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To let y'all know, this was written by Tsukasa_hack himself, I just merely helped out. So here it goes:

I remember only days ago, going about my own affairs, completely unaware of what was about to happen. The day was April 30th, the anniversary of George Washington's presidency. I was looking through a telescope of my dear friend's observatory, when I saw it. It was so small that only selected few were able to see, it was a plume of red smoke leaving the planet Mars. It had no reasonable explanation or known causes. My dear friend explained to me that it was merely a meteor shower that casted dusty rubble into the air on impact.
This happened midnight, and the showers kept on happening for the next 10 nights. No one ever tried to explain what was happening, or why the showers stopped on the tenth night. They all were too obsessed withe their own affairs. It was little known to us on how significant this strange phenomina would soon become...

--------10 days after the mysterious showers----------------

A calmness floated in the air. The cattle grazing in the patures remained unstirred, as did much else on this cool September night. If any astronomers where looking into the black sky at that hour, they may have noticed a stray star off of it's usual stillness in the starry sky. The stray grew bigger, leaving a trail of flames behind. Whatever it was, it was huge, about the size of a house. It soared across the sky and crashed into a pasture, snuggling itself into the soft, moist earth.
Tucked away in their houses, farmers were awakened and in their flannel pajama's they lept out of their homes to see what was going on. Drowsily, they all huddled around the emmense crator, confused at what they saw.
"Must be one of 'im meteor thangs," one farmer commented.
Suddenly, small holes along the sides started opening, releasing a silvery mist that poured out around the crator. The farmers deeply enhaled and began to hack and cough. As they were starting to breath normally, they looked up at eachother. A little too late, a boy ran up to the crowd only to be met with cold, lifeless stares.
"What's goin' on?"

Please, to save Tsukasa_hack and myself some confusion, post your character's profile here, then as soon as Tsukasa_hack feels there are enough characters we will post the thread in the Adventure Arena. Thank you..




Occupation: (your character does not have to be a farmer)



Personality: (This is important because we don't want anyone to get angry at anyone else because of the confusion on a character's personality rather than the person who's writing the character)

Once again, thank you.

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