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Writing Digimon: Dark Conflict [Revisited]

Solo Tremaine

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Okay, here we are with my Digimon fanfic, having considerably revised it and made it a lot better and more interesting to read, heh.

Introduction: The story is set twenty-five years after the end of Season 2, a time when the original digidestined should be playing happily with their children in the Digital World. But something has gone very wrong. For twenty years, the world has been in chaos as the borders between the worlds have been ripped apart and humans are fighting a losing battle against the invading Digimon forces, led by a huge and sinister presence known as Thanatomon. The Digidestined are a diminishing party who strive to end the war and bring peace back to the world and repair the damage that has been done...

[b]Chapter 1: The Shattered World[/b]

[i]January 3rd, 2019:
The tests are going well. Better than I had expected, in fact. Injecting the bridge serum seems to have countered the initial synthesis rejection, so the bodily structure is slowly regaining itself. All being well, It should be whole within a few days. I can?t be more exact than that- one body differs from another greatly, and it appears this one is less responsive than the first. Still, progress is progress.


The green writing flickered from the screen with a sharp jab of a button. The entry completed, the shadowy figure sat back on his chair and sighed, once again basking in the pitch darkness of the room.

Suddenly, the silence was shattered by a piercing ring from the phone on the desk next to him.

He wrenched the receiver from its base.

?What is it??

?One of the subjects has escaped, sir. I?ve sent out a team to recover it.? A grainy voice replied obediently.

He slammed the phone back onto the cradle. There had been too many mistakes already.

* * *

Deep in the Andean Plateau, the eerie sound of klaxons pierced the skies. A massive metal door in the mountainside rumbled open as a huge tank thundered onto the barren ground, hunting for its prey.

The creature shrank behind a tall rock, hoping the tank would pass him by. His breathing was ragged, rasping from his dry, painful throat.

He could hear the monstrous machine drawing closer. They would be right behind him at any moment. Suddenly, he ran.

As soon as he broke from the cover of the rock, he heard the engines roar fiercely as the tank hurtled after him, gun turrets gleaming in the bright sunlight.

They fired. Bullets ploughed up the ground to his left and he leapt away in another direction. The tank followed his course hungrily, sharp blades on the front of the vehicle drawing ever closer to his body.

?Oh no?? he gasped, sand drying his mouth. He knew he didn?t have much of a chance against it.

His last hope, he thought, would be to roll. The ground began to shake with the impending arrival of the heavy vehicle. Steadying himself, MetalArmadillomon curled up into a spiked ball and cannoned forwards as fast as he could. The hot sand burnt his scales and scratched his skin like sandpaper. Grimacing through the pain, he kept rolling away from the compound.

?Don?t let them take me?? he pleaded to himself.

Inside the vehicle, the three humans were enjoying the thrill of the hunt. One, sat in the gun turret, followed the digimon in his sights, stroking the trigger.

?This is the last time you escape, worm.? He growled. Suddenly, the digimon stopped. One of his spikes had broken, sending him crashing into a standing stone. He lay, dazed and exhausted on the ground, too weak to continue.

In the compound, the human commander listened intently to the tank?s status. All around him, huge screens showed him the tank?s position on the map. Officers ran frantically around the room, studying each security camera and making sure the site was secure. He stared coldly at the screen.

?Kill it.?

?Gotcha now!? the gunner sneered. The targeting computer bleeped insistently at him. Smiling, he jerked back the trigger.

MetalArmadillomon struggled feebly to get to his feet. He felt his insides constrict as he heard the cannons fire. He shut his eyes in fear, hoping they would miss.

Suddenly, something crashed into his side and he could feel himself being carried away. A strange feeling swept over MetalArmadillomon, like air rushing past his face. This must be what it?s like to be deleted.

Opening his eyes and expecting to see his body dissolving into bits of tiny data, he instead saw a mass of blue and white fur. He strained his neck back to see the tank far below him, getting smaller and smaller.

Someone was saving his life.

Hurriedly looking up to see who it was, he glimpsed a grey streak shrieking past. MetalArmadillomon?s carrier looped in the air, making him feel sick. He hated flying, he hated heights, but he preferred them to being deleted. He felt dizzy and pushed against the digimon to get some air.

"Hold on,? it said calmly. Suddenly, MetalArmadillomon felt them changing direction. He looked up and saw the tank and the desert floor zooming towards him very fast. He drew back in shock.

?What are you doing?? he spluttered fearfully. ?You?ll never get through that armour!?

?Trust me!? The digimon answered back.
MetalArmadillomon wished he could, but just held on for dear life instead.

Inside the tank, the driver was furious. ?He?s back! Retreat!?

The gunner snarled at him. ?No way! I?m going to get him for what these things did!? He aimed the two cannons at the fast-approaching digimon and fired madly. The digimon avoided the projectiles effortlessly and drew a massive sword from the scabbard on his back. It began to glow a bright white. The driver cursed and slammed his foot down on the accelerator. The engine roared loudly, spewing black smoke from its exhausts, and the tank shuddered forwards? but not far enough.

?Aurora Blade!?

The digimon took aim with his sword and sliced through two large generators mounted behind the barrels with extreme precision and ease. They sparked madly for a few seconds, then exploded.

As the two of them rocketed skywards, MetalArmadillomon held down his stomach contents and smiled uneasily. ?Impressive.? He said queasily.

The digimon smiled. ?It?s not over yet.? They pulled up sharply and rocketed skywards. Below them, they could see the crater left by the explosion, a twisted mass of hissing metal in its centre.
MetalArmadillomon felt sick. He clenched his eyes shut- he didn?t dare look down, they were so high up. Eventually, they reached the clouds and passed above them.
The digimon smiled at him. ?You can open your eyes now. We?re safe.?

?We?re not safe!?

?Yes we are, we?re above the clouds- way out of their range.?

?It?s not that we?re not safe from, it?s the falling down from up here we?re not safe from.?

The digimon chuckled. ?Open your eyes. It?s wonderful.?

MetalArmadillomon cautiously opened half an eye, and then gazed in amazement at the view spread before him. Miles of white clouds lay below them, and below that were the Andes mountains, looking far more enjoyable from up here. Pillars of cloud flew past them like great sentinels in the sky. The sun shone brightly, giving everything a warm glow. A cold wind was blowing strongly; it felt soothing.

?It is beautiful?? he sighed in wonderment. He shook his head. He could finally get a clear view of his saviour. He was like one he?d never seen before. He was a bipedal wolf with blue and white fur. His huge red dragon wings were spread very wide, quivering in the wind currents. He had muscular arms with leather belts wrapped around them, gripping him tightly, and on his left wrist was a small steel crossbow. Finger-less gloves covered furred hands with gleaming white claws. A red bandanna hug loosely around his neck. Finally, MetalArmadillomon said something.

?Where are we going??

The digimon gestured forwards with his muzzle. ?To a place we call ?The Haven?.?

?You mean we aren?t going to report to HiAndromon??

A look of revulsion flicked across the digimon?s face. ?No. The Digital Continent is full of evil, and HiAndromon?s where most of it comes from.?

MetalArmadillomon was confused. ?But? he?s part of the highest command before??

?I know.? The digimon nodded. ?That?s why we aren?t going there.?

Shock spread across MetalArmadillomon?s face. ?You rebelled against the Sentients??

?No. The Sentients rebelled against humanity and Digimon.? The digimon growled. ?I hate them.?

MetalArmadillomon did agree, but was afraid to say anything. They had spies everywhere.

?So? what is The Haven?? he asked, watching a flock of birds fly leisurely underneath them, enjoying the calm of the high altitude.

?It?s a hidden place where we do our best to restore peace to the world. It?s far enough out of reach of the Sentients, and the humans? boats can?t detect us. A lot of the digimon warriors are there.?

?You mean the digidestined??

?Yes? the ones that are left.?

* * *

Back in the compound, the commander stood over his desk, the headphones broadcasting lifeless static to his ears. Anger welled up inside him.

?I?hate?digimon?? he hissed through gritted teeth, the rage making his hands shake. ?I?hate?? He raised his fist and slammed it down on the desk, splitting it in two. He pointed madly at a communications officer sat at a desk and yelled at her.

?Get me through to the command centre at Midway!? The communications officer nodded and frantically jabbed at the buttons on her control panel.

In a dark room in the command centre at Midway, in the Pacific Ocean, a phone rang tunelessly. Illuminated only by the dim glow of a computer monitor, the darkness seemed to stretch into infinity. Someone picked up the receiver. The commander wasn?t looking forward to this. He breathed in heavily.

?Master Kamagata, I-?

?You?ve lost him, haven?t you?? a voice hissed. The commander froze.

?Sir, if you would let me explain, I can-?

Kamagata?s eyes narrowed evilly. ?I don?t care for slack security, commander. See to it that he is returned as soon as possible. The Sentients will be after him soon, and we don?t want them taking him, do we??, he growled.

The commander?s voice was wavering. ?Yes, sir. I?ll?send out a recovery team immediately, sir.?

?Good. Have we established where the Haven is??

?Latest reports indicate it?s just East of our base. ?

?Find it and destroy it. Is that clear? If I hear any more bad news from you, commander, I shall see to it that the monsters tear you apart limb by cursed limb. Do you understand?? Kamagata hissed, clenching his fists.

All blood had drained from the commander?s face. He felt sick. He?d never seen the Master, but he?d heard of what happened to insubordinates. ?Yes, sir.? He whispered quietly, putting down the communicator.

In the dark room, Kamagata Naraku rubbed his hands together slowly. The digidestined had been alive for far too long, standing in the way of his efforts to swing the war to the humans? favour. The fact that they had Digimon partners alone made them target for extermination.
He felt disgusted at the very notion. They weren?t partners.
They were parasites. That was why they would be exterminated.
He hit a button on the keyboard. The screen hummed electronically, then bleeped as a cryogenics tube came up on screen. It was filled with a hazy green liquid, but inside he could see the distinct features of his creature. They would soon learn that the human race is not so easily defeated.


