

Bio: Alex has allways had a interest in zoids as a kid. Once he got older he got a gun blaster and set out to become a zoid pilot. He customized the gun blaster to have good speeds even though it's heavy zoid. Because he is not a member of a team and does not have enough money to buy his own base he stayes at the demoltion ruinners base. He came there after hearing that the demoltion runners defeated loyd and talim and figured he could learn some new skills to improve him self.

Zoid: GunBlaster

Ultimate X/organoid: neither
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