* * *

MetalArmadillomon opened his eyes blearily. He must have fallen asleep. Down below him, he could see the beach. They were steadily descending on the ocean, to what looked like a small island a mile or so out. As they drew nearer, it started to look more familiar. At one end was a small mound-like structure, and next to that was a large metal dome.

?Was? he real, then? The stories were true??

?Yeah.? The digimon nodded as they came in to land on the dome. He touched down effortlessly and set him down on the ground. ?Still is real. Kenji Ichijoji?? The digimon continued. He drew his sword again and tapped on the dome three times in quick succession. A young man with messy blonde hair opened a circular hatch in the centre of the dome.

?Get inside quickly- a patrol of digimon?s coming this way.?

The digimon grabbed MetalArmadillomon and shoved him down the hatch. Keeping a watch on the sky above, he climbed in afterwards, slamming the hatch shut behind him. The inside of the ship was dimly lit. Odd bits of seaweed clung to the metal walls, which had begun to rust. More corridors led off from this one, each looking the same. Small hatchways were embedded in the walls- ventilation ducts and maintenance tunnels. MetalArmadillomon strained his eyes to see through the gloom, following closely behind the winged wolf.

The muscular digimon marched through the rusty corridors, his claws clicking on the corroding metal floors. His wings swayed slightly as he walked, shifting his scabbard, which made a sharp metal ?clink? with each step.

Eventually, they came to a large door. The two looked back at MetalArmadillomon, nodded to each other and swung open the doors.

He couldn?t believe his eyes. A massive brightly-lit blue metal room greeted him, and all around it were loads of humans and digimon sitting together happily- not a hint of malice in the room. To one side, some younger kids were playing with a few battered toys with their digimon. Occasionally, MetalArmadillomon would see a digivice. He?d try to get a closer look at it, but someone would get in the way. The blonde-haired man was talking to the digimon who?d saved him.

All around him the room was buzzing. Some of the older people were just sitting and talking, but still looking genuinely happy. Never had he glimpsed such emotion.

Matt looked at the digimon sternly. ?Did you find anything?? he asked.

He shook his wolfen head. ?No. It wasn?t the right one.? He gave Matt an apologetic look and held his hands behind his back.
He wasn?t impressed. ?Did you need to bring back the digimon??

?They would have killed him otherwise.? He protested, clenching his fist.

Matt sighed. They didn?t really need another mouth to feed, but at least they were making progress. ?Alright. But we should drop him off in a safe area as soon as we can. In the meantime, Aidan, I want you to try and remember any other details that you can about the facility, okay??

Aidan nodded sombrely and left the room.

In the bridge, Yolei and Ken were sat at the controls. In front of them were masses of monitors and scanners, hurriedly joined together by wires and duct tape. Yolei tweaked a bit of the tape and sighed.

?Not exactly state-of-the-art, is it?? she said lazily, flicking the radar screen.

Ken nodded in agreement. ?At least it works. And it?s our only hope at achieving peace.?

Yolei was just about to reply when Matt strode into the room. He stood inbetween them.

?How?s it going, guys??

?We?re good to go!? Yolei said cheerfully.

Matt?s face remained stern. ?Aidan rescued a digimon from the Corocoro compound earlier today. If we?re lucky, he?s got at least some clue as to holes in the human security systems.? He said flatly.

?So? do you think we?ll be able to pull it off?? Ken asked apprehensively.

Matt?s head lowered. ?That room is full of children. They have no concept of how to battle properly. The only ones here who can deal with this are you two, Sora, Izzy, Aidan and me. And I still don?t trust Aidan yet. That?s not a heavy strike force??

?How many will we need??

?I don?t know. It?d take a lot. Much more than what we have.?
They all looked solemn. Matt looked ahead at the thick plexi-glass window. Fish had begun swarming around the edges, sucking up plankton.

?Take us out, Yolei,? he ordered, turning to leave. ?We?re heading back to Tokyo.?

Ken and Yolei looked at each other with concern. T.K?s absence was obviously still playing on his mind, even after all these years?

She slammed the throttle forwards. The entire ship moaned into life, jerking forwards. Slowly, it rose up out of the ocean and into the sky until it disappeared behind the clouds.


Questions, comments? There is more to come, but I'm still working on the later chapters. Don't be afraid to say if there's something you don't like- I'd prefer to know there's something I need to work on, hehe.
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Well, you have seen what Aidan looks like. remember the picture for Strabimon's Champion form in Solo's sign-up for your RPG? That's what Aidan looks like. As for the thing in the tube, I know what that is, too, but I'm not going to tell you.
I'm glad you're giving this story another try, Solo. I look forward to finding out just what happens after you left off(with quite a cliffhanger, I might add).
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[COLOR=#503F86]Hehe, I'm glad you like it ^_^ And thank you for not saying anything Takuya. I appreciate it.

Anyway, here's Chapter 2. Not much has changed in this one, but after this some really drastic changes have been made as to how the story unfolds, for those of you that have read it before [Which at the moment is Takuya :p].

[SIZE=1]Note: *** signifies a scene change. It's more obvious in the story format, but since this'll be going on ff.net I'll need to double space everything >_<;[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[b]Chapter 2: Fracture[/b]


[i]?Increase power levels to one point three.?
An electric hum reverberated around the room. He twitched.
The man opposite him tapped his foot in anticipation. The results were looking good.
?Status?? he barked.
A young research assistant studied a piece of paper being released from the printer. ?All life signs normal. Brain activity increasing by sixteen percent. He appears to be waking up, sir.?
The man grinned sardonically. ?Good. I hope he remembers where his loyalties lie.?[/i]

** *

MetalArmadillomon crept towards the slightly ajar door and looked at it curiously. Gouge marks were all over it. Gently, he pushed the door open. The room, like most of the rest of the ship, was a dirty red and black metal room with a large daylight bulb strapped to the ceiling. Aidan?s room was covered in scratches and large dents. Aidan was lying on the bed with his eyes open, but looked distracted by deep thought.
Feeling nervous, MetalArmadillomon coughed quietly to get his attention. Aidan jumped and sat bolt upright, glaring at MetalArmadillomon.

?S-sorry to interrupt, sir, I was just-?

Aidan sighed. ?No? you weren?t interrupting.?

?Um? I just wanted you to know that I?m really grateful for you saving me today. I? would have been killed if it weren?t for you.?

Aidan?s grim expression softened slightly. ?No problem. Just don?t make a habit of it.?

?I won?t.? he turned to go, but saw the deep scratches in the door. ?Um???

?Hmm?? Aidan grunted, scratching his cheek.

MetalArmadillomon gulped and looked at Aidan?s mirror. More gouge marks. ?What?s your name??

?My name?s Aidan.? The digimon replied, his expression softening further.

MetalArmadillomon smiled, but didn?t know what else to say. Now probably wasn?t the best time to try and start a conversation. ?I?ll see you later, Aidan?? he said quietly.

?See ya.? Aidan murmured.

* * *

In the sky, several large serpent-like shapes were following the base. Huge metal wings cast ominous shadows on the water down below. Their eyes glowing red, they quickened their pace, growling with bloody anticipation?

MetalArmadillomon wandered about the ship, investigating various rooms and trying to find a way back to the big room. All of the corridors looked the same. Eventually, he came to a door marked ?Izzy?. Curious, he gently pushed open the door. A blinding light flooded the room; he had to shield his eyes just to squint. It began to dim a little, and he braved a stroll inside. Once his eyes had adjusted to the light, he could hardly believe what he saw.

The room was massive, at least twenty feet high. Every inch of the walls was covered in an iridescent blue metal that glowed in the light. In the centre of the room were two cone-like structures, one hanging down from the ceiling, the other reaching up from the floor. Suspended in the centre was the source of the light- a large white crystal. It felt as if it was giving off more than light- MetalArmadillomon could almost feel a tingling sensation through the floor. It was a strangely familiar sensation, almost as if trying to remember a long-forgotten memory.

[i]?It?s probably just the energy,?[/i] he thought to himself, shivering slightly.

He remembered the broken spike on his back. Sighing in disappointment, he walked over to the metal wall and studied his reflection. To look at, he was one of the more attractive digimon. At least, that?s what he thought. A black and grey colouring of Armadillomon, he was quite a lot larger- almost three feet high with his spines up. His tail had three curved blades at the end. Usually he kept them closed to avoid accidents.

He was relieved to finally be out of the compound. They kept throwing him into ridiculous experiments and sticking needles into him. Lifting up the plates on his front legs, he could see some of the scars. Shuddering at the thought, he laid them back down and looked at himself in the metal. His purple eyes shone brightly in the light of the crystal, and his black steel shell glinted dangerously. He raised his spines to survey the damage to his broken one. Strangely, all of the spikes were there. No broken ones. He strained his neck round the to see if it was just a trick of the light. Still no broken one.

?Strange?? he murmured.

From the other side of the room, he heard an angry voice. ?Hey, what are you doing here??

MetalArmadillomon jumped and looked round. ?S-sorry. I was lost.?

A man with long red hair in a wheelchair skidded up to him. He was wearing a ripped green shirt over an orange T-shirt with faded black stripes. ?I?ve not seen you around here before. Have you just arrived here??

?Yes. I?m MetalArmadillomon.? He held out his claw for the man to shake. He smiled and shook it heartily.

?Koushiro Izumi. Call me Izzy.?

?Hi Izzy,? he looked at the crystal in curious awe. ?What is that??

Izzy moved some of his hair out of the way of his eyes and cleared his throat. ?We don?t know exactly what it is,? he sighed, turning back to look at it. ?It was found somewhere on a beach near the Digimon continent. We use it as a power source for the ship. It tends to fluctuate a bit, so I?m here to regulate the temperature and do maintenance.?

?Ah.? MetalArmadillomon looked at Izzy?s legs. They were bandaged tightly to the legs of the wheelchair. ?What happened to your legs??

Izzy half-smiled. ?Eight years ago, we were engaged in battle against some of the Sentient?s forces in one of our early attempts to overthrow them, and we weren?t doing that badly until the humans turned up. We probably would have won if they hadn?t butted in the fight- our plans in disarray, we scattered, and unfortunately I strayed into the line of fire.?

They both fell silent.

?There aren?t many people who can say they?ve survived a building fall on them.? Izzy laughed.

MetalArmadillomon wished he hadn?t asked. He didn?t know what to say. His jaw clenched with anger. Why did this have to happen? Just as he felt he was about to explode with rage, a rather confused-looking Tentomon buzzed into the room.
?Hello there!? he said cheerfully, crashing onto the floor. MetalArmadillomon jumped clear of Tentomon?s crash and picked him up. ?Thanks. Of course, I meant to do that.?

Izzy smiled at Tentomon. ?You okay, pal??

?Sure thing, Izzy. I?ve recalibrified the exhumator, examinicated the transmogrifier and adjusted the green thingy. I think that?s right, anyway,? he buzzed excitedly. A look of great concentration swept over Izzy?s face for a few seconds, before turning into a confused smile.

?Thanks, Tentomon. Don?t overwork yourself.?

Suddenly, the ship jolted forwards, sending Izzy flying into the wall. He grabbed the radio receiver next to the door and yelled into it. ?What kind of flying do you call that??

Matt picked up the other end. ?We hit something,? he barked.

?Must have been some bird?? Izzy murmured gravely. Suddenly, a blur of screams burst through the intercom. Through the frantic shouts, Izzy heard the word ?Gigadramon?.

MetalArmadillomon, filled with anger for the Digimon Sentients, sprinted out of the room, determined to stop them from destroying the children on the ship?

* * *

Ken and Yolei battled with the controls to keep the ship in flight. There were three Gigadramon circling the ship. Every few seconds, one would let off a huge volley of missiles, causing the base to shift out of control.

?These impacts are going to break through the hull if we don?t do something quickly.? Ken growled while wrestling with the joystick. A stray missile thundered into the ship just below the front window, rocking the bridge uncontrollably. Matt struggled to keep himself upright.

?Can?t we carry out evasive manoeuvres?? he yelled to Yolei.

?We?re a floating lump of stone- evasive manoeuvres don?t work!? she shrieked back as another missile cracked the glass.

Matt ran his fingers through his hair. They had to be able to hold them off somehow. But with already low power reserves and fewer forces than they?d ever had before, they certainly wouldn?t be able to keep them at bay for long. And where there were digimon, the Sentients were waiting not far behind.
Losing the Haven would be a major blow to any efforts to restore peace. But if they died then everything would be lost.

What should he do?

?Ken?? he shut his eyes. He didn?t want to give the order. ??Order an evacuation of the Haven. Get everyone to the transport ship in the hangar.?

?What about the Gigadramon?? Ken asked anxiously. His hands were quivering.

?Aidan and I will take care of them.? Matt boomed. ?Just make sure everyone gets out.?

Ken and Yolei looked at each other. They could see the fear in each other?s eyes. Ken pressed a button on the desk in front of him. ?Evacuate the ship.? His voice wavered slightly. ?Everyone is to proceed to the emergency hangar immediately and get into the transport ship. I repeat? evacuate the Haven.?

Matt put on his sunglasses. He hated Sora seeing him lose hope. It was there in his eyes. The ship rumbled slightly as he pressed another button on the panel. ?Aidan, you and Gabumon are to come with me to give the transport ship cover immediately!?

A faint voice hissed through the radio. ?On my way.?

* * *

The Gigadramon cackled menacingly as they launched missile salvos into the defenceless base. Slowly, it began to tilt to one side. One of the Gigadramon drew back its enormous fist and plunged it straight into the side, creating a gaping hole in the rock surface. He grinned at the damage he?d caused. The other two watched and laughed evilly as they heard frantic screams and cries from inside. Relishing the terror, they opened their metal claws and prepared to fire off the final round. One hesitated as it saw something leave the top of the ship.
A streak of white light shot through its shoulder, causing him to let out a terrible roar. Aidan was brandishing a large steel longbow and threatened them with a second shot. The first Gigadramon grimaced in pain and flew back a few metres. The other two growled at him impatiently.

?Not smart!? hissed the second one, opening his claws. Two missiles screamed from the barrels and flew straight at Aidan. Quickly, he slammed the longbow onto his left wrist and held his arms out in a defensive position. The missiles exploded, leaving a mass of smoke floating in the air. The Gigadramons growled triumphantly. But? as the smoke dissipated, they saw a white sphere in front of them. It disappeared in a flash, leaving Aidan hovering there, completely unharmed. The longbow had changed shape into a steel crossbow.

?Idiots.? He scoffed. His Light Shield was put up just in time.
Roaring fiercely, the third Gigadramon charged straight at him. Aidan drew his sword and held it in front of him, pointing downwards, bracing himself for the impact. Gigadramon?s hard metal helmet collided with Aidan?s sword, sending him crashing onto the roof of the base.

The Gigadramon snorted indignantly and gestured to the other two to keep attacking the base. They floated round to the back and charged up their cannons, eager to destroy it as soon as possible. A sudden explosion in the side wall distracted them. Smoke drifted from an open hole. Cautiously, one of them edged closer to see the source. As it drew nearer, it could hear metallic noises.

Suddenly, a massive burst of missiles zoomed from the smoke and exploded in his face, freezing it completely. Incapacitated, he plummeted down into the ocean far below.

The second Gigadramon aimed his cannons at the hole and fired several missiles into the cavity. Debris exploded outwards and the Gigadramon turned his attention to the dome, content that whatever it was had been vaporised.

Aidan couldn?t move. The force of the floor hitting his back had temporarily paralysed him. Groaning in pain, he tried to open his eyes. He could see the Gigadramon salivating over the opportunity to end his life.

?Not yet?? Aidan choked.

The ominous sound of Gigadramon?s cannons charging up pierced his ears and he prepared himself for the final hit? but something else happened. Instead of a deafening explosion, all he heard was a loud ?pop?. Opening his eyes again, he saw Gigadramon frozen with pain, his cannon split down the middle.

MetalArmadillomon flopped out of the end, stunned and covered in soot.

He?d jumped into the cannon.

Aidan smiled weakly and heard a new sound- the roar of engines.

On the transport ship, Sora was struggling to get everyone to calm down. Many of the children were in hysterics, and even Tentomon walking into the door wouldn?t calm them down. On top of that, the ship was stuck inside- the bay doors wouldn?t open. Struggling to remain calm herself, she handed over the controls to Yolei.

?Someone needs to open the doors, Yolei. I?m going to go.?
Yolei grabbed her arm. ?Sora, that?s insane! You?d fall out and? I don?t want to lose another friend,? she pleaded. Sora looked at the doors again- they?d changed shape. A huge dent had appeared in them. As she studied it closer, they imploded and a massive metal claw appeared where there used to be a door, groping around for prey.

?It?s okay, Yolei. This bozo?s done it for us!? She jumped into the pilot seat and slammed down the throttle lever. The engines roared into life and it accelerated forwards. Gigadramon peered inside to see what he?d found when Yolei took the gunner?s seat. Screaming in rage, she held down the trigger. A minigun on the roof of the ship burst into life and fired straight into Gigadramon?s evil eye. He reared back, roaring in pain.

The remaining Gigadramon jumped and stared at the one holding its eye. It saw the ship shoot out of the hangar.

?Easy prey?? he sneered, discarding his damaged claw. MetalArmadillomon saw what he was going for. Leaving Aidan on the dome, he rolled after Gigadramon.

?Hey, you! Over here!? he yelled.

Gigadramon turned round and swatted him with a claw. MetalArmadillomon slammed into the tall mountain structure, leaving a large crater.

Gigadramon advanced on the ship, dribbling in anticipation. As he drew closer, he heard something behind him.

?You?ll have to do more than destroy a wall to get rid of me!? MetalGarurumon boomed. ?Ice Wolf Claw!?

The attack thundered into Gigadramon?s back and he disappeared, deleted. Matt held tightly to MetalGarurumon?s back.

?Great work, pal. Once we?ve picked up Aidan and MetalArmadillomon we?ll catch up with the ship.? He patted his back, impressed.

MetalGarurumon whirled round and flew back to the base, which was now falling fairly rapidly towards the ocean. Aidan and MetalArmadillomon were sitting on tope of the dome. Aidan?s right wing was badly hurt- he couldn?t fly.

MetalGarurumon landed gingerly on the dome and let them clamber on. As they flew towards the ship, Aidan recounted the battle.

?Wait! What happened to that third Gigadramon?? he asked.
An evil laugh boomed behind them. ?Time to die, vermin!?, the one-eyed Gigadramon roared. Ripping the mountain structure from the top of the base, he swung it at MetalGarurumon.
He couldn?t move. The lump of rock crashed into his side and threw him off balance, knocking the three others off his back.
Drained of energy, he de-digivolved to Gabumon and all four of them plummeted down into the ocean?


[COLOR=#503F86]As you might tell, this was where Chapter 1 used to end. Dividing it into two makes it a little more accessible, I think ^_^ More to come, if anyone's still interested. I'll probably post it regardless anyway, but meh...[/COLOR]
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I noticed the split, and I think it works(And "Fracture" is a cool chapter title).

I have two things to say.
First, isn't the thing in the tank a she?
And second, manoeuvres? That's the kind of spelling my little brother would come up with(and he spells "attention" as "atengen"). The correct spelling is maneuvers. You might want to run spell check.
Anyways, this is a good story, and I' egearly awaiting the changed and new parts(epecially the new ones).
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[COLOR=#503F86]Don't forget I use an English spellchecker here, being in the UK ^_~ Which is also why my 'color' is 'colour', lol. But thanks anyway.[/COLOR]

[spoiler]Yes, the thing in the tank is a she, but I'm keeping up the suspense for later ^_^; It pays to have a bit of mystery to keep things interesting. Anyway, I'll edit later with Chapter 3.[/spoiler]

Chapter 3: Paradise Lost

** *

[i]Tsumago- A quiet village in south central Japan, three years after the arrival of the Digimon in the real world?

?That was cool!?

?Yeah! We have to do it again sometime.? The boy grinned, his white hair blowing in the cool night breeze. All around him, the trees on the side of the valleys stood silhouetted against the starry sky. He looked down at his companion, still grinning.
The small creature walking by his side smiled back at him. ?You looked good when you were doing all those moves.?

The boy swelled with pride. ?Yeah, and I bet you would if you ever got the chance to.?

The small creature whirled round excitedly, swinging its blue scaly tail through the air and whipping it against a tree. The bark split and scattered into the darkness.

?Hey, careful Veedramon! Mr Yakumoto wouldn?t like you breaking his trees.? The boy scolded. The dragon digimon looked back at him apologetically.

?Sorry Aidan.?

Aidan smiled. ?Hey, it?s alright. Trees are made to withstand things like that. Just don?t-?

Veedramon had disappeared. Aidan darted round, searching the darkness for a sign of his partner.

?Veedramon?? he called. He heard a ?snap? behind him. Just as he turned to see what it was, something large and wet clapped around his mouth and a bulky arm wrapped around his neck. He tore at the man?s armour, trying to break free, but the chloroform smell was beginning to make him dizzy. His hands dropped limply to his sides as he felt his body slipping into unconsciousness?


Matt slammed his fists down hard on Aidan?s chest. It was like trying to resuscitate a pillow full of cement. But he had to keep trying.

Gabumon watched anxiously as he desperately battled to save Aidan?s life. Matt threw his fists onto his chest again and again, each time feeling for a pulse. Still nothing.

The rookie digimon stepped forwards to put a paw on Matt?s shoulder when Aidan lurched upwards, a gurgling rasp screeching from his mouth. He rolled over onto his front and coughed water up onto the sand. Rearing his head back, he could feel the air wheezing back into his lungs. Finally, he threw up a second load of water, which splattered noisily onto the ground. They were on a rocky beach somewhere. Thin grey clouds shrouded the sky. Palm trees swayed in the breeze and the water lapped gently at the sandy beach. Above them was a fairly steep cliff face.

Gabumon rubbed Aidan?s back to help him. ?Welcome back, Aidan. We thought we?d lost you for a minute there,? he said softly as Aidan vomited a third time. Matt sat wearily down next to him.

?Where?s?Metal?Armadillomon?? he rasped inbetween fits of painfully ejecting the salt water from his lungs. Matt pointed over to a group of trees a few metres away. Breathing heavily, Aidan looked over to where Matt pointed and saw MetalArmadillomon sitting on his own, looking forlorn. Aidan tried to pull himself up, but collapsed from weakness.

?Don?t try and move.? Matt stopped him. ?Your wing?s in bad shape.?

Aidan rested on his arms. ?What?happened to the?Haven?? he spluttered.

Matt shook his head. ?Gone.? He ran his fingers through his hair. ?I can?t believe they found us. Now we?re all scattered again... It took us years to put Ken?s flying fortress back together??

Gabumon?s head drooped. ?Don?t worry, Matt. We found Sora before. I?m sure we can do it again??

Matt looked doubtful. His sunglasses were cracked and he had seaweed in his hair. Sighing, he stood up and looked around.

?It looks like we may be here a while. I?ll go see if I can find some firewood.? Gabumon rose to help him, but he shook his head. ?You stay here, Gabumon. You need to protect Aidan.?

A look of deep concern shadowed Gabumon?s face. ?Are you sure, Matt??

Matt shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out a revolver.

?I?ll be fine.? Shaking the water from it, he strode off down the beach.

* * *

Kamagata Naraku cracked his knuckles in frustration. He?d waited too long for news of the digimon?s capture. The commander had failed.

Snorting in disgust, he stood up and walked over to one of the walls. A single blue button, unused in years, lay on the wall. He jabbed it hard. The wall opened up to reveal a huge window overlooking a brightly lit laboratory. Naraku squinted through the light- it was the first he?d seen in weeks.

Down below was the creature. In a green cryogenics tube she lay dormant, small tubes pumping information to computers with huge monitor screens. She twitched slightly, prompting one of the units to bleep. The researchers jumped and gathered around the computer.

Naraku reached for a radio receiver next to the window.

?I don?t want her waking up yet. Make sure she stays sedated.?

The scientists immediately ran around the lab, adjusting levers and buttons. Satisfied, Naraku closed the observation window. Darkness filled the room again, and he relaxed slightly.

?They will pay for what they did to this Earth?? He hissed to himself. Suddenly, a shrill beep pierced his ears. He threw the receiver to his ear and barked down it. ?What is it??

?Sir, we can confirm that the digidestined?s base has been destroyed. There is no sign of the escaped digimon.?

Naraku smiled. ?Are you sure there?s nothing left??

?The base has sunk underwater. If there are any survivors, they won?t make it out.?

He slammed the receiver down, a twisted grin spreading across his face.

* * *

Back on the beach, Aidan was sitting next to Gabumon. The wind had picked up slightly and kept catching his wings, pulling him off balance. He thrust his arms out behind him to keep himself upright.

?You think Matt?s handling things okay?? he asked.

Gabumon sighed. ?He should be okay. But? he?s not been the same since T.K went missing. He started isolating himself from me. I?d have lost him if Sora wasn?t there.?

?So what are you going to do??

Gabumon looked deep in thought. ?It reminds me of when we were in that cave during our battle against the Dark Masters... he?s been my partner for twenty-one years, but ever since T.K disappeared he?s been strangely distant?? He stood up objectively and stared down the beach. ?I don?t care what Matt says. I?m not going to leave him alone out there. I am his partner and that means I?m going to be with him no matter what.?

?I?ll be back soon.? Gabumon called back as he ran up the beach, his fur coat blowing in the breeze.

?And besides?? Aidan thought to himself out loud for a moment. ?If this is where I think it is, he could be in more trouble than you know....?

He looked over to MetalArmadillomon, who was covering his face with his claws. He looked like he needed cheering up. Slowly, Aidan walked towards him and sat down next to him.

MetalArmadillomon did nothing.

Feeling awkward, Aidan coughed to try to get his attention.

Still nothing.

Aidan sighed.

?Hey, you alright?? He asked quietly.

MetalArmadillomon removed a claw from his face and scraped the sand with it. ?None of this would have happened if it wasn?t for me. They came after me. Matt would still be with his friends and you wouldn?t have nearly died,? he spat, angry with himself.

Aidan shook his head. ?No. That?s not true.?

?Yes it is,? MetalArmadillomon said solemnly. ?They followed me.?

A look of curiosity coloured Aidan?s features. ?Why were they following you?? he asked.

?You tell me!? the digimon snapped. ?I?ve been tracked by the humans and digimon my whole life and no-one?s ever explained why. I don?t know why they think I?m so important.? He sank back onto the ground. ?I don?t see it.?

Aidan stood up shakily. ?We?ll find out when the time comes. Right now, we have to find Matt and Gabumon.?

MetalArmadillomon looked up at him. ?Why??

?We?re on Midway Island- a research centre set up by the humans to create weapons of biological warfare.?

The steel digimon?s eyes widened. ?You serious? Why did you let them go off on their own??

?Hey!? Aidan hissed. ?You try drowning and see how good you feel after being resuscitated.? He paused, staring at MetalArmadillomon intently.

He looked away. The wolf?s eyes were cold, almost unfeeling.
?Now come on.?

* * *

The wind turned cold. Matt, his thin shirt flapping about in the breeze, shivered slightly. It moved the trees all around him, giving the feeling that he wasn?t alone. He wouldn?t be surprised if he wasn?t.

Using the gun to move a large leaf out of his way, he came to a steep bank. The gun cocked, he crept up it.
When he reached the top, he was standing on the top of a high rocky mountain, which sloped down to the sea below. He could see several grates littering the mountainside, leading into the rock. Some spewed a fine vapour, which swirled calmly in the breeze. Far down below, behind the edge of the cliff face several hundred metres away, he could see a large black object moving out to sea- a human stealth boat. He couldn?t guess where it might be going to, but that meant there had to be a dock nearby.

?I wonder what they?re doing here?? Matt thought out loud. He took a few steps further to try to get a better look as to where the ship may be headed. Suddenly, a series of mechanical clicks broke the silence on the breeze. A sentry turret shot out of a hatch in the ground and pointed at him, whirling it barrels in preparation to fire. Bullets exploded from it wildly- Matt dived down the bank to avoid getting hit. He could hear the bullets thudding into the ground on the other side.

?Damn!? he growled. ?They?ll be out to find me soon. That?s bound to have raised the alarm.?

Jumping to his feet, he ran down the bank to find the others. He had to warn them. As he came past a small waterfall, he heard a mechanical whirring noise and hid behind a large moss-covered rock above it. Several quiet, angry voices were barely audible above the waterfall?s loud splashing.

??where he went?? he heard one say.

?Either we?ve got to pick up a body on the beach or he?s run somewhere into Epsilon quadrant. We?ll find him. It?s not like he?s got anywhere to hide??

Matt waited until they were out of sight, and then swung himself underneath the waterfall. He landed smartly in front of a large metal door. A swipe-card panel was loosely attached to the wall next to it- the moisture had corroded it slightly.

He gave it a hard hit with his gun and it burst open, spilling degraded plastic over the floor. He immediately regretted it. The swipe-card mechanism fell off, leaving him with a sparking mesh of wires.

?Izzy, what I would do for your knowledge right now??

* * *

Elsewhere, Gabumon was searching for his partner. It was hard to see through the thick undergrowth, and the growing winds made the leaves of the trees rustle noisily, blurring sounds together. Getting a little frustrated, he barged through a thick mesh of green? and came face to face with two angry-looking human guards dressed in camouflage gear. They yelped in shock and charged at him, holding out two frightening-looking electric prods.

Gabumon dived between them and shot backwards with his Blue Blaster attack. They collapsed to the ground, stunned, as he sprinted away. He dashed through the undergrowth, branches scratching his arms and whipping his face.

As he passed through a clearing, something grabbed him forcefully by the shoulder. He swiped at it with his claws, causing it to give out a horrific howl of pain. It dropped him and he chanced a glance back at what it was.

He?d clawed Aidan?s nose.

He held it painfully, eyes watering. ?Watch it!? He growled. ?Well, at least we found you.?

MetalArmadillomon was smirking slightly. ?Why were you in such a hurry??

Gabumon pulled them down behind the bushes. ?Human guards are out. I think they might have Matt,? he panted.
Aidan and MetalArmadillomon looked at each other with equal looks of concern.

?We?ll have to find a way inside.? Aidan muttered, his nose still stinging.

MetalArmadillomon nodded, straining his eyes to see through the trees. A glimpse of concrete a few hundred metres away caught his eye. ?Over there.?

He curled up into a spiked ball and charged off through the undergrowth. Aidan and Gabumon followed in hot pursuit, Aidan hacking down intervening branches. They pelted through the trees, knocking over two guards and setting off numerous digimon traps as they went.

They stopped at a waterfall. Gabumon sniffed the air curiously.

?Matt was here.? He said quickly. A way off behind them, they could hear angry shouts drawing nearer. Aidan looked back and threw up his Light Shield.

?Get into the waterfall,? he said firmly.
Obediently, they jumped down through the wall of water and landed in the concrete entrance. A rancid smell of smoking plastic and blood burned their nostrils. On the wall, the fried swipe-card mechanism hung loosely by its wires. The floor was sticky with scarlet. Bullets half-embedded in its frame, the thick metal door was stuck half-open. Gabumon was frozen in fear.
Was it Matt?s blood spilled on the floor? Was he still alive? His claws shook nervously.

MetalArmadillomon swallowed down his stomach and called to Aidan. ?Aidan, get down here!? He grabbed Gabumon, still paralysed with worry, and hurled him underneath the door. Bullets whizzed through the water and pounded into the walls with loud cracks, sending bits of concrete flying everywhere.
More soldiers in camouflage gear appeared from behind the trees opposite and fired their guns at where Aidan was standing. As the bullets ricocheted from his shield, he hovered over the waterfall entrance. This would take perfect timing.

The soldiers kept firing relentlessly as more appeared from all directions. Growling, Aidan drew his sword. Over the gunfire, he heard MetalArmadillomon?s concerned cries. He was glad the humans didn?t have his acute hearing, otherwise the digimon would already be dead.

He could feel his energy failing him as the shield began to flicker. ?Three??

The bullets kept coming. ?Two??

Two more guards appeared from behind him and opened fire. ?One??

Summoning up his remaining strength, he launched his sword in a spinning flight at a tall tree opposite him. It cut through the trunk with ease and flew right into the next one. The first tree toppled over onto two of the guards. The others stopped firing in surprise. As the sword travelled in an arc, it cut down the trees behind the soldiers. They scattered, frightened for their lives.
His sword returned like a boomerang into his waiting claw. Immediately, he dived into the waterfall and under the door.

MetalArmadillomon and Gabumon were waiting inside, looking deathly concerned. Aidan threw them a quizzical frown.
Shakily, Gabumon pointed over to a bloody mass in the corner of the room. Aidan edged over to it slowly and poked it with his sword. It rolled over and groaned- it was a human soldier. In a state of semi-consciousness, he looked up at Aidan and wailed in fright. Aidan jumped back, sickened.

[i]* * *

Something was tugging at his skin. He tried moving his arm to catch it. Everything was so much heavier. He didn?t feel well. Groggily, he opened an eye. Something green seeped onto the surface of his eye- it burned. Wincing in pain, he let out a quiet growl.

That was his voice? It was so much deeper than he remembered it. Perhaps he was dreaming. He shut his eyes again and tried to fall back to sleep.

His whole body hurt. It felt like he?d been rearranged during the night, as if someone had hit him over his entire body, turning it into one gigantic bruise.

?Awake yet?? a muffled voice called. He opened his eye again. This time, the green substance didn?t hurt him. He was in a large glass cylinder, but couldn?t see beyond the cloudy liquid.

?Wheeere? I?? he couldn?t speak properly. His jaw felt numb.

The voice laughed. ?Don?t worry, you?ll get used to the changes soon enough. Welcome to your new world.?

He could see a purple mist discharging into the top of the tube. Almost immediately, he drifted back to sleep?

* * *


Aidan hit the human squarely on the head with the hilt of his sword. He was knocked out instantly; his head flopped back to the floor with a thud.

?He?ll live.?

A feeling of disgust shot through MetalArmadillomon. ?How could you do that? He?s a living creature!?

Aidan glared at him sternly. ?I didn?t kill him. He?ll be knocked out for a while. When the other humans find him he?ll be easier to deal with. And besides, do you really want him to be attracting attention to us??

MetalArmadillomon looked away, anger stinging his eyes. Aidan looked around. The room was fairly dark- the bulb had been damaged. Light beamed in from the corridor opposite them. At the end was a lift.

Aidan nodded forwards. ?This way.?

Reluctantly, MetalArmadillomon followed him. Gabumon felt terrible. Plunged into the sea, they?d been thrown onto an island where they were being hunted like game. Matt had disappeared. He could be lost, injured, or worse. He shook his head, trying to erase those thoughts from his mind.

But what if he never saw him again?

They stepped into the lift, not saying anything to each other.
Aidan jabbed the ?door close? button and looked to MetalArmadillomon.


MetalArmadillomon gritted his teeth. He was trying to think of something to say that wouldn?t result in him yelling. He didn?t have to hit that soldier. He hated humans, but he hated unnecessary cruelty even more.

Aidan kneeled down, his wings almost knocking Gabumon over. ?Look?? he started.

He didn?t know what to say. He knew he didn?t have to hit the soldier. But he couldn?t help himself. It was like he was programmed to do it.

He shuddered. Programmed. He wasn?t a plaything to a sick mind anymore. He could break the programming? he had to.
He clenched his jaw, mixed feelings of hurt and anger flowing through him. He stood back up again and opened the doors. Hearing the humans nearing the waterfall entrance outside, he ran back down the corridor and picked up the man carefully. Striding into the lift, he punched a button and the doors skidded shut.

MetalArmadillomon looked up at him, his face tired but relieved.

?Thank you.?

Slowly, the lift descended into the human?s base?


[COLOR=#503F86]This is the second to last one one that's revamped and completely finished. The next one just needs touching up and the other one I'm half-way through. I'll keep writing, though ^_^ It might just take a while for the next few to get here.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#503F86]This is pretty much all new, although it follows a very similar storyline to the section of the chapter version it was before. If that makes any sense ^_^;

It's hugely revamped, in other words. I'm pleased.[/COLOR]

[b]Chapter 4: Dark Designs[/b]

[i]* * *

The bolt of light sliced through the Monochromon?s armour like a knife through butter. It shook for a moment, its eyes wide open with terror, before dissolving into the atmosphere. The metal bow shrank back to its original size and clipped back onto the creature?s wrist.

?Very good.? The man in the shadows licked his lips. ?Deploy the next subjects.?

Two doors shuddered open at the other side of the room. From them emerged a Mammothmon and a Tuskmon, both charging forwards with abject fury.

The creature held his sword tightly. It was time to kill. As the two digimon raced towards him, he opened his wings and took flight. The blade began to glow a bright white...

* * *[/i]

Gabumon studied the various buttons on the lift control panel. There were a lot of underground floors to the station- they numbered 11. The translucent white buttons looked dirty, unwashed after hundreds of presses by armoured fingers fresh from the battlefields. Underneath them was another button- striped yellow and black, and would have been hidden by a metal cover, had it not recently been damaged. He poked a claw inside and returned a bullet, the same that Matt used in his gun.

?Matt?s on this floor.? He said urgently, pointing at the switch labelled ?R?.

Aidan contemplated his scarred nose. ?Well, it?s a start.? He grunted.

The man in his arms twitched slightly. Aidan looked at his nametag.

?Tetsuo, Lance?, it read. He had a name. Aidan thought about his own name. It didn?t suit him. It was too noble. Aidan Phoenix. He hated himself sometimes, for having a name that shouldn?t exist any more.

He would have thought further into it, but the lift jerked to a stop, disorientating them. He almost dropped Lance.
[i]?No. Not Lance,?[/i] he thought. [i]?The human.?[/i]

It was best to think of things that way, otherwise it was impossible to fight wars. It was easier for humans to do that because they had an almost innate ability to hurt each other effectively.

The doors shuddered open. The lift was on the side of a corridor. Hauling Lance onto his shoulder, he used his sword as a mirror to see what was either side of the door.

No-one. Good.

Gently, he lowered himself to the ground and let Lance lie on the floor, blood seeping from his wounds. He groaned quietly, his eyes trying to flicker open.

?We?re just leaving him like that?? MetalArmadillomon grimaced.

?We haven?t got time for ceremony and heroics, MetalArmadillomon. We need to find Matt as soon as possible and get out of here.?

Gabumon was apprehensive. ?Won?t we get seen??

?There?s always a risk.? Aidan said coolly, drawing his sword from its scabbard.

MetalArmadillomon jabbed the door shut and carefully pressed the ?R? button. The lift jerked downwards and started to descend again.

* * *

In the dark room, Kamagata Naraku paced up and down while the experiment down below carried on cautiously. He didn?t want any mistakes this time, so he was making sure they had everything prepared. It was very rarely that he felt nervous, but now his stomach felt like it was held in a vice. Sweat trickled down his forehead.

If this was successful, they would finally have a weapon that would be able to bring the Digimon to their knees. The previous entity was weak and unwilling to accept his destiny, but this time all of those mistakes would be ironed out. And with the digidestined out of the way, they would be ale to continue with ease.

In the lab below, the scientists and computer programmers were setting up the equipment for the final stage of the experiment. Several of them looked at each other nervously while making the computer connections, as if they were volatile explosives.

The creature in the tube stayed motionless, the only indication of any life being the monotonous ping of the electrocardiogram.

One of the scientists picked up a radio communications device and clicked it on nervously. ?We?ll be ready to begin in approximately ninety minutes, sir.? His voice shook as he spoke.

Naraku clenched his fist. ?That?s too long! Is there any way of shortening the preparations??

The scientists looked at each other nervously. ?If we miss anything out we could risk a recurrence of the previous incident, sir. We have to be thorough.?

Naraku breathed in deeply. ?Fine??

* * *

Gabumon wrung his claws. Horrific visions of what could have happened to Matt kept shooting through his mind. Why was the floor he went to restricted access? Perhaps there was another creature like Aidan down there, more ruthless than before. He stared at the wall, constantly trying to reassure himself that everything was going to be alright.

It had been hard trying to keep hope throughout the war. With the loss of each friend Matt became colder, and Gabumon began to feel more and more useless with each battle they lost. Even being able to digivolve to MetalGarurumon wasn?t enough anymore. And when T.K was lost, Matt was never the same.
Perhaps it was time for them to accept their fate after all.

The lift came to a sudden stop. The ?R? button lit up a deep red and the doors hissed open. They were greeted by a dimly-lit warehouse, its floor of dirty brown sections of metal grating. Rusty pipes ran along the ceiling and floor, dripping liquid and venting steam sporadically. Numerous cables climbed the ceiling and disappeared into walls, which themselves were splattered with sinister shades of red and brown. Gouge marks and bullet shots littered the concrete walls, signs of pervious struggles.

Aidan swallowed hard. He remembered this? his grip tightened around his sword as he stepped through the lift doors, watching around him for signs of humans. Seeing nothing, he gestured to the others.

Opposite the lift, in the darkness, the red LED of a security camera flashed softly?

* * *

Naraku grew more impatient.

?Sir, seeing as the subject seems to be in optimum condition, we could bypass the routine tests and start the procedure now.?

Naraku straightened himself.

?Then you have my permission to proceed.?

The scientist nodded shakily and gave a thumbs-up to the rest of the team, all standing by their own screens. Immediately, they began typing and a status screen appeared on the large monitor screen mounted on the wall behind the creature.

[i]?5??[/i] a computer-generated voice boomed.

Naraku could feel the sweat running down his forehead.


This was it.


Finally, he would be able to rid himself of the Digimon. He closed his eyes in anticipation.

[i]?2?1?Procedure initiated.?[/i]

A surge of electricity buzzed through the cables and lit up the green liquid concealing the creature. It twitched slightly as the downloads began to take hold in its mind.

A shrill beep made Naraku jump. He looked behind him at the phone on his desk and ripped the receiver from its stand.

?What is it?? he yelled.

?Sir, three digimon have entered the restricted area!?

Naraku?s eyes widened in fright. ?Stop them, you idiot! Don?t let them get to Research Chamber Three at all costs!? he screamed.

* * *


Bullets exploded into the floor surrounding the blocks of storage crates, sending metal shards shrieking in all directions.

Aidan?s Light Shield wouldn?t last much longer. Gabumon covered his head while standing behind him, and MetalArmadillomon was curled tightly into a near-impenetrable ball.

?We have to get out of here!? Aidan bellowed, ducking underneath a bullet which ricocheted off the shield.

Gabumon yelled an agreement. He straightened his neck to see around him. A grenade soared over his head and landed in the block opposite them, rolling underneath a crate.

?Get down!?


The explosion sent three blocks of crates flying in all directions, and knocked Aidan from his feet. MetalArmadillomon rolled away and launched himself into a counter attack, thundering directly towards a row of rifle-brandishing soldiers. His blades sliced effortlessly through the barrels of the guns and the human?s armour, sending them reeling back in shock.

Gabumon had been protected by Aidan?s shield, but was now under fire from another group of humans which had entered from the door at the other end. As swiftly as he could, he dodged the volley of bullets and dived behind a heavy-duty crate to catch his breath.

Above him, he could see more large pipes, suspended from the ceiling by thick chains.

?Blue Blaster!?

His fiery attack burst through the air and caught the chains, melting them instantly. The pipes buckled with a colossal ripping noise and plunged to the ground, causing the humans to scatter or be crushed by the tons of debris. Water had now begun to cascade into the room from above, putting out some of the fires that had been started by grenades.

He felt something next to him. MetalArmadillomon unfurled himself and stood upright, shaking his head. His shell was covered in scratches and dents.

?Where?s Aidan??

A roar from behind them answered his question instantly. Aidan?s sword hacked through the humans with sickening ease, letting their bodies fall limply to the ground.

He looked behind him at a potential exit.

?Light Shield!?

The electric white barrier exploded into life, protecting him from another onslaught of gunfire. He looked desperately over at the other two.


Gabumon and MetalArmadillomon sprinted towards him as fast as they could. Aidan punched the button on the wall and the huge pair of metal doors behind him slid open. They rolled through the gap, Aidan following close behind. An explosion from behind them rocked the door, almost breaking it from the frame. It groaned shut, leaving the humans soldiers trapped on the other side.

They were in the research labs.

?Get the frag explosives!? The commanding officer barked at his subordinates. Immediately, a group of five humans sprinted across the room and entered the corridors on the other side. As they ran towards the munitions storage room, one of their number dropped behind. Seeing a sign pointing towards the Generator, he followed it and hurtled away?

The screen flickered with the rumbling of the battle nearby in the station. Naraku?s hands quaked and his shoulders shook in fear. They had to work quickly.

?How long until the procedure is complete??

?Five minutes, sir!?

He slammed his fist onto the glass. A crack snaked from where it had landed.

They were running out of time.

* * *

?Where are we??

Aidan hurriedly searched the dank corridor, looking into every lab they passed. Most were dormant, their projects abandoned and their scientists evacuated. Up ahead, he could see a light beaming from one of the larger rooms.

?We have to put an end to this!? he yelled, raising his sword to the top of the door. ?Aurora Blade!?

The door of the lab exploded open, knocking the scientists near it to the floor.

Naraku felt his entire body seize up. He was back.

Aidan glared fiercely at the scientists, who were cowering with fear. Ahead of him stood the creature?s cryogenics tube. It twitched gently inside, as if it was having a bad dream. He knew if it woke up it would experience something worse than any dream imaginable.

MetalArmadillomon and Gabumon waited nervously by the door, watching as the double doors at the far end started to buckle with the efforts of the humans trying to break through.

?Aidan, stop!? Naraku yelled.

Aidan froze upon hearing the familiar cold voice. ?Naraku??

?What are you doing here, Aidan? Come to give yourself up?? Naraku mocked.

Aidan brandished his sword at the man standing in the window above him. ?Don?t flatter yourself, Naraku. I?m here to stop what you?ve started!? he drew back his sword arm and pointed the blade directly at the creature.

?No!? Naraku screamed. ?You can?t do that!?

?Why not?? Aidan yelled. ?What more right do you have to continue this creature?s life than I do to end it??

Naraku pounded on the glass again. ?Because it is the way of the future, you pathetic monster! She will put and end to the war and destroy the Digimon once and for all.?

?Like I was supposed to? You?re insane to think you can control anything as powerful as me, Naraku.? The digimon growled back, his sword tip quivering.

MetalArmadillomon stared at Aidan incredulously. ?You were created by him?? he asked.

Aidan shot him a warning glare. Unnerved, MetalArmadillomon walked towards him. ?What are you??

Aidan froze. His expression turned from anger to biter hate. ?I am??

?Ha!? Naraku spat. ?He can?t tell you. He is merely a faulty prototype to a superior being. A mistake.?

Aidan whirled round to face Naraku. His eyes were filled with rage. ?I am more than you will ever be, Naraku! Whatever you say, I will always stand against you.?

He turned back to the cryogenics tube. ?This mistake will be your undoing.?

Naraku?s eyes widened in fear as Aidan raised the sword high above his head.



[COLOR=#503F86]Constructive criticisms are well-received ^_^ Stay tuned for Chapter 5, hehe.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#503F86]Don't worry guys, I promise this will be finished. Thanks for reading through it all ^_^ It means a lot to me.

I'm writing Chapter 6 at the moment but I'm having a few problems. It's much longer than I thought. So I'll have to add more and split it again. Chapter 5: Shadows of Fear will be up as soon as I've checked it through. Hang in there, hehe.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Takuya [/i]
[B]Please post the rest of the story, Solo. It's a very good story, and I'm dieing to find out what happens after you left off the first time. [/B][/QUOTE]

I think he got the point the first thousand times you told him to hurry.

Anyways, good job Solo.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Leh [/i]
[B]I think he got the point the first thousand times you told him to hurry.[/B][/QUOTE]
[COLOR=#503F86]Heh, I don't mind too much. It might not seem like it, but these replies can be up to about a fortnight apart. It's good for me to know there's still interest in the fic, and more often than not I really need something to kick me into business. I finished Chapter 6 today, hehe. But you won't get to read that until I finish 7. I always like to stay ahead of what I put onto the boards, just for personal preference, really.

But I wouldn't mind having a bit more input- [ego]I know it's good[/ego], but I'd like to know if there are any bits that don't quite fit, or that you think could be improved. Or, if there are any bits you really like, say so. I need to have constructive feedback so I know what I need more or less of, heh.

This Chapter's very big, so it'll come in two parts for ease of... reading, heh.


[b]Chapter 5: Shadows of Fear[/b]

The blade crashed through the glass tube, sending shards of metal flying in all directions. The computer screen disappeared and sirens started wailing around the room. Red beacons flashed urgently as the creature fell to the floor.

?WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? Naraku shrieked. He ran to the side of the room and drew a massive blade from the wall. Just as he raised it to break the window in front of him, a noise stopped him.

The creature opened its eyes. Aidan was standing over it, holding his sword towards the floor. It crawled backwards and jumped to its feet, glaring at him. Its purple eyes darted around the room, searching for an exit.

?Wait.? Aidan called. ?We don?t want to hurt you.?


The humans had broken through the metal door. The colossal noise made them all jump. Immediately, two blades shot from the top of the creature?s hands, glinting dangerously in the light of the beacons. They could hear the soldiers? boots clattering on the metal flooring and the click of the ammunition clips being loaded into their assault rifles.

Aidan grabbed the creature?s arm and pulled it towards the exit on the other side of the room. Alarmed, it swung one of its blades round at his waist. He let go just in time; he felt the blade slicing through his fur.

Up above them, Naraku snapped out of his trance and smashed the window, just as the armoured troops arrived at the doorway.

?Restrain them!? he screamed.

Immediately they leapt onto the four digimon. Aidan hurled one into the wall behind him, where he saw the scientists fleeing through a smaller doorway at the back of the room. Another two grabbed his arms and tried to pull him towards the floor.

Suddenly, a vicious roar cut through the noise of the capture- the creature, enraged by being jumped upon, flew into the air. It plunged one of its blades through a human?s chest and threw his lifeless body to the floor.

?NO!? Naraku yelled. ?Stop!?

Nearing the generator, the human flipped up his visor and wiped his blonde hair from his eyes. The hum of the nearby turbines reverberated through the floor. He ripped a grenade from the pocket on his flak jacket, ready to catapult it into the heart of the humans? power source.

MetalArmadillomon spun free from three of his oppressors and charged towards Gabumon. He slammed into one of the soldiers, catapulting him into a computer desk.

The creature reared back its head and pushed the tips of its blades together. They began to spark. A massive bolt of white lightning shrieked from the ends, hitting the crowd of soldiers. A horrifying mass of screams filled the room.

Gabumon froze.


Matt kicked open the door to the generator room and hurled in all the grenades he was carrying. He stopped at the last one, his hands shaking.

?This?ll teach you for butchering Tai!?

He tore the pin from the grenade, threw it in and hurtled away. The explosion rocked the corridors, knocking him to the floor and sending debris crashing all around him. The lights flashed out.

The walls of the research lab shook violently. Bits of the wall exploded inwards, knocking into those inside. Distracted, the creature ceased its torturous attack and disappeared through the door, into the pitch-black corridors of the base.

?Wait!? Naraku shouted after it.

A rumble from above him stopped him in his tracks. A piece of the ceiling crashed into his back, flinging him forwards. He plummeted through the open window and hit the floor with a sickening thud.

Aidan, leaping over the fallen humans, grabbed MetalArmadillomon and Gabumon and carried them into the corridor. As they sprinted away, the rumbling began to die down and the building around them shook less violently.

?What was that thing?? MetalArmadillomon spluttered, steadying himself.

?She?s just like me?? Aidan said quietly.

Gabumon looked around. There was no one nearby. ?Where do you think it went??

?I don?t know?? Aidan sheathed his sword and unclipped his bow from his wrist. The arc extended to its full size and a glowing string appeared, stretching from one tip to the other. ?But I want to find her.?

?What?? the other two chorused. ?Why??

Aidan started down the corridor to their left. ?There?s a chance she could be changed.?

Gabumon shook his head. ?But we still need to find Matt!? he cried. ?What if he was in that explosion??

Aidan knelt down in front of him. ?You?d know if he was dead. You?ve shared the link through the Crest?s power for so many years now. Give yourself some credit.?

?Well?? Gabumon began, his hopes lifting. ?He wasn?t in that group of humans back there. He must be elsewhere on this floor.?

* * *

?What happened, soldier??

Matt felt a hand on his shoulder pull him upright. He shook his head and looked at the debris around him. Behind him were four soldiers.

?I-er? one of the digimon got into the generator and blew up the power supply. I?m guessing it blew itself up as well.? He stammered, thinking on his feet.

?Damn kamikaze monsters?? the soldier cursed. He patted Matt heartily on the back. ?We?ll get ?em, though. Don?t you worry. You fit to fight??

Matt picked up his rifle from the floor and gave the best salute he could manage. He had to get out of here. The soldier flipped his visor open and gave him a smile.

?Good work. I?ll set you to work on hunting down those digimon with these two.? He said, gesturing to two of the soldiers.

Matt saluted again and followed his two companions into the darkness.

?So, where are we headed?? he asked, closing his visor.

One pointed the rifle barrel in the direction of the light of his shoulder lamp. ?They were last seen near to the research labs. Since the power?s out and most of the guys have been injured, we?re some of the only troops left.

As they passed the lab where the creature had escaped from, they saw the carnage it had caused. Bodies covered the floor. The injured were lying still, barely alive. Matt shone his shoulder lamp over them to see if any were able to help. In the shadows to one side, he saw movement.

?Someone?s alive!?

The three of them ran over and picked up the man. He stumbled forwards.

?Commander Kamagata!?

Naraku clenched his metal fists. This was the second time the digimon had almost destroyed his body. Through the light of the torch, Matt could see that most of the man?s body was covered in metal plating, with wires and pistons showing through. Real flesh remained on his face, but was undersewn with wires and tubes piping bodily fluid to the rest of his body. His eyes, although still real, carried with them a cold, almost mechanic feel to them. He was barely human.

?Get me to the munitions room.? Naraku hissed.

* * *

Water dripped from the ceilings of the pitch-black corridors, forming rusty puddles on the metal grates where the drains had become blocked. The explosion had ruptured a large part of the building, and water was now slowly being forced through cracks in the concrete walls.

She felt quite at home in the damp conditions. The ocean was calling to her- her true home. Somehow she had to get out. She wasn?t afraid of the darkness, but the things inside had tried to hurt her. She wasn?t ready to be captured.

Her footsteps were barely audible amongst the drips of the water, save for the clicks of her claws on the metal grating. She moved swiftly through the darkness, searching for a way outside, to the world she had to escape to.


She leapt into the ceiling, hugging the pipes and his herself in the small gap above them. Below, three beams of light swaggered through the corridor, jointly carrying a fourth body.


It was him. That familiar, harsh voice she?d heard earlier. Scowling, she stalked them along the pipes. She licked her teeth as she smelt the disgusting scent of his metal flesh.

?Which way now?? One of the voices called.

They rounded a corner and quickened their pace, moving towards a large security door opposite them.

Punching a button on the wall, one of the figures opened the door. He walked inside while the other two helped the man behind him.

?It?s here.? The harsh voice hissed. ?Help me inside.?

She growled. The blade on its left hand slowly extended forwards, ready to strike. Below her was a lone human who had been accompanying the man. She stopped for a second. Something about him was different to the others. Curious, she moved closer.

Matt looked around nervously. He had to get out.

?Shall I secure the perimeter?? he called to Commander Naraku.

There was no reply- he was too far into the weapons storage room to hear him.

Seizing his chance, Matt sprinted out of the room.

He ran back the way he?d come, to the room where they?d found Naraku. There were strange scorch marks on the wall- perhaps from a fight with the digimon. Gabumon had to be nearby. He searched the floor with his shoulder lamp to find clues as to where they went.

As he stopped at a junction, he heard something land behind him. He whirled round, pointing his rifle into the light.


He turned round again and took the right-hand corridor, running faster this time. All the time, he could feel something following behind, but he didn?t dare look back.

He turned another corner, when-


He ran headfirst into three soldiers. He fell back onto the floor and a helping hand reached out to him.

?This is the second time I?ve had to help you today, soldier. Don?t make a habit of it.? The officer said wryly. Matt shook his hand thankfully.

?Sorry, sir. I was just? I thought I saw something.?

The officer turned to the other two and signalled them to move forwards. They ran forwards immediately, their rifles ready to fire.

Matt wished he?d taken the other turning. He followed behind the officer, cautiously watching his back. The steady drip of the water falling to the floor echoed eerily through the passageway.

Suddenly, the sound of gunfire pierced the silence. The two of them ran towards the source of the noise, the officer reloading his rifle.

?[i]Help me![/i]? A strangled scream shook Matt to the core. As they turned the corner, the light of their lamps uncovered a horrible sight.

One of the two soldiers had been thrown hard onto a railing, his neck twisted and broken. The other was twitching on the floor, blood steaming from a gash in his stomach. He let out a few strangled gurgling noises, then fell silent.

Matt?s stomach tightened. His hands began shaking. The inside of his visor began clouding up with condensation. He wanted to get out.

The two of them stepped forwards slowly, searching the walls next to them. Matt backed away. He didn?t care what had killed them, he just wanted to survive. As he turned back, he heard the officer crumple to the floor. He whirled round in fright to see the creature snarling back at him.

His rifle clattered to the floor?

* * *

Naraku felt the cold steel canopy close against his body- it felt soothing, protecting. He gripped the control sticks tightly in his hands and slotted his feet into position. The two soldiers slotted the last of the fine wire plugs into the sockets in the metal compartment of his head and jumped back to the floor, watching him nervously.

?Activate!? he barked.

A low rumbling noise emanated from the engines behind him. The machine whirred into life and two huge lamps on its shoulders illuminated the entire room.

The soldiers jumped back. Before them stood a gargantuan robot, with Naraku as its core. Black jagged armour covered its legs, arms and chest; wires and pistons visible through gaps and joints pulsed rhythmically with each thunderous step it took.

Naraku?s eyes widened with torturous glee as he moved forwards.

?The ultimate step in human evolution? Move out!?

* * *

Part 2 to follow. Questions, comments?[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#503F86]Here's part 2 of Chapter five ^_^ After this is completely new- I've swapped around the sections where they go to the Digital Worlds and back to Tokyo. So here we go. One more week and I'll have an entirely new piece for you, hehe.

Thanks for reading, guys. You've no idea how much it means to me.


[b]Chapter 5: Shadows of Fear (continued)[/b]

[i]The Tuskmon disappeared in a flash of light, giving a shriek of pain as the sword swung through its neck. The creature whirled the weapon triumphantly over his head and faced the Mammothmon, whose charge had slowed apprehensively.

Wiping the saliva from his lips, he opened his wings and lunged forwards, the blade held out in front of him like a lethal arrowhead of light.

The digimon didn?t even have time to turn away. The wolf digimon crashed through its upper body and it vaporised the instant he burst through its back. A red light flashed in the corner of the huge arena and the doors at either side opened again.

?The test is over. Return him to the detention cell.? The voice hissed though the speakers.

He could see the things running towards him. People. Where they trying to attack him too?

He raised his blade again and swung it at the nearest human. He crumpled to the ground and the others immediately broke away.

Guns. They all produced large assault rifles form their backs and aimed them directly at him.

But he wasn?t afraid any more.

He could feel an energy building up inside him. The blade of his sword began to glow so brightly the humans could no longer see. It began shaking violently, streaks of white lightning burst from the tip, splitting the air around him.

?What?s happening?? the voice sounded afraid. ?Stop him!?

The bullets crashed into his chest. He flinched, but the pain was nothing to him. He could feel his body starting to vibrate violently; all around him was a white light.

Spreading his wings, he took flight and thundered upwards, through the rock above him and into the sky, to freedom?[/i]

* * *

Aidan pointed the point of the arrow along the corridors ahead of them, straining his eyes to see into the darkness. If that creature could decimate a human regiment in seconds, he didn?t want to take any chances.

?Anything?? Gabumon called from behind him.

?No, nothing here. We?re safe.?

Matt dropped backwards onto the floor, quaking with fear as the creature loomed over him, its blades quivering in the darkness.

Slowly it leant over him, one blade positioned inches from his neck. He could feel the sweat running down his forehead as it turned a curious eye to his.

The blade withdrew, and she sniffed at his visor. A three-fingered hand pressed against his shoulder while the other rested on the top of his helmet. It was as if he was being investigated. Was it the digivice she could sense?

As slowly as he could manage and resisting the violent shivering running over his body, he reached into the pocket of his trousers and brought the digivice into the light. The creature?s eyes lit up with excitement as it saw the glowing object in front of her.

Just as she reached for it, something stopped her.

?Get away from him!? a husky voice yelled.

Gabumon flew at her, his claws outstretched and his teeth bared viciously.

Her body tensed; she rolled downwards and kicked him from behind, forcing him into Matt.

She stood upright to see a glowing arrow pointing directly between her eyes.

?Don?t move.? Aidan said quietly.

The creature froze, glaring intently at her opponent.

The blades on her hands slid out.

The arrow flew through the empty air and crashed into the wall opposite. Just as Aidan turned to see where she?d gone, the creature crashed into his flank. He fell sideways and cracked his head on the metal girder supporting the corridor. She stood over him triumphantly, her blades aimed directly at his neck.

She drew her arms back, ready to make the final hit.

A whirring noise pierced the air- she felt something collide with the armour on her back. Spinning round, she saw MetalArmadillomon. She gave him a swift kick with her bladed foot. He sent a crack running down the wall where he struck the concrete.

She turned back to Aidan.


A searing pain exploded through the creature?s left shoulder. Shaking, she put a hand up to the wound. The pain was immense, almost overwhelming. Matt ran forwards, his hands tightly gripping the still-smoking rifle.

Aidan groaned and shook his head. The creature shied away when he moved himself into a kneeling position opposite her.
Her eyes watered slightly. She closed them tightly and held her shoulder tightly. She wanted it to stop hurting. He looked at the poor creature in front of him. Only a few seconds ago nothing could stop it. She looked on the verge of passing out.

He held out a hand to her. ?Let me see that.?

The energy she sense in him was similar to that of the other creature?s, except?

She collapsed backwards. Everything around her was starting to float away.

Aidan moved closer and inspected the wound, grimacing.

?What should I do?? he asked.

Matt looked around to see if there was anything that could aid them.

?Your bandanna.? He said urgently. ?Tie it around her wound.?
Aidan untied it from his neck obligingly and reached out to touch her arm again. Suddenly, a flash of white light burst from his fingertips and sparked onto the wound, which instantly sealed itself.

The creature?s eyes flicked back to alertness. She wiggled her shoulder tentatively. Seeing it was no longer hurting, she gave a look to Aidan that was close to a smile.

Aidan couldn?t help but smile back. ?You alright now?? he asked.
She didn?t answer. She cocked her head, as if studying him. Her purple and green armour shone in the light of Aidan?s bowstring. Its wavy articulation rippled as she moved, glinting like waves on the sea at night.

Aidan stood up and held his hand out to her. She looked at it, puzzled, and then picked herself up.

Matt watched the two of them curiously. ?Do you two know each other??

Aidan gave him a wry look. ?No. But she was created by Naraku in the same way I was.?

MetalArmadillomon clattered to the floor beside them, groggily trying to right himself.

Gabumon looked up at Matt, his face alight with relief. He was so glad to finally be back with him.

?We should try and find a way out now.? He said quietly.

Matt nodded in agreement. ?Judging by what some of the soldiers were saying, the vehicle bay has a separate power system, so that should still be online. If we can steal a boat we could get out of here without any trouble.?

?Shall we go?? MetalArmadillomon asked, un-bending one of his spines.

Suddenly, the creature tensed. Thunderous footsteps shook the structure around them, sending more concrete splashing to the floor.

They didn?t wait any longer. Aidan grabbed the digimon?s arm and the five of them sprinted down the corridor. Behind them, they could hear the footsteps quicken, accompanied by the ominous thudding of boots on metal- more human troops.

Matt shone his shoulder lamp onto the walls as they ran, desperately looking for a sign directing them towards the vehicle bay.

The wall next to MetalArmadillomon exploded as bullets ploughed into it. The humans were gaining on them.

They rounded a corner, and almost collided with a heavy set of thick metal fire door. Through the blast-proof windows, they could see light. That had to be the section with the vehicle bay inside it.

?Open the door!? Aidan yelled, his Light Shield bursting into life.

?I would if I knew how!? Matt growled back, studying the controls on the wall next to him.

Bullets began to ricochet from the shield. The creature watched as Matt frantically jabbed buttons on the panel in vain. The power was out on this side- it would only open from the other way.
The bullet shots came in harder- masses of bullets were flying towards them, all with deadly intent. Aidan slipped back with the force of another gun being added to the fray.


Matt swore as the cover of the control panel broke off in his hands. The creature pushed him out of the way and pushed against the heavy bulk of metal.

With a ferocious roar, she plunged her blades into the metal and pulled her arms upwards. The door buckled, then completely ripped away from its hinges. Carrying it on her hands, she turned round and hurled it in the direction of the humans. It flew over Aidan?s head and careened into the troops. Screams of confusion filled the air as the group turned away, sprinting up the metal slope to the vehicles.

?Idiots!? Naraku screamed, moving the suit forwards. The huge feet of the leviathan cyborg crushed on any soldiers unfortunate enough to get in the way. He was no longer on a rescue mission.
A red crosshair appeared in his eye and the barrels of the chainguns whirled in anticipation as he stomped through the tunnels?

MetalArmadillomon reached the vehicle bay first, and jumped at the sight of the hundreds of tanks standing before them. At the far end of the room, barely visible in the dim orange light, was the lift that transported them to the battleships.
He pointed over to the ones at the far end.

?Come on!? he yelled, running on ahead. ?The quicker we take one of these the quicker we can leave.?

The others followed behind him, but the female digimon stopped as they passed the third row of machines.

?What is it?? Aidan yelled.

A volley of bullets lacerated the tank to his left. The two of them leapt out of the way, seeing Naraku?s maniacal mechanical form glaring back at them.

?I could put up with your treachery for only so long, Solarismon. Give her back to me!?

Aidan drew his sword. ?Matt, get the others into a tank and get out. I?ll hold Naraku off.? He bellowed. The creature watched as the two of them exchanged steely glares, neither one willing to back down.

Naraku fired the guns again. The bullets crashed into the floor where Aidan was standing- he rolled away just in time. He took to the air and flew straight towards the gigantic mechanoid, sword blazing.

Naraku?s bladed arm rose to meet Aidan?s sword- the two clashed with a deafening crash. Naraku?s machine swaggered backwards and Aidan was catapulted into a tank, leaving a hefty dent in its armour.

The digimon clenched her fists. What should she do?

Naraku regained his composure and shot a glare at the creature. ?Come with me, Tempestmon. You know me, I don?t want to hurt you.? He said, his voice seething with desperation.

The creature held a hand to her chest at the mention of her name. Should she stay? He seemed oddly familiar.

Aidan pulled himself from the floor. ?Don?t listen to him- He?ll only try and use you to kill! Run away!?

Tempestmon looked at him frantically and edged closer to Aidan. A volley of bullets shattered the floor between the two of them.

?Stay away from him!? Naraku screamed. ?He?ll lead you to a ruined half-life where all you?ll do is rot in your own fetid nightmare.? He spat a moutful of saliva onto the floor. ?They destroyed the world, Tempestmon. Together we can rebuild it.?

He held out his gigantic robotic hand to her, his cold eyes now showing a hint of desperation.

Tempestmon looked at the hand and stepped forwards slowly. As she edged closer, the hand reached out to her. Like a child returning to its father.

A whistling noise from the far side of the room distracted her. She turned round just in time to duck underneath the missile which detonated upon hitting Naraku?s chest.

[i]?You two, get in here!?[/i] Matt yelled through the loudspeaker.

Aidan grabbed Tempestmon?s arm and the two of them sprinted to the tank. MetalArmadillomon kicked open the hatch and they clambered in as the engines roared into life. The tank rumbled into the lift and the doors slammed shut behind them.

From the floor, Naraku?s machine sparked wildly. His hands began to shake uncontrollably as rage swept over his entire body. He let out a painful scream as his second creation slipped through his fingertips.

* * *

The boat cut through the calm waves swiftly, the only object visible on an ocean coloured a bright orange by the sunset over in the West.

Matt looked at his digivice to try and get a reading on the others. He hoped they?d been able to get back to Tokyo safely. He jabbed a few buttons to adjust the screen setting, then clipped it into his ancient D-Terminal. On the screen came a large map of the now-reformed world. Much of the upper hemisphere was now joined together- what was America and Europe were now one huge supercontinent, the land divided by different terrain much like File Island was.

They were drifting off course. The last thing the needed now was to get caught up in Digimon waters. He set about steering the boat in the right direction, when the D-Terminal started bleeping.

Confused, Matt took hold of it and pressed the button. He had e-mail.

As he read it, his hands began to shake. He broke into a cold sweat, and his knees suddenly felt weak. The D-Terminal dropped to the floor.


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[size=1]I wasn't ever into Digimon religiously or anything, but I watched it whenever it came on. Matt and T.K. were the [i]coolest.[/i] Even though half of them are missing. >.>

Lovely story, though. It's been fun to read so far, though I would like to know more about this Tempestmon and who she was before psycho-scientist man grabbed her and started performing all those funky tests and stuff. And more about Aidan for that matter. So obviously, you're doing very well with the plot. ^_^ Seems as though everyone can't wait for the next chapter and will even resort to double-posting! Crazy!!

Keep up the swellness, Solo. Kudos.[/size]
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